Little Dungeon Stories - David Moralejo Sánchez

Hello everyone! This will be the first and last update of the year, but more will come next year with new cards and features.

Let's see what this update contains:

ːwinter2019happybulbː NEW CONTENT ːwinter2019happybulbː
  • Kickstarter credits.
  • Added 3 new potions.
  • Added 5 new weapons.
  • Added 2 new props.
  • Added 1 new NPC.
  • Added 2 new enemies.
  • Added 2 new traps.
  • Achievements now work correctly (open your game and they will pop up!)
  • Minor adjustments & some more bug fixes.

Have a Happy New Year and thanks for supporting me! ːwinter2019happyyulː

Little Dungeon Stories - GrabTheGames Publishing

Little Dungeon Stories is a challenging roguelike card-based RPG. Enter the dungeon full of secrets, hostile monsters, deadly traps, and legendary loots. How long can you survive?
Little Dungeon Stories - GrabTheGames Publishing
First Himno is coming to consoles in September.

As works on Himno The Silent Melody continues I am very happy to announce Himnos 300k Steam Downloads and Xbox One, PS4/Vita and Nintendo Switch release this September!

You can Wishlist/Follow Himno The Silent Melody here:

Or checkout my other project here:
Little Dungeon Stories - GrabTheGames Publishing

Himno - The Silent Melody is the standalone roguelike combat expansion of the peaceful game Himno. Enter a strange and unexplored world full of strange machines, beautiful procedurally generated maps, and surprises. Craft powerful gear, find other explorers and save this old world.

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