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I was very busy this month and I will be in the next as well. Christmas is coming, have a lot to do not only in EarthX but also in school and at home.

However, this didn't stop me from adding new interesting features! Let's see what I got so far (Don't worry, I won't spoil everything ;))

I've expanded the rocket launch system to the new high levels I never dreamt about. Now you can e.g. watch the rocket launch on an in-game webcast, just like SpaceX does!

You can also see the new telemetry thing, which allows you to get more immersed in the firework launch.

Speaking about fireworks, see how the explosion looks like now:

I would say it's S3XY, but it is only my personal opinion.

I added a lot of new animations to the game, see how the parachutes are looking now:

And some of the backstages while working on new animations. Yes, it's a "Dragon 2" type capsule on the top of the rocket!

I'm very excited to release it next year and I'm very happy I can work on this now! Some of you noticed, that there was no update since October, but it's mostly due to the school and my babysitting "career", which just takes time and I feel okay with it.

EarthX is only a hobby project and I will deliver as always... I just need more time ;)

Nov 15
EarthX - Mesote Games


The latest update ( was published exactly one month ago. I usually publish updates at the end of the month, but this time it's a little other.

The 0.2.9 update will introduce a lot of new content like ISS, Capsules, and Starship. This required me to actually rewrite the game core (all rocket-related features). This, of course, takes a lot of time and I'm still not done with that.

I usually stream my work on my Youtube channel.

I don't want to promise or publish anything for now, but I can already give you some screenshots.

+ expect an open beta before the 0.2.9 release. I don't know when it will be available, but the beta this year for sure.

Please stay tuned!

EarthX - Mesote Games

I made this small teaser trailer. I hope you will like it :D

EarthX 0.2.9 coming later this year!

EarthX - Mesote Games

Now that 0.2.8 (with is released, I can begin working on the next update. Of course, I'm talking about the 0.2.9 update, which will add some amazing features!

Well, I will point out right at the start, that this update is a little bigger than any previous, so I will probably need more time to make it.

Just stay tuned! I will share with the progress on my Discord server: (there are actually amazing people! I love to message with all of them :D)

But let's begin with the content, I plan to add to the game during this month/two months. The 0.2.9 was supposed to add crew stuff and it is! I want to add crew missions, and with that Dragon capsules (Crew & Cargo), Starship, new launch pads, and new payload types (or orbit types).

(I think now you see, why I need much more time for this update) :D

Rykllan (3D Designer) already made some models. They're looking amazing and I can't wait to add them to the game as playable objects. :D

Other things to mention: I will do a price increase in the near future. The price will go up to 11.99$.

Why am I doing a price increase?
EarthX is available since 12th July and I added A LOT of new content during that time. I just feel like this game is worth more, but also the expenses are going higher and higher as I'm hiring more and more people to do content for EarthX (models, icons, music).
However, if you feel like this game is not worth 12$ for now, just add it to your wishlist. There will be some discounts during this and next year and you will be notified.

To sum up:
The 0.2.9 update will be released somewhere in November, then I will begin the work on 0.3.0 update (about which I will tell you in the Winter changelog :D).

EarthX - Mesote Games

The previous ~0.2.8 update had some serious issues with the negotiation. It was pretty logic for me because I knew, how to use it. However, almost every other player just didn't know what was this and why I added it to the game.

5 months, 10 updates;

With I made it a lot easier to use for everyone (I hope) :) Just take a look:

You can select the price by moving with the slider. The more you office employees have, the higher price you can offer!

Other improvements
Added launch indicators for the launchpads

  • updated Russian to v0.2.8 (by rykllan)
  • now you can close unpinned windows with ESC
  • now you can build multiple buildings with the same type by holding SHIFT while placing a building
  • rocket build panel UI improvements
  • UI is now a little darker
  • improved window pinning
  • reusable rockets are now a little stronger
  • updated tutorial content
  • temporarily disabled NVIDIA Ansel (it caused some issues)
  • Fixed: you couldn’t start a new game after exiting from the previous one
  • Fixed: tutorial buttons didn’t work
  • Fixed: remove button didn’t show up after placing a building
  • Fixed: infinity camera shake while explosion during the game pause
  • Fixed: you couldn’t take a contract with 21% of trust when you had 21% of trust
EarthX - Mesote Games

A few days ago I released the 0.2.8 update, which introduced some of the AI. With AI I also had to remake the contracts system to make it more responsive.

I've read a lot of feedback, and that the new contract system is not made very well, and that's why I want to fix it.

But before I can do that, I will need your feedback. What do you like or what DON'T you like about the new contracts system?

I can't go back to the old one, because there's AI now. The contracts system just needs to support it. However, I can set the contract prices "by myself", so you don't need to offer your own.

Let me know what you think down in the comments or on my Discord server!

Oct 7
EarthX - Mesote Games

I REALLY can't believe I did it to this point. EarthX was a very small prototype game a few months ago, but now with YOUR support, EarthX gets better and better every update.

I would like to THANK YOU very much for all the bug reports, feedback and thoughts!

It took over a month to make and release this update, which I am very sorry for. The first 3 weeks after 0.2.7 release was amazingly hard for me, due to school begin and my broken PC, which just burned. (I lost a very big amount of data then, EarthX project included). Good that we have a cloud save :D

Let's talk about 0.2.8 now. This update is as big as 0.2.7 (probably even bigger).

New graphics apperarance
I liked the graphics in EarthX a month ago, but I just wanted a little bit more. So I started making the new graphics (my old GPU literally burned like a competitor' rocket in EarthX).

- new water
- wind effect
- shadows
- windows light
- better textures

These new graphics did cost me about 235$. :D

Artictifical Intelligence V1
I've got over a hundred of requests about AI since April this year. I wanted to do it earlier, but there were more important things to do. Please take note, that this is version 1 of AI (I just don't know, how to do it better for now). AI will improve a little bit in every early access update.

What can AI do?
AI exists in 2 forms. The AI contains space companies, but also contract givers. The space companies (type A) are here to launch payloads, build rockets and, of course, dominate the market. Type A will fight with other types A and with the player itself too.

The contract givers (type B) are generating contracts. The whole contract system was redesigned, as there is now the possibility to negotiate (offer) the launch price to the AI.

The cheaper the launch price is, the more chances you have to get the contract!

The launches of the rockets are visible for the player. The AI-rockets are exploding too! (Thank you @rykllan for the models!)

News system
Another exciting (for me) feature, which is highly connected with the AI, is the new news system!

News are showing up during the gameplay. When AI-rocket explodes or AI-company bankrupt, in-game journalists will write some sort of news for you. We've spent pretty much time for writing the text for it (which is then a little bit randomized).

There is currently one special type for it. Every year, there will be a summary of the last year. You will be able to see other companies' finance and stats and take notes. It's nice to see, how everyone is playing with you!

Other words, the news are just another step into making the game cooler:D

In-game twitter (Earthmusk)
Why Earthmusk?
Because Earth + musk, which is mózg in polish, which means brain. So the English name of Earthmusk is Earthbrain, but I like Earthmusk.

When I launched rockets, it felt a little boring. Then I just thought about how to make it better and I reminded myself, that Elon Musk comments the SpaceX stuff on his Twitter account. There are more features to come to this in the next updates!

New build mode

What should I tell you more about this? You had to select a slot, in which you wanted to build your desired building. Now you just place it where you want (expect water. Buildings don't like water.)


Now you can choose your CEO avatar! There are only a few available for now, but I plan to add a few each update.

New rocket animations
Now if a rocket flies to the LEO, it will look like it's flying to the LEO. GEO is, of course, a higher orbit, so the rocket will fly higher!

Manual rocket landing

Yeah, also often requested, so here you go!

3 new rocket modules

Simple/Advanced Battery and GPS. These were available earlier, but the game just ignored them. Now they are officially added.

Other smaller changes (bugfixes too)
  • Improved: on-earth object scaling (everything is smaller now)
  • Improved: changed the earth rotation direction
  • Improved: test mission will be no longer selected on default
  • Improved: mission report window appearance
  • Improved: camera movement is now more responsible\
  • Improved: add time controls with numbers (1-2-3)
  • Improved: rocket creation tool
  • Improved: main menu appearance
  • Improved: second stage animation
  • Improved: trust system (emojis)
  • Improved: pinning availability for windows
  • Improved: new interface sounds
  • Fixed: rockets didn’t reset their position after a launch
  • Fixed: rocket reliability could be more than 100%
  • Fixed: landing rockets could cause a lot of errors sometimes
  • Fixed: mission report showed the wrong info after the failed static fire
  • Fixed: particles didn’t work properly on some of GPUs
  • Fixed: profit after a mission was wrongly calculated
  • Fixed: tooltips didn’t change their scale
  • Fixed: static fire took two payments
  • Fixed: side boosters would not disappear sometimes
  • Fixed: planes didn’t show up
  • Fixed: the player level didn’t load properly after starting a new save
  • Fixed: time didn’t load properly after starting a new save
  • Fixed: rocket remove button didn’t show up at <60%
  • Fixed: you could save the game even if the company creator was open
  • Fixed: you could get 0$ sometimes
  • Removed: the truth mode (flat earth)
  • Removed: deadlines for contracts (they will come back!)

Thank you for reading this all!
Sep 25
EarthX - Mesote Games

Most of you were expecting a new update this month because I used to release one big update somewhere at this time. A snapshot update will be available on the last weekend this month. The full 0.2.8 update is now planned to release somewhen in October!

I tried to make it happen now, but I had a lot of troubles while making the AI. I'm now +/- 50% done with that.

First AI features
I connected the contracts system to the AI, so now there are 3 types of AI: Government, Private, and Contractgiver.

The contract givers are generating contracts and you can literally negotiate with them about the payload launch price The funny thing about it is, that the other AI companies ALSO can negotiate the contract with contract givers!
It's kinda amazing because when you (as a player) don't do much, then you will stay behind, while others will complete contracts and gain money.

The system is pretty much done, but I still need to add more small details to it.

Today I began working with the new models made by rykllan. Seeing a fake rocket in EarthX is such an amazing feeling, which I will never forget about.

I'm streaming all of this on my Youtube channel, so you can watch the development process of the EarthX.

Have a good day!
EarthX - Adrian W.
Our friend from Kodera Software, Mariusz, has a birthday today. His game, ΔV: Rings of Saturn, will be available with a 10% discount over the next week.

About ΔV: Rings of Saturn:
If you love space games, ΔV: Rings of Saturn will be a great choice.

And, once again - happy birthday, Mariusz! You do a great job.
EarthX - Mesote Games
Hello! I had A LOT of troubles making this snapshot, but uhh... I did it! This snapshot contains maybe a little less new features, but it gave me time to prepare everything for upcoming AI features.

Please take your time to read the changelog and then just play this new snapshot. :)

  • Added: Manual landing
When you have manual landing legs selected, you have to manually deploy the landing legs while your rocket is at landing.

  • Added: 3 new modules
Simple battery, advanced battery, and GPS. Those modules were available earlier, but now they actually have their purpose and you can use them in reusable rockets.

  • Added: Earthmusk
I wanted to add this feature since 3 big updates now, but I was able to do it just now. Earthmusk is just a twitter-like feature, giving the players more world feelings.

  • Added: NVIDIA Ansel support
This feature allows you to shot beautiful high-res screenshots from the game.

  • Improved: Now you can control time speed with keys: 1, 2, 3 and 4

  • Improved: Rocket creator
Everything works better now. I completely redesigned the code architecture for it.

  • Improved: Trust system
I added emojis to it (instead of that stupid shield icon)

  • Improved: Main menu appearance
The most important thing for the new players: Main Menu was completely redesigned and is much simpler to use.

  • Improved: Second stage animation
  • Fixed: Side boosters would not disappear sometimes
  • Fixed: The planes didn't show up
  • Fixed: A lot of smaller issues

How to download this (and other) snapshots?
Go to your library and click with the right mouse button on EarthX on the list. After that go to the properties and select "BETAS", and then "snapshots" from the dropdown list.

You will probably need to restart your steam after that in order to begin downloading snapshots versions.

Snapshots are available only for Windows in the English language.

Note: Snapshots are for testing purposes only. If you've found any bug, please let me know on my discord server:

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