OVR Toolkit - CurtisVL
02-04-2020 (Hotfix)

- Improved window/keyboard pick up detection.

Bug Fixes:
- Added possible fix for 'Unsupported display' message when switching between fullscreen applications.
- Windows not attached to a controller with 'Hide when not looking at' enabled will now use the legacy window detection, this ignores the angle selection.
- Fixed an issue that would release buttons on switching between input blocking on UI/windows.
- Fixed a web API issue that would stop F6 refreshing active browsers and re-injecting the API correctly.
- Fixed a web API issue that would prevent 'BroadcastMessage' sending to some browser instances.
- Fixed an issue that would allow showing windows with the SteamVR Dashboard open.
OVR Toolkit - CurtisVL

- Wrist overlay will now hide when not being looked at. (Can be disabled in Global Settings)
- Added 'Look hiding' angle slider to Window Settings.
- Improved detection radius for 'Hide when not looking at window' feature.
- Added 'Use touchpad moving' option to Global Settings, disabling this will disable moving windows closer/further away with the touchpad.
- Added 'Refresh List' button to Select Window page to refresh the list entirely if items are missing from it.
- Added prompt to confirm installation of Task Scheduler entry on first time startup.
- Added uninstall script to OVR Toolkit so on verifying files/uninstalling it will clear the Task Scheduler entry.

- Removed none-touchscreen input hardcoded binding for right click, please bind your own now in the SteamVR bindings!
- Increased mouse smoothing when using legacy input mode. (It's far more agressive now because of how easy accidental drags are)
- Increased mouse smoothing slightly in touchscreen input mode.
- Changed font side of dividers on Select Window page to make them more obvious.

Custom Apps API:
- Added 'APIInit' event for web API, this is called when the API has finished injecting into the browser.
- Added web API call 'SetKeyboardFocus', when enabled the keyboard can be used to type on browser instances.
- Added web API call 'SetBrowserTitle', this title will show for the browser overlay in Window List.
- Fixed web API call 'GetWindowTitles' not calling the callback function due to an error.
- Fixed web API call 'GetOverlayBounds' not calling the callback function due to an error.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed right click binding not working.
- Possibly fixed issues with overlays swapping hands when using Vive Wands.
- Fixed issues with wrist overlay not working when pointing the other hand at a window.
- Fixed issues with picking up windows from behind.
- Fixed an issue that would cause flickering when a window was closed on the desktop whilst being capturing in VR.
- Possibly fixed a crash on toggling Edit Mode. (The full fix for this crash is still W.I.P, the crash is not within OVR Toolkit but an API it uses)
- Fixed an issue that would cause switching active controller to click at the position the other controller was last pointing at.
- Fixed an issue that would cause overlays to render on the incorrect hand.
- Fixed an issue that could stop some windows showing in the Select Window list.
- Fixed an issue that would make it impossible to click a curved overlay in front of another one.
OVR Toolkit - CurtisVL

- Added keyboard re-centering. (Automatically re-centers keyboard when a window is set to re-center)
- Added permanent keyboard toggle icon to the wrist overlay.
- Keyboard can now be moved without opening Edit Mode.
- Added toggle Edit Mode button to the wrist overlay. (Will switch to 'Maximise Edit Mode' when needed)

- Simulator Mode will now only be activated on pressing the keyboard bind. (Idle controllers won't make head gaze enable!)
- Increased wrist UI cursor size.
- Installer will now re-install the task if it was found to be installed but not working.
- Installer will now warn users when they're trying to install on a different user.
- Installer will now give a disclaimer and an option to run without admin permissions.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a Compact UI issue where prompts appearing would block the UI from responding to clicks.
- Fixed custom keyboards appearing behind some windows.
- Added missing Simulator Mode translations.
- Fixed an error caused by opening the changelog viewer with no internet connection.
- Fixed Spotify play/pause button not updating correctly.
OVR Toolkit - CurtisVL

- Drastically improved overlay framerates, 60 FPS is 60 FPS now! (This means you need to turn down your settings if you get lag!)
- Implemented 'Custom Apps' web API to create content for OVR Toolkit using HTML/PHP/JavaScript. (W.I.P, ask in Discord if you're interested in this!)

- Increased look hiding detection radius slightly to improve usability.
- Increased pick up distance for windows and keyboard slightly to improve usability.
- Improved logic for detecting invalid windows. (Should no longer capture Spotify's menu instead of the main window)

Bug fixes:
- Implemented possible fix for desktop capture API rendering crashes.
- Fixed an issue that would block switching from a 'Not found' window to other windows by hotkey.
- Fixed pressing comma or period keys after using a word suggestion removing too many characters before placing the comma/period.
- Fixed an issue that would cause auto-curved overlays to reset to 10% curvature after application restarts.
- Fixed an issue that allowed for picking up transparent windows in some situations.
- Fixed an issue that would prevent windows entering high performance mode after switching to a desktop.
- Fixed an issue that would cause Edit Mode to toggle with one double press straight after opening.
- Fixed an issue that would cause window curvature to not save on pinned seated play windows.
OVR Toolkit - CurtisVL

- Added window presets. (Save and switch between 6 different savable layouts!)
- Added support for blocking input to games/apps when using OVR Toolkit. (Read below!)
- Updated OVR Toolkit to support 'SteamVR Input 2.0'. (This means the controller bindings UI will work!)
- Added support for a dedicated right click button.
- Added support for changing 'edit mode' and 'move window' bind separately.
- Added dynamic fallback desktop detection, dedicated option for this is no longer required.
- Added very basic keyboard word suggestion. (Will learn from your common words over time!)
- Added haptic feedback to media controls. (Thanks for the suggestion Wyvern!)
- Added Spanish translations. (Thanks vj emmie!)
- Improved performance of windows that hide when not looked at.

- Lowered spawn height of Simulator Mode UI so it's less in the way.
- Index controller Edit Mode bind changed. Please us both A buttons instead of both Grips! (Due to SteamVR bug, can be re-bound!)

Bug files:
- Fixed load balancing not working correctly. (Big performance increase!)
- Fixed Vive Wands swapping issue.
- Fixed night light start time, again.
- Fixed an issue that would clear the window layout on switching to Simulator Mode.
- Fixed an issue that would cause some windows to not appear in the Window List.
- Fixed hover-over effects for media controls.
- Fixed a low frame issue when application icons couldn't be loaded.
- Fixed missing translations.
- Fixed look-hidden windows going invisible when the window isn't found.
- Fixed prompt related to window curvature appearing when selecting a window attached to a device.

How to block input to games: ( > > EXPERIMENTAL < < )
This feature is currently experimental within SteamVR so expect issues, to enable it, follow these instructions:
1. Open SteamVR Settings.
2. In the bottom left, click 'Show' for 'Advanced Settings'.
3. Enter the 'Developer' tab.
4. Enable 'Enable global input from overlays (Experimental)'.
5. Enable the setting in OVR Toolkit! This can be found in 'Global Settings', 'Show advanced settings'.
6. Enjoy input blocking, and report bugs with it. (⊙‿⊙✿)
OVR Toolkit - CurtisVL

- Added 'Night light' option to Global Settings. (With automatic on/off times! All aboard the less eye strain hype-train!)
- Added 'Join Discord' message to Task installer in the case that it fails to install correctly or launch OVR Toolkit.
- Added custom background image for Compact UI. (Different to the main background!)

- Modernized Compact UI styling.
- Improved keyboard rotation lock.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed incorrect text on the dividers in the Select Window tab.
- Fixed performance issues when opening the Select Window tab.
OVR Toolkit - CurtisVL
(Totally forgot to post this at the time of the update! Oops)

28-02-2020 (UI Overhaul 2: Electric Boogaloo)

>> You can disable all the new window movement stuff in Global Settings! pls no angerey thanks. :D <<

Main features:
- Completely re-designed most of the main UI. (Some sections still missing such as compact UI and Simulator Mode!)
- Added a new method for launching OVR Toolkit that should only require a UAC prompt once when installing.
- Added support for curved overlays. (Auto-curve is on by default. Disable in Global Settings)
- Added window re-centering option. This will make windows re-center when you open Edit Mode, Oculus Dash style.
- Added basic window angle snapping, configurable in Global Settings.
- Added touchpad/joystick resizing. (Left/right on the touchpad/joystick will resize when holding a window)
- Added look at HMD window movement option. (Turn off in Global Settings)
- Improved CPU usage. (Literally 4x less CPU usage!)
- Improved GPU usage.
- Added changelog viewer in VR.
- Added basic media controls. (Currently only uses Spotify to get this info!)

>> Misc:
- Added 'Customise background' option to desktop UI of OVR Toolkit. (Custom wallpaper and logo!)
- Added support for showing left/right controllers on battery info.
- Added icons to the 'Select window' tab.
- Added basic UI accents.
- Added basic support for custom apps, though there's no way for you to access this yet! Soon™️
- Added window fade in animation when spawning new windows.

>> Simulator Mode:
- Added support for holding window resize up/down buttons when in Simulator Mode.

- Made Discord join button bigger so it's hopefully more obvious you can click it.
- Added auto application restarter for when desktop capture API crashes. (Temporary workaround obviously)
Bug fixes:
>> Misc:
- Fixed 'admin-check' file not working as intended.
- Fixed memory leak.
- Fixed tutorial skipping when closing the program before tutorial was completed. (Note: Tutorial will re-appear for existing users, just skip it!)
- Fixed an issue with the tutorial not appearing with Compact UI enabled.
- Improved upon fix for Vive controller swapping issues. Overlays should now track the correct hands on opening Edit Mode.
- Improved performance and reliability of capturing hotkey icons.
- Fixed an issue with window movement smoothing when a window is docked/attached to a hand.
- Corrected animation/mouse smoothing speeds for lower refresh rate headsets. (Oops)
- Reduced performance impact of showing 'System Info', apparently getting GPU info is REALLY intensive. (#ThanksNvidia)
- Fixed a bug that would cause window captures to eat CPU usage for breakfast after re-launching until you changed their capture rate.
- Fixed 'Auto performance adjustments' setting that previously did nothing. (Give it a try before you turn it off!)
- Fixed hotkey-spawned windows appearing at incorrect position when the UI isn't in the default position.
- Fixed OVR Toolkit spamming the log file when SteamVR is shutting down, should now cleanly exit.

>> Simulator Mode:
- Fixed Simulator Mode setting every window you look at to the currently editing window. (How did no one report this!? :o)
- Fixed Simulator Mode 'Move mode' not editing other windows when you select them.
- Fixed Simulator Mode resize buttons 'sticking', causing super fast resizing by accident.
- Fixed Simulator Mode crosshair getting stuck on windows when switching to controller mode.
- Fixed Simulator Mode curved window input issues.
- Fixed Simulator Mode UI scrolling not working.
- Fixed minimize UI button appearing in Simulator Mode.
- Fixed Controls menu not showing in Simulator Mode if the standing UI was already open.

- Added red and 'dark mode' accents.
- Added accent brightness slider in Global Settings.
- Added 'Do you want to launch application?' prompt when clicking a hotkey for an application that is closed. (Need to open have the application open once first!)
- Added 'Known Applications' section to bottom of 'Select Window' page. (Will remember previously opened applications and attempt to open them)
- Added confirmation prompt to Window List's 'Close all windows' button.
- Updated battery info icons to be more easily visible.
- Newly spawned windows are now automatically selected as the currently editing window.
- Fixed an issue where some windows wouldn't appear in the Window List and would cause interaction with them to fail.
- Changed overlay sort order to better support other overlay applications.
- Fixed some issues with not found windows blocking hotkeys from changing the window.
- Fixed some of the flickering issues when switching between windows.
OVR Toolkit - CurtisVL
- Added 'admin-check' file to install directory, setting text to 'false' will bypass admin check. (Note: This may create issues in OVR Toolkit)
- Added message when launching OVR Toolkit on an unsupported operating system.
- Simulator Mode now selects the first window spawned as the currently editing window on launch.
- Look and Distance Disable options now disable when bringing a window to yourself through the Window List.
- Fixed an issue with 'Racelab' overlays not reloading correctly after restarting the program.
- Fixed transition between standing/seated play universes not working in Simulator Mode.
- Fixed crosshair appearing on menu when Edit Mode was closed.
- Fixed an issue where some simulator overlay apps captures would reset to displaying the desktop.
- Flipped the new 'Unsupported Display' message so it's the right way around on overlays. (Oops)

Time to start work on custom app support! Wooo.
join our Discord to keep up to date with that!
OVR Toolkit - CurtisVL
- Added Simulator Mode. (First version)
- Improved Edit Mode grip-toggle combination timing. (Can press grips faster now)
- Improved how Edit Mode grip-toggle is timed. (Low framerate should no longer make it harder to open the menu)
- Improved issues with 'Vive Wand hand switching'. (Should now more reliably switch hands when controllers were turned off at program start)
- Improved toggling Edit Mode with Oculus Touch controllers.

Simulator Mode adds:
- Support for using OVR Toolkit with no connected controllers.
- Head gaze mouse movement on windows.
- Keyboard binds for left and right click, as well as for scrolling.
- New Simulator Mode 'Edit Mode' UI that's interactable with head gaze.
- Ability to view the standing play 'Edit Mode' UI and interact with it with head gaze for more advanced settings/custom apps in the future.
- Window movement with keyboard keys.

How to use Simulator Mode:
It will automatically enable when no controllers are turned on, press the keyboard Edit Mode bind (F8 by default) to open the menu.
- To move windows, click the move window button under Window Settings in the simulator mode UI. This is togglable to avoid accidentally moving windows.
- To avoid accidental inputs to words, click the block input button (Keyboard icon with X above it), this will block clicks, scrolling, and head gaze mouse movement on windows.

Sorry for this took so long! Please report issues with Simulator Mode, keep in mind this is the first release of it too! ːsteamhappyː
OVR Toolkit - CurtisVL
- Added option to disable keyboard clicking sound. (In Global Settings)
- Added 'ShowCursor' option to config.json. (Note: Using VR controllers will enable touch input and hide the cursor! Moving your mouse should bring the cursor back)
- Added option to switch between 12h and 24h time.
- Added touchpad scrolling support to UI menus.
- Improved grip detection on Oculus headsets.
- Overhauled the 'Performance Adjustments' to change overlay resolutions when VRAM is extremely low. (<200MB)
- Battery info now shows orange when a device is charging.
- Tutorial now shows when no settings file is found, this should make is appear more reliably for new users.
- Doubled max overlay size limit.
- Raised keyboard spawn height slightly.

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