Wytchsun: Elleros Origins - Mark

World premiere of the new character creator and main menu ships! Create a new character to try it out!

Were over the moon with the new character creator and new main menu, we hope you like it.

Next updates are in 3 weeks, with new magic casting system and 3 dungeons.

Wytchsun: Elleros Origins - Mark


Were really proud of what we've achieved with Ironheart, its the best ever version of Wytchsun. We really hope you like the new features. New features:

Difficulty slider, normal, easy, hard, legend.
Character skills perks total rebuild (over 80 new perks, spanning 6 classes)
3 new ways to play including as a liche.
5 amazing spells. Truly. start a new game to see.
All weapons can now power attack by holding attack for 1 sec.
All enemies now have levels displayed next to names
New inventory stats, faith, runes
Character fame rating
New shopping and 9 new items in shops
4 difficulty settings
1 new combat stance
3 sub-racial mutations
5 new weapons, and 1 cursed sword
1 new game cut-scene
3 new potions
The northern crater, and southern hammer guild updated
Dark pacts with gods.

[1] If a weapon mis-rotates, press [F] twice.

Update breaks saves! Character skills and stats have changed, including adding fame score, miracle and faith scores.

A trello board has been created at 'LINK' so its a great place to post suggestions and changes and get involved with development.
(we will normally access the board every 4 -6 days due to workloads). We hope you enjoy playing the game.
Wytchsun: Elleros Origins - Mark
This is a PC update for combat balance. The PC version of Wytchsun has been updated to 0.79.1
The update fixes issues with weapon swing speed, block effectiveness and combat immersion.
Thanks to everyone who has been reporting bugs.

Impacts on a shield now move the shield,
Weapons swing faster and combat is more agile
Blocking is more effective with weapon or shield.
Knights stance and heavy infantry stance added to replace adaptive and heavy melee.
2 handed weapons or stance now is faster, and hits for 2x damage on a stab or overhand blow.
Spell manna cost have been tuned for more firepower.
Mages now can summon stone Golem’s and termagants.
Cottages on the main worldspace load faster.

The next update pushes out in 1 weeks time. It will totally change the game, tripling its talent system, adding new items and merchants and and a new starting sequence.
For additions, please send your suggestions to our Trello board,

To date we now have: readable books, crafting and forging, skill based levelling, magic, spellbooks, cleric miracles, minable ore, collectible herbs, alchemy, potions and poisons, lockpicking and magelock minigames, gambling, variable weapon stances.
Wytchsun: Elleros Origins - Mark

We’ve got into the guts of the combat system and tweaked it for this update.

The Whiterock update brings skill based leveling into the game. Skill xp its tracked every time you hit an enemy, shoot an arrow, unpick a lock or cast a spell. When a skill is used enough it levels up the skill, separate to player perks.

Due to popular request, summoned essence weapons have been added! These give half magic and half combat skill experience when used. Great for mages or magical warriors.

Summoned Essence animals and creatures have been tweaked. They now become slightly more resilient and combat capable as player magic skill increases.

Wytchsun: Elleros Origins - Mark

Wytchsun has received a micro content update! This brings the total to 30 in-game readable books to date.

We're working on some new under the hood content systems as well. This will allow us to have books unlock or enable spells ie such as essence animals like the essence wolf spell:

The next Wytchsun update will tweak and improve combat balance and bring a few new open world areas online.


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