Jul 17
Lords Of The Lockerroom - Nickireda
Hey everyone! I'm happy to announce that part 2 of release 4.0 is here and with it comes some really incredible news!

Firstly, all characters, and certain objects such as the lockers, now become transparent when the camera gets too close to them. This should improve visibility overall and make the game a little easier to play. Unfortunately, that is the only visible gameplay change present in part 2 of this release. Like always there were tons of code cleanups & optimizations that will hopefully improve the playing experience.

For the news, I'm incredibly excited to say that Lords Of The Lockerroom is NO LONGER RATED AO! Because of the game now having an M rating, it can be streamed on Twitch and played on YouTube with no issues anymore! This game completely complies with the terms of service of both!

Thank you all very much for your support and I hope you look forward to the future of LoTLR!
Lords Of The Lockerroom - Nickireda
Hello again! It has been quite some time since the last update and I want to apologize for that. Because of that, this update will be a little bit different from the previous ones. Most of the changes in this patch will be coming from deep code adjustments that will both stabilize and correct the gameplay experience. Some of the biggest visual changes are that the Infinity Gauntlet model has been swapped out for a far better one and the surface colliders on pretty much everything have changed.

With that, these changes are going to be what I consider part 1 of this release. While part 2 will not contain any new code additions, I do intend to make a pretty HUGE announcement shortly to go along with r4.0. Hopefully, you guys enjoy the 5 new achievements and continue to look forward to more content in the future!
Jun 1
Lords Of The Lockerroom - Nickireda
With the addition of two new stages, the server region selector is now active! This should allow users closer together in different parts of the world to have a much better connection while playing. Note that both players MUST be within the same region to see each other.

As for what's to come, we actually do have plans for a 4.0! While we don't intend to add anymore stages for now, smaller fun additions have been planned that I think you guys will enjoy! Follow our twitter to see what I'm talking about once we get a little more into development. Thank you for playing and I hope you all continue to enjoy!
May 23
Lords Of The Lockerroom - Nickireda
Now that online is finally out alongside our first new map and two new characters, I wanted to discuss our plans moving forward for 3.0!

First off, I do not plan to add any new game modes at this time. Because of this, my focus will shift entirely to adding content such as new stages. Hopefully, you guys enjoy the junkyard and look forward to the next two! I wanted the junkyard to be a huge contrast to the lockerroom as that stage felt really small. The next stages I want to be a little bit of both. As for online, 3.0 will feature a region selector to better help with latency issues. Right now, all players are forced to connect to US servers which isn't optimal.

Hope you guys enjoy the update and continue to follow us for more content soon!
Lords Of The Lockerroom - Nickireda
Hey guys!

Now that the game is officially going live tomorrow at 5pm EST, I'd like to take a moment and discuss our plans moving forward for 2.0!

First off, we know this took a lot longer to come out than we wanted so in the meantime, we have already been hard at work on getting 2.0 out really quick! For 2.0, we really really want to add in online matchmaking so you and your friends from anywhere can battle it out! While that is currently been worked on, a lot more content for the base game is also being worked on like new characters and maps! We really wanted to make sure 1.0 was solid before we started adding new maps and all the back-end stuff that goes along with that.

We really hope you guys enjoy 1.0 and please do remember to send any bugs or suggestions to our twitter! We want to make sure this is the absolute best gachimuchi game that it can be so we need all the community support we can get!


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