Herakles and the Princess of Troy - CrazyNinjaMike
This patch fixed and improved a few things. The next patch will revolve around improving things in the demo

  • Smoothed weapon and item highlights/glows. I may add additional glow in a future patch.
  • Changed Demo and Classic Hydra water to blue (instead of green/poison). Tried different blue colors and decided the original blue is still good.
  • Changed Classic Graphics blue water to be a solid blue to fit more with the solid color scheme.
  • Lined up and centered the demo and classic level complete text a bit.
  • Hitting shift (or gamepad left bumper) to was enough to trigger the "Move Boat" tutorial complete. Now it requires you to actually move the boat to complete that tutorial.
  • Classic and demo modes now have water splash effect and sound. Classic graphics still does not have the splash effect.
Herakles and the Princess of Troy - CrazyNinjaMike
This patch fixes a few things. Next patch will also be fixing/improving a several things.

  • Classic mode wasn't showing all of the tutorials, even if you don't skip the training level. Now it will correctly show the tutorials unless you skip the training level.
  • Red power bar for bow now correctly shows the classic sprite instead of the normal sprite.
  • Removed a very dark pixel that stood out on the column sprite
  • Adding a debug overlay option in the console, under bug commands.
  • Added weapon selected highlight on the HUD for Classic Mode.
  • Updated Tentative Patch Schedule
Herakles and the Princess of Troy - CrazyNinjaMike
This patch adds the Classic Graphics to Classic Mode, as well as a lot of other improvements/changes listed below. The next set of patches will be smaller and fix minor bugs/issues.

  • Added Classic Graphics to Classic Mode. You have the option using a Checkbox, as well as pressing “Ctrl” at any point while in Classic Mode. Performance and gameplay should be identical. The only difference are the graphics. You may get a hiccup in fps while switching between the 2 because of the resource/texture swap.
  • Added system to my game for swapping resources. This was required to get Classic Graphics into the game.
  • Created new images for Classic Mode that were never in the 2006 version. They are stylized just as the 2006 images were. I reused many other images that were already in the 2006 version.
  • I benchmarked the game using various settings and improved performance by 17.2%. This was mostly due to changing SleepMargin from 1 to 15. I also tried going from 25 texture pages with an average file size of 3.2MB, to 2 texture pages with the average file size of about 40MB. Having less texture pages reduced the number of texture page swaps, but I discovered that the performance was actually still very good with more texture pages, as long as they were somewhat organized. On my personal computer, the larger texture pages showed some issues such as a white screen on startup if Steam was also running. So, I decided to keep the old texture pages because of the white screen bug.
  • Added Options.ini file, located in the game’s folder with herakles.exe. It allows you to alter some further settings for the game to increase compatibility and sometimes improve performance. These settings are listed below.
  • Ragdolls is now the default setting
  • Celestrial background (glower/sun) is now the default setting
  • Skip intro is now the default setting. Older computers would show a black screen for 5+ seconds before starting the game for the first time.

Options.ini Settings:
  1. CreatureTexturesOnDemand
    0 = Default/Off
    1 = On. Helpful if your graphics card can not utilize the built-in texture pages properly. Turning this setting on will reduce performance, however. Should only be used if you can’t start the game without it.
  2. AlternateSyncMethod
    0 = Default/Vsync
    1 = A Windows Only alternate method to V-Sync. May result in more consistent performance. This sync method will disable frameskip options in Settings because it is not compatible with it.
  3. VertexBufferMethod
    0 = Default. This is the default method and is the one recommended by Nvidia - it should give the highest performance.
    1 = This is a deprecated method, poorer performance on newer machines
    2 = This is a legacy method, performance is poorer than the other two, but it should be compatible with almost any machine.
  4. SleepMargin
    15 = Default (Most optimal performance)
    1 = Previous value. Not recommended. Decreased performance.
    Other values: 5, 10, 20.
Herakles and the Princess of Troy - CrazyNinjaMike
This is a quick bug fix patch. It fixes a music bug.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the demo and classic mode's music to not start playing. The main theme would simply continue playing because of this.
Herakles and the Princess of Troy - CrazyNinjaMike
This patch adds the Classic Mode to the game. Next patch will fix some bugs and add some minor improvements.

  • Implemented Classic Mode. It is accessible through the Arcade popup.
Herakles and the Princess of Troy - CrazyNinjaMike
This patch adds the OST music screen for those who purchased the OST DLC. Next patch will be for the Classic mode.

  • Implemented a simple OST screen for listening to the soundtrack. This screen will be improved in the Cloud and Polish patch
  • Fixed bug that didn't let you press continue on the difficulty popup with the gamepad.
Herakles and the Princess of Troy - CrazyNinjaMike
This patch adds the Arcade system and popup. It is now easier for me to add new content to the game now that the Arcade system is coded. Next patch will add the OST music screen.

  • Forgot to balance a lot of the NG+ mode's "bloodthirst time allowed" variable after altering that system.
  • Updated Chainsaw description
  • Hesione now heals Herakles when she hugs the player.
  • Pressing X on gamepad pulls up the Arcade popup on Save Slots screen. Text and X button image shows this.
  • Found a cover artist and am working with him on creating the new cover art.
  • Added Arcade popup. Current options are: Demo, Classic and OST. Classic and OST currently display "Check Back Soon!" messages. They will be added in a future patch.
  • Added Demo to be run from the Arcade popup.
  • Removed "demo" command from the command console. Passwords can still be typed, however.
  • Added purchasing the OST from the Arcade popup.
Herakles and the Princess of Troy - CrazyNinjaMike
This patch fixes several bugs. Next patch will add more content

  • Fixed bug where you could unlock Mount Olympus mode before the other 2 NG+ modes, which caused the game to crash.
  • Made unlocking Hades mode more fun by reducing the number of requires bunnies to 1, but also forcing the player to actually play tag instead of having allies play tag together.
  • Fixed a bug where using gamepad and arrow keys would not switch between the game's modegroups correctly. This was because I had it still programmed to the old layout.
  • Disabled arrows keys from shaking the screen on "Final Battle!". This was in the game during testing and I forgot to enable it only for devmode.
  • Fixed a bug where the final cut scene was not marked as completed if you came from "Final Battle!"
  • Got rid of poison drip to come out of floating arrows (arrows sticking inside of people). This could lag the game, especially noticeable with the new unlimited arrows buff.
Herakles and the Princess of Troy - CrazyNinjaMike
This patch alters the existing content and gets things ready for the upcoming patches. Because of this, it has broken the save files and they will reset. The next patch will fix some bugs.

  • Added Discord Emojis
  • Added Jim Bob Easter Egg
  • Created the IMDB page
  • Fixed Alt + Tab bug, where you'd press Alt+Tab would cause the game to still think the Alt key was pressed down. Causing Enter or F4 to be the same as Alt+Enter and Alt+F4
  • Gave a white highlight to the hydra base to make it easier to figure out for new players.
  • Altered New Game+ modes. Chaos is now 2nd, then Hades, then Mount Olympus.
  • Mount Olympus is now forced into Very Hard difficulty
  • Added a "Randomize Character" checkbox on Chaos and Hades modes for after you beat those modes.
  • Added an Unlimited Arrows buff that gets unlocked after beating Chaos mode. However, I did not do artwork for it, yet. So, the artwork is temporary and will be improved in a future patch.
Herakles and the Princess of Troy - CrazyNinjaMike
This patch improves a number of things. The next patch will revolve around altering existing content and getting things ready to add new content.

  • Spartan Cape was listed before Spartan Agility in the Buffs Popup. Even though you could earn the Spartan Agility sooner.
  • Added tip on acquiring the Lampus Bow and Lampus Sword.
  • You can now use WASD and the arrow keys to go to the next level on the map screen
  • Demo's text for "Press Spacebar to Continue" now changes to display the gamepad's button if you are using a gamepad.
  • Added several new variables to the balance system. No values were actually changed, however.
  • Laomedon now fires his bow more often. Before, he did not have enough time to get an arrow out before switching to his staff.

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