OddBallers - Slumdog

Back from holiday, getting ready for Gamescom next week.
We have a new farm-themed environment in progress and wanted to share this radical highlight from last week's playtest.

Player-operated lawn mowers, throwable poultry and wild-flying propane tanks - new levels are turning out to be FIRE!

Catch you soon!



OddBallers - Slumdog
Hi all!

It's been awhile since last OddBallers update, so it's time to check back and let you know what we've been up to. ːsteamhappyː

After our first few external playtests, we had a bunch of new ideas and inspiration - so we've spent the last few weeks prototyping some of these to see how they worked.

We have been playing around with some really exciting things like new game modes and throwables with unique behaviors to deal with specific situations -like flushing out players behind cover.

We've also made a system of triggers, switches and spawners to build logic for more dynamic and interactive levels.

Finally, we have been experimenting with a new mechanic that has quickly become an internal favorite. Players can now grab and hold onto certain objects and environment, allowing for new ways to interact with the levels.

We think there is amazing potential for hilarious disasters and playful ways to engage opponents, and we are eager to see if players will be able to use this in creative ways to execute emergent and surprising strategies.

What do you think?

Let us know if you have any exciting ideas for this, and we may try it out!

Until next time!

OddBallers - Slumdog

A lot of Stikbold! players have requested more customization. We totally agree - so we want to give you players the option to make your very own oddballs.

We've made a rough first pass of a character creator to explore this. Exactly how it will work in the final game and what will be customizable is still undecided, but we think the potential is great already, and we have some cool ideas to take it even further.

Check the video and please let us know what you would like to customize.


May 28
OddBallers - Slumdog
Last week we teamed up with Photon to test the skills of our Swedish brethren @ Nordic Game Conference in Malmö, Sweden.

It was the first-ever public showing of OddBallers, and fortunately the build ran pretty stable despite some CPU-throttling from our tortured, enclosed hardware. The feedback from players was very positive and full of great ideas - particularly AFTER learning we are the same team who also made 'Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure'.

We still haven't decided when or where the next showcase should be, but we'll make sure to keep you posted.

Until next time!


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