Crystallo - Renecade
From November 25th at 10:00 am pacific to December 9th at 10:00 am Pacific, Crystallo will be 30% off the original price just in time for Black Friday. We have added unlockable achievements, you can play with your PS4 or Xbox One controller, and you can guide Orbart to rescue the princess from the miserable wizard!
Crystallo - Renecade
Hey everyone,

We have some exciting news to share with you all. Starting today, we are offering Crystallo at 50% off! Best way to end the summer as you beat that intense heat outside. Play with your mouse and keyboard, or play with a PS4/Xbox One controller to win the game.

We hope you have fun as you get your copy today!
Crystallo - Renecade
Hey everyone,

Today, we just pushed another update to fix some minor bugs that we noticed in the game. Along with that, we added an achievement system into the game and the Steam platform. We also compressed the file size down to allow you to choose from playing the standard or HD version with either mouse and keyboard, a PS4 controller, or an XboxOne controller. Have fun as you beat all 26 achievements in Crystallo!

We are also launching for two weeks a summer sale for 33% off. Get your copy tomorrow around 12:00 PM as that is when the sale will start.

Thank you all for your dedicated support!
Crystallo - Renecade
Hi everyone,

Today, we pushed an update to address some minor issues in Crystallo. What we fixed should help to create a better experience within the game. Also in this update, we added Xbox One controller support to allow you to play the game with a different controller. When you launch the game, you now two more additional launch options to chose from.

If you already purchased the game, you may need to uninstall and reinstall Crystallo to have the other two launch options shown. Thank you all again for your dedicated support!
Crystallo - Renecade
Hey everyone, we at Renecade have added PS4 controller support for two of the builds that we are offering. Now, you can play the game with either mouse and keyboard or with a controller. When you launch the game select on the launch option that you want to play, have fun and thank you for the support!

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