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Oi! First off, thanks so much for checking out the Autumn Town Demo! To address one of the biggest points of feedback, we're introducing keybinding options in the latest build! Now you can assign keyboard controls pretty much any way you want.

This latest patch also addresses a handful of minor bugs, improvements to the options menu UI, and auto-detection for controllers. A quick heads up: unless any new show-stopper issues arise, the demo will not be updated further. This will allow us to turn our focus back to the main game and stay on schedule. Please keep that good, good feedback coming our way so we can take it into consideration during the rest of Garden Story's development!

Remember, the Autumn Town Demo is only available until December 21st, 2019. If you haven't downloaded it yet, make sure to grab it before it's gone... and tell a friend or two if you get a chance. It super helps us out! ^_^

- Pico + Rose City Games

P.S. If you enjoyed the demo, don't forget to add Garden Story to your Wishlist!
Garden Story

We included Garden Story in our list of the best games to cozy up with if you want more Stardew Valley: As village guardian and sword-wielding grape Concord, "you'll bring life back to the island, do favors for your fruity friends, and cultivate your garden while investigating The Rot that's destroying the village." It's set to come out in 2020, but you can play a chunk of it right now.

If you'd like to see what Garden Story is all about, you can get in there now, courtesy of a demo that's just turned up on Steam. Developer Picogram says the demo is "a vignette that showcases a concentrated slice of what the full version of Garden Story will have to offer."

The demo is a relatively small download—214MB—and even though the full release is still months away, it seems really well put together. The interface is simple, the graphics and music nail a relaxing retro mood, and it looks like there's going to be quite a lot to do. I didn't get deep into the mystery of the Rot that's infected the village, but I did make friends with some interesting berries and frogs, and got to play with the basic in-game systems. It's controlled via keyboard, which is fine, but hopefully controller support will be implemented for the full release. (The Steam page promises "partial controller support," so I'm hopeful.)

If that sort of relentlessly cute, no-pressure exploration-RPG is your thing, you probably want to give the Garden Story demo a shot. There is one slight catch, though: It's only going to be available until December 21, which—not coincidentally—is the last day of fall. "With the demo being set in 'Autumn Town' we thought the idea of having the demo only available in the fall would be a bit of seasonally-timed fun," a rep explained.

Garden Story is currently up for wishlisting on Steam, and there's a website with more information at

Garden Story - Rose City Games
The leaves are falling, the nights are longer, and the wind just a little bit colder... looks like it's the perfect time to visit Autumn Town!

Through November 12th and December 21st, be one of the first to play Garden Story's free Autumn Town Demo - available only on Steam.
Garden Story - Rose City Games
Hi everyone!

Ready to visit Autumn Town and get your first taste of Garden Story?

In this limited-time demo, Concord must begin the task of restoring the once-prosperous Autumn Town with their friends, Rana and Fuji. Gather resources, create literature, and delve into the mysterious sewers to help begin the restoration of the once-thriving community.

Just a few things you can expect:
- cozy rain sounds
- restored library books
- secret buddies (can you find them?!)
- cute combat as a guardian grape!

This demo will ONLY be available on Steam from Nov 12 - Dec 21st! After that, Concord and their friends will be heading out for the winter.

Join our Discord to share in the excitement (and get the news as soon as the demo goes live):

Wishlist the game now on Steam:

Watch the trailer and get ready to get C O Z Y :

See you in Autumn Town on November 12th!
Garden Story

Ever since Stardew Valley exploded in 2016, we've been treated to a number of other indie developers creating small farming, crafting, and life sims. They've yet to reach the cultural dominance of Battle Royales, but if they did I'd be a happy camper. All that to say, I've been quietly following Garden Story since it first came across my Twitter feed last year. Yesterday, developer Picogram announced that it had landed a publisher (two, in fact) and a release window for the spring of 2020.

In Garden Story, you'll play as a little grape named, of course, Concord. As with other games of its kind, you'll meet other village folks, solve their problems, and save the Grove from a mysterious "rot." Garden Story's new trailer shows off fishing, friends, and a bit of fighting. It's Steam page mentions that Garden Story will also include some puzzle-solving, which is likely what we see Concord doing by pushing blocks around. On the whole, it looks cute, pixelated, and wholesome: another entry to the category that I wish I'd found a better name for than "Stardew-like." 

You can see a lot more of Garden Story on Picogram's Twitter feed where the developer posts gifs of Concord and their other fruity friends. 

Funding is always a concern for small studios and solo developers, meaning many small indie games risk pushing release dates back or ceasing development. The rise of indie publishers in recent years is a good sign that little games like Garden Story will continue getting chances and, more importantly, funding. Garden Story's developer has partnered with Portland-based Rose City Games and VIZ Media to release Garden Story some time in spring of 2020. 

Until then, you can wishlist Garden Story on Steam

Garden Story - picogram
Today we're very excited to announce our publishing partnership with Portland's own Rose City Games and VIZ Media! They will be (and have been over the last few months!) helping me make sure Garden Story is the best it can be.

To kick off this spicy announcement we've got some wicked cool new key art from the artist Gina Chacón! The support from everyone has been top-notch, and I hope you'll all be interested in keeping up with development and the game itself on our twitter!


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