Sep 18, 2019
Orc Raid - Ominous Gamer
New maps along minor changes have been implemented.

New stuff
  • Map 2 and 3 of survival mode are now available.
  • Several changes have been made to map 1. It has a new structure.
  • Added a "DLC Chapters" section as a placeholder for the incoming new story chapters.
  • Changes to the UI in survival mode now mention the changes to the difficulty.
  • Several small bug fixes.
  • Minor performance improvements

Words from the devs
Sorry for the late update! We hope you enjoy playing.
Orc Raid - Ominous Gamer
Hello Everyone

We have launched another wallet friendly game...Zhive!

Zhive is a small and simple strategy game where you command the undead on the map by selecting the areas where you want them to spawn and then direct them to a target area. But be careful, think strategically. The soldiers are well equipped and can decimate your minions with ease. Don't let them roam around, they could restock and find the survivor!
Jul 29, 2019
Orc Raid - Ominous Gamer

Hello Everyone

Just a heads up, update #3 is coming soon, will have more tweaks and bug fixes. Including new content for survival mode.


Orc Raid - Ominous Gamer
Orc Raid v1.1.15 is now online!

A small but no less important update has been applied.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the game over achievement bug.
  • Fixed the achievements related to killing special orcs.
  • Fixed the bug where the final boss was not appearing.

Other Stuff
  • Preparations for new content next week.
  • Minor fixes to the AI.
  • Minor performance improvements

And development continues.

Jul 21, 2019
Orc Raid - Ominous Gamer
Orc Raid v1.1.5 is now online!

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed sorting layers in vfx.
  • Toggle Windowed/Fullscreen button is now working properly.
  • The music slider is now working properly.
  • The sfx slider is now working properly.
  • Fixed some barricades that weren't being detected by the AI.
  • Blood splashes will now only collide with the ground.
  • Double check for floating barrels, there will be a triple check.
  • Fixed a bug where one of the orcs had a light attached spending unnecessary video memory.
  • Fixed a bug where the bloody texture on your any npc dissipated on chapter six.
  • Fixed a but where the main sword attack animation was not finishing up to the end when the player single clicked.

Other improvements
  • Your ally npc will now only fight within the defensive zone, instead of charging out. But will not help you if you get out of the defensive zone. More tweaks soon.
  • Your ally npc has performance improvements.
  • Added graphic quality options. Consider lowering the graphics if your computer has trouble handling too many enemies on screen.

And development continues.... expect another update soon. Hopefully with a preview of new free content.

Jul 20, 2019
Orc Raid - Ominous Gamer
Hello Everyone

We hope you enjoy playing Orc Raid. Our army of developers that can program with all 20 fingers (for better performance) is already working on all the bugs that we could not fix before release.

For more info on that, check out the bugs thread here

Don't hesitate to post if you find a bug that is not listed.

After we finish working on the bugs, we'll begin working on the new survival mode maps(which will be free) along with new enemies.

If you liked Orc Raid, please don't hesitate to drop us a review, please tell us how do you think, we could make the game better :) It would also help us to keep the game flowing with new content.


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