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There’s not long left before the big 20, but those crafty devs continue to release legions of games anyway, surely coveting the grand prize of a spot in the Unknown Pleasures annual finals. Or possibly they want to have enough money to buy food. Who can say?

Five more games join the ranks of the worthy today, for it is, once more, time for a selection of the finest under-appreciated games on Steam.

Doing that lungey thing sprinters do at the finish line this week: socialist revolution, cultist massacres, and pretty flowers.


Ritual: Crown of Horns - rafalb
It’s been a fantastically weird western adventure for us here at Draw Distance and today we reach a very important milestone and we are proud to finally launch the full unabridged version of Ritual: Crown of Horns for your shooting pleasure.

Additionally, and for your personal viewing pleasure, we have a fantastic new trailer to whet your appetite for the challenges that will face you as you journey through the alternative, demon infested US of A!

As per our release announcement from earlier this month, all of the features that we described in our early September update will be included in the full release build (with the exception of the Real-World Data Mode, which will be implemented at a later date). We have also made adjustments to the general game-pace to make it more enjoyable and most importantly have added support for French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian languages.

Another piece of great news is that we are also making the Original Soundtrack, composed and performed by Brunon Lubas, to the Steam store as DLC from NOVEMBER 7th. The soundtrack is a must have ‘add on’ to the game and will let you enjoy the weird western feel whatever you may be doing or whomever you may be protecting.

You can grab the Soundtrack DLC here

For those of you, or perhaps your friends, that haven’t already purchased Ritual, we are offering the game at a 20% discount until November 15th, so make sure you spread the word. If you would like to purchase the bundle of Ritual: Crown of Horns and the Original soundtrack together we are offering a discount of 15%.

Ritual: Crown of Horns Soundtrack Edition

So, stop reading and start shooting. The Witch – she needs your urgent attention and most importantly your complete protection.
Ritual: Crown of Horns - rafalb
We’ve been quiet for a while, however we never stopped working on Ritual. It has underwent some crucial design changes, which we hope to explain a little more in the upcoming weeks leading to the full game launch.

Worry not though! The philosophy of the game has not changed – Ritual: Crown of Horns is still a slaughterhouse, a top-down ‘precise’ shooter, where skill matters more than button mashing.

Today we leave you with a short video, explaining the basic game mechanics. Expect more such materials in the future. We have more cool stuff ahead but more on that next week.

PS. The video is also a preview of the awesome Soundtrack the game will have! *wink, wink*

Have a great weekend folks!

Ritual: Crown of Horns - jglowacki
Hi Ritual fans!

We wanted to share some exciting news about RITUAL: CROWN OF HORNS. We have been working hard behind the scenes to improve the game and given the progress we have made – we would like to announce that the game will go to full release on Thursday NOVEMBER 7th, 2019.

As per our last update from earlier this month, all of the features that we described (with the exception of the Real-World Data Mode, which will be implemented at a later date) will be included in the full release build.

Another exciting development is that for the full release of RITUAL: CROWN OF HORNS we have chosen to work with FEARDEMIC as our publishing partner!

You may not be aware of this, but Bloober Team owns parts of both DRAW DISTANCE S.A and FEARDEMIC – so in some ways we are related. We are enthusiastic to be working together for the first time in an official capacity and hope that it will be the start of a great long-term partnership.

We are really excited about the final build of RITUAL: CROWN OF HORNS and we can’t wait to bring it to you on November 7, 2019 and see first-hand what you think of all the improvements and additions that we have made. We really appreciate the community that have come together around RITUAL and take all input and feedback seriously in an effort to make the game as best we can.

To whet your appetite, we have created a new gameplay and map trailer for you to get the first glimpse at what to expect come November 7th.

For more information:

Best regards,
Jacek @ Draw Distance development team
Ritual: Crown of Horns - jglowacki
Dear Ritual fans, how are you?

You might've noticed that it's been quite silent lately when it comes to build updates and new content. We'd like to give you reasons on why this happens and what we're planning to do in the final version of the game, launching in Q4 this year on PC and Nintendo Switch. I hope that you'll feel more updated and comfortable, knowing what's going on.

When we started Early Access, we hoped that we will the privilage of working with a large group of dedicated players, whose feedback would prove priceless for a small indie team like ours. Unfortunately that was not the case. The popularity of Ritual: Crown of Horns appeared not as big we hoped it will. Still, we managed to build a small, but very helpful group of huge fans, thank to whom we managed to collect extremely valuable feedback. Many suggestions you gave will be implemented in the final version. We had a tough choice to make: either keep adding small pieces of content to constantly update the Early Access version, or focus on making the game the best we can when it launches. We decided to redo large chunks of the game in response to the feedback we received.

Hence we decided to focus on developing the game and stopped uploading new iterations of playable build to focus solely on work instead of optimising the performance of Early Access version.

As a result we have compiled a list of confirmed features, which are or will be implemented into the game when it launches. Here's the list:

  1. The structure of the game has been changed: after completing the tutorial, the player is granted access to the whole map of the US. It's up to the player to choose one of three available directions and unlock further stages as they see fit. After completing the map, the player receives one of three awards: a weapon, a spell or a set of items to purchase. Spells and weapons become available immediately in the inventory hub. To unlock items, the player needs to spend a special currency, which is granted for completing challenges presented by the Trickstress.
  2. A complete Story Mode: the story is significantly altered and complete. The relationships between characters that have been drafted in the Early Access are now developed into a new direction. The central plotline involving the main antagonist is now available.
  3. New types of enemies and improvements on the old enemies - currently we have 19 types of enemies (Early Access version offers 9).
  4. More maps: currently we have 35 maps, including 29 gameplay-oriented maps and 6 maps dedicated primarily to pushing the storyline forwards. 26 maps out of 35 can be repeated in the Challenge Mode.
  5. We have added a lot of elements diversifying gameplay, such as special events related to the witch (she calls down meteorites, enchants the floor to hurt monsters and the player, sets up portals / teleports, modifies transparent walls) and a few significant surprises: a map with lots of cactuses which deal damage, a map with a damaging pentagram or a unique final battle against the main enemy.
  6. Weapons and spells have been tweaked. We have added an important feature: weapons which aren’t used by the protagonist at given moment are being reloaded automatically, which makes gameplay faster and more fluid.
  7. The way items work has been changed. Currently we have 42 items, modifying weapons, spells and protagonist's parameters. Instead of altered value percentages, the player now receives certain buffs, such as greater weapon range, bigger damage dealt by a spell or more souls at the beginning of the game.
  8. The Challenge Mode is now available separately from story maps. Each of 26 maps offer three challenges out of unique 40+ pool of challenges.
  9. Additional music: unique, heavy metal soundtrack is expanded with around 15 original tracks.
  10. An entirely new tutorial.
  11. Completely new gameplay UI, as well as revamped and perfected hub UI plus fully working support for mouse (point and click, drag and drop), keyboard and pad.
  12. All the interactions in the hub have been optimized. Almost every action in every menu panel takes less steps to execute.
  13. TO BE IMPLEMENTED - as a patch: Real-World Data Mode, working as a Daily Challenge Mode - the player draws three maps from the basic version of the game and one of several available negative character modifiers. If the player successfully completes this map sequence, they will be awarded with one of several unique items, not available in the basic version of the game.

We have also prepared a new gameplay trailer (and, at the same time, Nintendo Switch announcement trailer), which already presents several changes enumerated above.


We do hope that you'll understand our approach and we'll be enjoying your support all the way to the successful release.

We're alway open for your feedback and comments. Please share your opinions below!

Thank you!

Jacek @ Draw Distance development team
Ritual: Crown of Horns - berlin_drawdistance
Ritual: Crown of Horns - berlin_drawdistance
- IMPORTANT We have reworked our default aiming system for keyboard + mouse. Even though it's not "free", we feel that it's much better than whatever we had before -- our programmer says the game plays better on M+K than on a gamepad right now! Please give it a try and leave us your feedback. Please! :)
- Added missing witch-is-attacked-indicators on levels

- Changed inputs for keyboard:

Now abilities are mapped to Q, E and F
Weapons are mapped to 1, 2 and 3
Also you can use Tab/Mouse Scroll for new weapons

- Nerfed soul gain stat on the superpowers-giving Black And White Cape
- Added "equipped" status icon to elements in inventory
- Fixed a shop-related bug (when you were buying an item and had cash for it, you had an option to buy all other items even if you didn't have cash for them)
- Fixed fonts in inventory UI + made the font on "available blueprints" bigger
- Fixed a bug that blocked the game after pressing ALT+TAB while interacting with NPCs.
- Fixed a bug that made Players invulnerable after receiving hits from sawblades
- Fixed forced custom loadout on Sawblade-1 that replaced your equipped items with our defaults (sorry!)
- Wisconsin Death Drives ability cooldown reworked
- Disabled camera damping when playing with mouse + keyboard
- Dialogue overlay should fill the entire screen now
- Updated explosive barrel explosion
- Snow-3: more machine animation changes during the level (direction and damping), gameplay should be more fun now!
- Sawblade-1: adjusted saw sizes to match colliders
- Prison-3: more powerups to collect in the level's challenge
Ritual: Crown of Horns - berlin_drawdistance
Hey y'all! Here's our first patch that includes some features you've been asking about and some bug fixes :)

Please let us know what you think!


  • Added "free aim" toggle for Keyboard+Mouse, available in options in the Main Menu.
  • Tweaks to player's animation components in order to make him more responsive while shooting, reloading, and dashing. Overall, control over the player character should feel better now! You can finally change weapons immediately while reloading and so on.
  • Also, new reloading logic: now weapon reload speed depends on bullets remaining in the chamber.
  • Added "Inventory" option while interacting with the cart that's taking you to a map in hub for easier access to equipment (first step in our work to successfully remind people that you have to equip things you buy before you can use them)
  • Changed interactions with powerups: now you can pick up new ones while having other ones active, the new ones will replace the old ones.

  • Dialogue text fixes on several levels
  • Exploding Barrels have a bigger and higher collider (should be easier to shoot them)
  • New challenge on Prison-3 (don't get hurt by darkness instead of kill all enemies)
  • Fixed colliders on Snow-3, machine shouldn't have any blind spots now
  • Exploding Barrels on Snow-3 have different colliders for better reactivity
  • Limited player access to the heart of the machine on Sawblade-3
  • Some other fixes to machines on Sawblade-3 and Snow-3
Ritual: Crown of Horns - berlin_drawdistance
Hello! We think that Ritual is a really great game already – but you don't have to take our word for it, you can try it out for free and decide if you want to buy it :)

HERE'S OUR DEMO containing 3 levels out of 18 you will find in the full game.

And HERE'S A NOTE on how to play it and change levels.
May 17, 2019
Ritual: Crown of Horns - berlin_drawdistance
Hello y'all! We're live with our Early Access! We couldn't be more excited :D

We tried to do everything we possibly can to make sure that our first public build is the best it could be and we hope we've succeded -- but in case of any trouble or any problems please let us know!

We're available at our Discord channel and this wil be the fastest way of getting in touch with us! https://discord.gg/8JBbSWU

We'll try to help as soon as possible!

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