VR Emergency Response Sim - blackhatcat2020

I went on a short fishing trip but we are all back to work. Here is the change log.

Change Log

- Added parked vehicles.
- Added color variants to vehicles.
- Added 2 more MVA.
- Added more MVA location in the game map.
- Added Female Civ variants. (Will Include Male Civs in next update).
- Fixed a few replication issues for client and server.
- Added random function for MVA.(Door will require either halligan or spreaders to open. This is set at random.)

- We are working on some building updates and map updates over the next few days, also more MVA call outs and rescue call outs.

VR Emergency Response Sim - blackhatcat2020

New update
- Added Industrial Fires.
-There is now Residential Fires, Commercial Fires, Industrial Fires, and Vehicle Fires.
- Will unlock MVA's and Victims Monday and Tuesday.
- Currently Working on Improving Fire mechanics.

Change Log
- Went through all fire and rescue equipment. (Check to make sure all settings were set properly.)

- Activated Industrial Fires.

- Some Multiplayer Replication code was fix.

- Improved Dispatch Widget. (Will now say if it is Residential, Commercial, Industrial, or vehicle Fire.

- Update Attack Line, and Ladder Truck Water Cannon. (Improved the line trace).

- Updated and turn on the water particle collision effect.

- Updated Fire Hose Nozzle Audio and Water Replication.

- Updated Ladder Truck Water Cannon Audio and Water Replication.

- If you have an issue please let us know so we can fix it.
VR Emergency Response Sim - blackhatcat2020

- Notes

- Another update fixed a few Multiplayer issues and activated house fires. Currently Vehicle fires, Certain Big Building Fires, And House fires are activated. Tomorrow I will activate Industrial fires, and will work on some of the Fire Mechanics, and other related Mechanics for Fighting Fires.

- Monday And Tuesday I will work on getting out Motor Vehicle Accidents, and Victims in and working Monday and Tuesday.

- Change Log

- Updated all Fire And Rescue Equipment for better placing the items back into the truck compartments. ( I will be adding compartments that can be opened and closed in a later update.)

- Updated how the cut off saw was cutting garage doors on buildings. Should be much easier now.

- Updated Collision on the Ladder it self. (I will keep working on this so players don't get stuck on the ladder when moving around.)

- Updated the Ladder Truck Ladder to properly move forward and back when extending the Ladder.

- *** Important Notice **** Updated driving mechanics. Use "Right Thumb-Stick to accelerate". ( This was changed because you use trigger to grab the steering wheel.) ( Will add option for other methods.)

- Updated Call-Outs to include House Fires.

- Updated Ladder Truck Ladder Out-Riggers. (Was still having problems but may be fixed now.)

- Fixed Replication Code for hiding Call-Out Marker after Call-Out is complete.
VR Emergency Response Sim - blackhatcat2020

Just a patch to fix some multiplayer replication issues along with a few other minor bugs.

- Fixed SCBA Collision, You can now more easily attach items to player body while wearing the SCBA.

- Fixed Ladder Truck main outriggers not working on certain surfaces. The outriggers will stop when hitting a surface then you will be able to retract the out riggers. (Will provide update for the 4 legs soon).

- Fixed multiplayer replication issue with truck compartments for clients.

- Added Collision for player and vehicle. ( Player no longer can walk inside of the Fire And Rescue Vehicles).

- Fixed multiplayer replication issue for call outs. (Object marker, fire, garage door opening. Now working on client and server).

-Will provide update for equipment thats not replicating properly.

- Fixed Pump truck siren audio not working.

-Please help us out with testing so we can finish cleaning up bugs so we can move on to the next part. Thanks everyone!

VR Emergency Response Sim - blackhatcat2020

Will Go Live Soon! Check Main Menu Under Developer Message To Check Current Version Of The Game.

- Updated Fire And Rescue vehicles to have a gear shift function.
- Updated Multiplayer Replication of Fire And Rescue Vehicles.
-- Includes Lights, Sirens, Idle Engine Sound.
- Updated Some Fire And Rescue Audio.
- Updated Collision on Fire And Rescue Vehicles.
- Removed Allowed attached of Fire And Rescue Mask to character body.
- Add Snap Turn Function ( Needs Tested)
-- Use Right Thumbstick to preform Snap Turn.
-- Enable Snap Turn In Your in game menu.
-- Will Finish Once I get feed back.
- Updated Grab locations on the Fire Ladder Truck. (Needs More Testing)
- Updated Fire Nozzle Collision.
- Rebuild Lighting In Game Map
- Fixed Vehicle Fire Location Marker Not Showing up.
- Added Example of Location Call Out Marker.
- Fixed Non Looping Audio.
- Fixed Oculus Controller not showing up. Seeing the wrong mesh. (Needs More Testing).
- Updated Fire Ladder Truck Out - Riggers. (Now have smooth motion) (Will add this function for the other 4 in next update)

Up Coming
- Extension of city map.
- More Call outs.
- More Fixes.
- Will be adding a Full Body IK System In an Update Soon. This is why the characters currently are simple.

-Starting the 1st of July we will be finishing up "Law Enforcement" We expect this to take about 30 days to get the basics complete. There will be updates introducing it slowly so we can easily fix issues through small chucks that we release. After that we plan to spend another 30 days on "Paramedic", the same apply's here.
-Thanks everyone who has purchased and helping us out!
- Join Our Discord Channel

Jun 13
VR Emergency Response Sim - blackhatcat2020

We have released into Early Access, Currently Fire and Rescue is playable at this time. I have a detailed road map coming out soon.

Thank you for your purchase, and comments related to our game.

Please Join Our Discord To Provide Feed Back.

Thank you for your time.
May 26
VR Emergency Response Sim - blackhatcat2020

We have changed what we plan to do for VR Emergency Response Early Access Period.
- At the time of release into Early Access only " Fire And Rescue " Will be available to play.
- The reason we are only releasing one Department at a time is for ease on our 2 person team at fixing and keeping up with development.
- Monthly Updates are planned and we will release a road map at the time of release into Early Access.
- Hot-fixes or major bug fixes can come at any time as they are needed of course.
- Police And EMS Are coming along, but will take more time to do then we anticipated which is the cause of the later release of other departments.
-This will be reflected in the price of the game at Early Access Release. The Game is Currently Priced at $14.99 and we plan to have a 10% discount on release into Early Access On Steam. Purchasing VR Emergency Respond while in Early Access allows us access to more funds to increase Development Production.
VR Emergency Response Sim - blackhatcat2020
Hello from Codeblue Entertainment. We are working hard to develop our game VR Emergency Response. With development going smoothly, we are excited about publishing our game to Early Access on Steam. We hope you all are to! We are just updating the community that is not on discord with some updated screen shots. These screen shots are right from the editor and are not doctored up. If you have discord please join our community to help improve development!





VR Emergency Response Sim - blackhatcat2020

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