Jun 11
ArchMMO 2 - CG Creations
  • New Mob 'Goblin Hunter' for levels 50 - 99
  • Fixed Undead Speed at High Levels
  • Fixed Server Access
  • Fixed Kernel KEyeHistogram, a shader bug causing users on Intel Integrated Graphics to not be able to logon.
May 27
ArchMMO 2 - CG Creations
v0.8 is now out!
(wipe update)
This update brings:
  • Fixed Item-Mall
  • Fixed Pets
  • Fixed Spawnables
  • Fixed Sound Manager
  • Added in Settings
  • Added in Fast Mode
  • Increased Server Latency
  • Faster Database system
  • Removed Obfuscation for streamline performance and minimal unexpected bugs
  • Changed Multiple Sounds
  • Fixed Leveling System
  • Fixed Login System with invalid characters (some non-ASCII characters are not allowed)
  • Added Support for Achievements
  • Fixed Mounts
  • Changed Item-Mall arrangement
  • Item-Mall has new Categories
  • Day 0 Benefits now available
  • Fixed Broken Shaders
  • Fixed overhead mouse input
  • New Enemy Sounds
  • News and Version Changelog on Main Menu
  • Small Character Buffs
  • Balancing for Items, Stats, and more
I know you guys wanted this update so badly, but it just took a long time to make. I hope you enjoy it :)
ArchMMO 2 - CG Creations
Wiped Version

Whats 'wipe version'? This means all progress must restarted due to a game-breaking glitch or exploit.

This version includes:
  • Fixed server access
  • NPC Positioning
  • Broken Quests are now fixed or removed
  • Special Characters in names
  • Speed Hack glitch

Thank you for playing ArchMMO 2!
ArchMMO 2 - CG Creations
I've been really busy.
Creating an MMO is really difficult. I am working really hard on fixing up the current status of the condition of the game. I have school (I am 17) and it takes a lot out of me, so I hope this will justify some later updates. Trust me, you will get updates. I might not be able to release the full fixed update as soon as hoped.

I know some are angry with me, but just be patient. It's hard to manage games like this.
ArchMMO 2 - CG Creations
v0.8 will be released with 0-day benefits for all day 0 players.

As for compensation for the delayed update, I will add 1,000 credits to all user accounts that ask for me via Discord. https://discord.gg/nEAzzhF

I understand the harsh reviews, but I need time to make the newer versions.
Apr 14
ArchMMO 2 - CG Creations
0.7.3 hotfix
This update fixes some issues both with Item Mall, balancing of EXP, brings in the newly required mob "Goblin Mother" and also adds in recent item-mall purchases.
Apr 13
ArchMMO 2 - CG Creations
0.7.2 is now released!

  • 15 new quests!
  • New NPCs!
  • Fixed Item-Mall
  • Database work for 0-day benefits
ArchMMO 2 - CG Creations
Hey Humans!

The quests update will most likely go LIVE soon after this announcement, and new citizens will appear in each sector, as well as new quests. Balancing may occur, so you will keep your level, but, item prices may rise and experience may be harder to gather.

Day 0 benefits will be given on April 17th, 2019 to allow for future content.

Users that have purchased ArchMMO 2 yesterday, will receive an awesome bonus on the 17th, this will also be the release of a BIG update.

I have seen some call for Mac OSX Support, and I hope you'll be happy to know I will also be adding that to the supported builds, just give me some time to push out the big update and Day 0 benefits.

The last part of this announcement is just a THANK YOU for being apart of ArchMMO 2, this seriously means a lot and I hope new players will love ArchMMO 2!

ArchMMO 2 - CG Creations
Hello ArchMMO 2 users!
In the next update that will launch at 7:00PM (Eastern US), over 20 new quests will launch at BOTH class guide vendors, as well as, the 0 day benefits for users that purchased the game on April 12th, 2019.

Servers will be down GLOBALLY from 7:00PM (Eastern US) to 8:00PM, April 13th, 2019

For users who are experiencing login issues, if your Steam Name contains special characters such as: !@#$%^&*() you will be unable to logon to the game. This is an easy fix, just change your Steam Name and relaunch ArchMMO 2. Spaces are automatically removed to make sure the ArchMMO 2 database does not become corrupt.

Thank you for playing and being apart of the Alpha Stages of ArchMMO 2!
Mar 29
ArchMMO 2 - CG Creations
ArchMMO 2 Update 1
  • Added new Security Enhancements
  • Added new NPC Vendors in Human Spawn
  • Changed Character Creation and Selection Screen
  • Integrated Steam
  • Lots of Small UI Changes

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