Oct 28
Border Officer - CheesecakeDev

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Jul 21
Border Officer - cheesecake
Border Officer - cheesecake

Added new people.
More than 50 people who want to cross the border have been added.
Play time is extended.

The maximum number of days you can stay in the game has been increased.
Optimization studies were carried out in the border region.
The fps you have in the border region increased by 35% - 50%. (May vary by computer)

A new loading system was developed.
Now the game loads faster.
The problems of many citizens were corrected.
The material of most objects was rearranged.
We applied new optimization techniques.
You can now get higher fps.
A few arrangements were made about the cars.
The traffic problem was mostly fixed.
Border Officer - cheesecake

People on the border talk to you again when you reject them or allow them to cross. (Now they show their reaction)
When you reject the people on the border, they can give you hand gestures. (New animations added.) They raise their hands or show middle finger.
The time to call the next person on the border was shortened. Now you can call people more quickly.
Fixed handheld problem on computer camera.
A new animation has been added to the beginning of the game.
The letter scene at the beginning of the game was rearranged.

Now his letter brings you a soldier and accompanies you to the border.

The soldier tells you some tips about the game in his own way.
Control cabinet has been updated.

A new button has been added to the control cabinet. You can now arrest people at the border.

But be careful not to make a false arrest because justice takes place very quickly in Stavronzka.
Arrays related to the arrest was added to the tutorial tab in the computer.
Fixed a critical bug related to garbage collection.

A new item has been added to the control cabinet. (Metal detector)
You can search people using the metal detector.

Some people may have weapons or knives on them.
Dangerous people do not must enter Stavronzka!
Border Officer - cheesecake

First of all, we thank everyone who supported us in early access. Thank you for trusting us.
In this update, we worked a bit on the graphics of the game and thought about what we could do.
Fixed registry problems in graphics settings.
You should try the new graphic. The environment seems more alive.
We added other cars to the roads in the game. now you can see the cars that other people drive.
We added a few people to the environment. They're showing the highway area alive.

Now you can see the engine oil and water condition of your car.

You can now open the hood of the car.
You can add oil or antifreeze to your vehicle. New indicators were added to the car.

Engine oil and antifreeze are also sold at gas stations.
We will focus on innovations on the border side in future update.
Border Officer - cheesecake

Now you can have wolves.
Added meat to the market.
You can tame the wolf by giving them meat. There's a lot of things the wolf can do.
You can carry it with you by putting it in your car.
A thief may get home when you're not home.
If you have wolves, you give him a task to protect the house. it can protect you from thieves.
If you don't feed your wolf, it may die after a while.
You must take the wolf syringe from the pledge shop to revitalize your wolf.
Fixed a few bugs of NPCs.
Fixed a few translation errors.
Fixed the price errors in the market.

Now you can send some people to work in your family.
You must be careful, if they work hard, they can run away from home.

Now you can get some things in your hand. A new section has been added to your inventory.
Now you can do woodcutting.
Ax added.
A new field has been added to the back of your house.
You can sell the wood to the pawn shop.
You have to stack the firewood to sell.
To do this you should buy rope from the pledge shop.
You can stack with 7 pieces of wood and 1 piece of rope.
Some woods can get rotten. Rotten wood will not work.
Some animations reorganized.
If you lose the stamp. automatically returning to the table.

You can now buy rifle.
Hunter rifle was added to the pawn shop. You can buy it at the pledge shop.
Bullets were added to the pledge shop for hunting rifle.
You can hunt now.

Added deer and goat.
You can pick up meat by hunting deer or goats.

A new region has been added to the back of your home. You can make livestock in this region.
You can feed cows and chickens.
You can sell cows milk.
You can sell the eggs of chickens.
You have to feed your animals or they may die. You can get food for your animals from the pawnshop.
Added car wheel to gas stations.

Your car tire may now explode.
When the tire explodes, you need to replace it with a spare tire.
As a starting item, we added 1 spare tire to the trunk of your car.
Border Officer - cheesecake

Someone moved to the opposite land. He is very aggressive and protects his property.
You can go home and steal some things. But you have to be careful. It's best not to get involved with this guy.
New music added.

Added some hitchhiking people on the way.
If you leave hitchhikers where they want, they can give you money.
A lower panel has been added to show you what people are saying.
Radio added to the car. You can turn it on and off with the R key.
Fixed a bug with the gas indicator.
Fixed bug with S-C-P achievement.

Stavronzka also opened a new entertainment club.
There's a big party at the Light House club. You may want to join.

Beer drinking animation added.
You can find a safe with beer around. You can drink these.
You can be drunk now.
Hand animations were revised in the control cabinet.
New items added (new food and coal)

Now you need to put coal in the stove before bed to warm the family.
Now you have to put food in the fridge before you go to bed to feed the family.

Supermarket renewed.
The items you started game changed.
Border Officer - cheesecake

New graphics update.
Fixed a few people with paperwork inconsistency.
Fixed the problem of mouse freezing when you returned to the menu and entered the game again.
We've fixed the save system. Every morning when you wake up the game will save. When the saving icon appears at the bottom left.
Fixed an issue where documents would enter other objects.
We have added the sensitivity setting. You can change your mouse sensitivity within the game.
Unhappy family members, their resistance is more easily broken. They can be easily sick or hungry. They're generally cranky.
Added new sound effects to family members.
New features came to the panel where we interacted with family members. You can see hunger, temperature and disease data in more detail.
We added an icon to your conversation in the dialogues on the border.
We rearranged the sky.
The character no longer enters the bug. When the car rolls over.
We made a few changes in lighting.
Stavronzka announced that the new mayor has started environmental regulations. The first job was lighting the roads.
Revised pause menu.
When the car rolled over, we added a button that corrects the car (temporary solution)
Corrected some noise problems.

We just added a new gasoline system. You can get as much gasoline as you want. And you can carry a gas can with you.

You can now use the trunk of the car. You can store your belongings in the trunk.
Small sounds have been added to people in your family.
New items added.

There are some garbage cans around and you can search inside if you want.
Pawn Shop opened. You can sell the items you found here and you can make money.
Border Officer - cheesecake

Fixed the problem of not going home at the end of the day.
Fixed the error when the documents fell off the table. They're not falling off the table anymore.
Fixed walking problems of people called.
Stamping issues have been fixed.
In some areas and in-car lightings were adjusted again.
Stavronzka's economy began to improve. A big discount on bus prices!
You can sell some items inside the house. But your relationship with your family can be broken.
Now you can see the energy and happiness of your character and a new panel has been added. (TAB) button.
The Stavronzka state made a new salary payment system. Now when you come to work, you will receive a premium according to your energy. If you come to work in a tired way you can eat a penalty.
There was a slight decline in salaries, but the premiums offset this. This system is thought to be more fair.
Stavronzka is developing. A grocery store opened. There are a few things that are useful to you. You might want to take a look.
If you have a high level of happiness, you can have a good bargain at the market.
You can see the happiness levels of the individuals in your family. You can get the gift to make them happy.
We've re-optimized the reflection of the sea and this extra +10 fps.

You have a backpack now and you carry things there. You can open it with the "I" key.
We have added new panels to help you communicate with your family members individually.
We added streamers and youtubers playing the game into the game computer.

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