Dec 20, 2019
Retrograde Arena - Rutterhern
I know this is a bit short notice but we will start the Tournament today and end it on Monday night~

JOIN to enter the tournament

3 winners from top player kills will get STEAM CREDITS!
1st place gets 50USD Steam credit, 2d and 3d get 20 USD each

May the best win!

Nov 14, 2019
Retrograde Arena - Piuy
We are now partnering with Another Indie to publish Retrograde Arena.
And for those who wants to play it online, Another Indie is now holding a FREE early access of Retrograde Arena on their discord server. Joins to try it out!
What does this means?
Another Indie will be the official publisher of Retrograde Arena and will be helping us releasing the game on some platforms.

Will you pull it out from steam?
No, it will still be available on Steam later on the full version.

Will it be free on discord?
Not the full game. Just the early access version. Think of it as another version of free steam demo but you can play it online.
Retrograde Arena - Piuy
Our indiegogo campaign for Retrograde Arena is curently ongoing.
The campaign will be going for 60 days, for those who wants to support us, can go to our campaign page

All funding earned will be used to develop & polish more content into the game.
Apr 22, 2019
Retrograde Arena - Rutterhern
Still curious about how Retrograde Arena plays?

Click The link below to try it out!


Current Demo contains:
  • Tutorial Map
  • LAN multiplayer
  • Full controller support
  • AI/BOT (Easy, Medium, Hard)
  • 5 weapons
  • 1 Map

Current Demo does not contain:
  • Online multiplayer (LAN and local only)
  • Achievements
  • Customization

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