Oct 28
Embark - emf
  • Fix to prevent cave plants from spreading like crazy above ground.
  • Fixed colonists not using 100 quality legendary items.
  • Fix for potential cause of out of memory crash to desktop.
  • Added an exception log to debug panel so that mods can be more easily debugged.

This week Embark's workshop saw the first 2 UI Mods from user Kailen_. Really exciting to see!
We have a Heatmap / Temperature Overlay mod which beat us to the punch, and a nifty Villager UI mod. Also available in the workshop currently are various balance mods.

Embark - emf
  • Fixed uploading of save games to the workshop. Show off your bases by uploading them to the Steam Workshop in the load game menu.
  • Improved the job assignment panel. The order of which colonists are displayed there and in shortcut panel with the portraits is now saved. New colonists will be placed later in order by default. You can rearrange them by clicking and dragging their names in the job assignment panel.
  • Clicking on colonist names in the job assignment panel now zooms the camera to them.

  • Fix for crash related to items.
  • Fixed arrow model rotation.

  • Fixes for build wall order. Colonists should be less likely to get stuck building walls now. Ordering for building walls partially in water should be better also.
  • Fixed build wall order not combining properly sometimes.
  • Fixes for dig order.
  • Tweaked texture of "unknown" terrain.
  • Proper crash handling in main menu.
  • Fix for hunting tool "untaming" tamed animals.
Embark - emf
Fixed a few small bugs introduced in 0.650.
  • Assigned food or drinks could cause colonists to get stuck in a loop.
  • Fixed colonists getting stuck on rails.
  • Fixed archery range using bundles of arrows in one shot.
  • Fixed crash when loading barracks/archery range in use.
  • Fixed delay when colonists start a new job on the same spot.
  • Fixed pipes no longer going through walls.
Oct 11
Embark - emf
Combat Training Buildings
  • Added new barracks and archery range buildings (models will be improved).
  • Archery ranges need to be supplied with arrows to function.
  • Colonists will automatically train when their squad has a barracks or archery range assigned to them.

Underground Improvements
  • Improvements to cave generation. More variety in cave sizes and types with larger caverns forming.
  • Greatly increased amount of cave flora and fauna. Be careful while spelunking!
  • Fixed bug with revealing large hidden caves.
  • Visual improvements to interface for placing wall and dig orders.
  • Fixed bug causing caves to end abruptly. Should improve prospecting as well.

Research Overhaul
  • First step of mid/end game content. Certain advanced research now require "research artifacts" before they can be researched.
  • These artifacts can be found on the map guarded by creatures both above and under ground. They can also be traded for.
  • Still the early stages of content for the late game. There will be many more ways to find such artifacts and build up to the end game in future updates.

Terrain Texture Modding
  • Added support for easy modding of terrain textures. See the example texture mod for more on what to do.
  • Also as a reminder, modding is supported by Embark, with some coding knowledge any mod is possible!

Squad Uniform Improvements
  • Improved squad uniforms.
  • Food/drink rations in uniforms should work now.
  • Colonists will only pick one weapon if multiple melee weapons are in the uniform.
  • Colonists should also automatically drink and eat from their inventory while their squad is alerted and they are stationed.
  • Uniform assignment to squad is now saved for each squad.

Other Stuff
  • Windows can be used as a glass roof. Plants underneath still receive sunlight.
  • Improved windows to be more transparent.
  • Improved building information interface. Can now set priority and restrict material quality for both upgrading of buildings and buildings which require delivery (like fireplaces and furnaces).
  • You can now restrict items used for construction by both minimum and maximum quality.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed some lighting issues with transition between above ground and underground lighting.
  • Fixed terrain rendering issue which was causing holes in terrain.
  • Fixes to item and corpse carrying visuals.
  • Fixed bug preventing colonists without bags from carrying large items (like corpses).
  • Fix for "item grid" crash.
  • Fix for crash when trading books.
  • Stopped colonists from stopping and talking while on minecarts.
  • Fixed major bug with AI factions getting stuck, causing them to use up tons of CPU time.
  • Other fixes to combat/faction AI in general

This patch should mark the end of version 0.6 (after the usual bugs are squashed). Only 4 months late, *shocked pikachu*. The next priorities are to improve the art, we have had a new artist just join us who will be working hard on that. This will also mean new creatures and plants to look forward to. The interface is also a priority, a common feedback is that the game is still very confusing for new players. Finally I'm looking forward to fleshing out the current systems in the game further. I'll be updating the Roadmap here shortly.
Aug 27
Embark - emf
The original plan was for this update was to include bigger changes to the mid game, research, and books. But a bug in the last patch has been causing some crashes and the planned changes still need more thought and testing. So instead this patch will fix some issues and introduce the first version of the new mine cart system.

New mine cart system
Transport colonists around by building tracks and mine cart stations. Stations need to be connected to power via mechanisms to work. Colonists can use mine carts to move between stations quickly. For now, mine carts are free, unlimited and can pass through each other.

Other Changes
  • Fixed crash related to farming introduced in last patch.
  • Fixed several issues with rendering of colonists and creatures. Portraits should update correctly with worn equipment. Corpses should also render correctly now (phew what a pain that was to implement).
  • Some fixes to combat AI. Archers should no longer leave their posts if set to hold position. Tweaks to combat AI.
  • Tweaks to colonists movement, previously there was a "hard cap" on colonist speed, this has been removed.

Devlog 9
Aug 6
Embark - emf
  • Improved picking up and dropping of multiple items on same tile, sped up item picking up animation.
  • Optimized memory usage for terrain generation.
  • Tutorial translated, more words translated, some translations fixed. Please report any errors to either the Discord or Steam forums.
  • Fixed bug with doctors feeding patients even when they're not hungry.
Embark - emf
Update 0.610

  • Each stockpile block can now hold up to 4 small items or 1 large item.
  • Colonists will drop items at the first stockpile block which has space instead of spreading items out.
  • Fixed bug with item rendering.

Update 0.611
  • Previous update introduced a rather severe bug. Terribly sorry.
  • Improved saving of games to prevent save game corruption.
  • Improved save upload panel.
  • Propecting UI improved, markers now scale based on how close the hit is.
Jul 31
Embark - emf
  • Colonists have discovered how to run diagonally.
  • Cleaned up movement code, colonists should run more smoothly now and not do that thing where they run back and forth on the spot.
  • This has the side effect of fast runners running faster now.
Embark - emf
  • Fixed crash caused by diplomats.
  • More graphical optimization.
  • Fixed harvest plant/tree overlay showing trees which had already been cut down.

Professional translations done for French, German, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese. Let us know how good the translations are. Still missing translations for tooltips and some parts of the game.

  • Fixes to localization and graphical issues from 0.607.
  • New step in tutorial to check for nearby hostiles.
Embark - emf
Save games in Steam Workshop
Show off your colony in the Steam Workshop.

Rudimentary Localization
First version of a localization system. For now the interface is partially translated to Chinese (other languages in progress, google translate for those in game). Localization can be accessed in the options menu.
The localization effort has also helped the English version with improvements to various descriptions, tooltips, and a cleaner UI backend.

Community Localization in Steam Workshop.
Create community localizations and share them, see the example mod for details.

New "Tasks" panel in colonist info panel.
Shows the current job queue and any tasks the colonist has failed to start. Similar panel is available for orders such as mining orders. This should make it easier to see why colonists are not doing what you want.

Other changes and fixes
Optimizations to job system.
Optimizations to item rendering.
Default option setting for metric/imperial based on your locale.
Improvements to the mod loader, should now show any crash messages if loading a mod fails. Should also immediately download subscribed mods when the mod panel is opened.
Fixed mod active toggle.
Fixed next and previous colonist shortcut key.
Changing quantity in item order panel no longer clears material filter.
Fixed stock panel to only show items which exist.
Fixed bug which allowed ballistas and archers to shoot through walls.
Fixed stockpile areas not getting destroyed correctly.


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