May 28
Embark - emf
  • Overhauled plant rendering system. Should be much faster now.
  • Tweaks to improve job performance.
  • Fix for ocean water turning into fresh water.
  • Fixed issue with making items where you could select the same item for both parts and create a broken order.
  • Added exact item quality to item tooltip.
  • Added new squad equip panel to military panel. Allows replacing or assigning uniform of entire squad.
  • Added scrollbar to military panel.
  • Tweaked colours of paper doll UI.
  • New item models for gems, wheat, and rice.
May 25
Embark - emf
  • Fixed crash if "burn item" item type was selected in custom stockpile preset.
  • Fixed bug with walls not being built.
  • Fixed bug with hauling for high quantity make item orders.
Embark - emf
Major overhaul to job system
  • Should not break save games, but will remove old jobs from save games and reset some priorities to zero. If you're loading an old save game you will need to recreate item orders and reset priorities for other types of orders (to be safe you should just remake all orders including stockpiles).
  • Colonists can now haul items for multiple crafting jobs at a time to each workshop. This should make crafting things a lot more efficient.
  • Performance optimization for stockpiles, should help with larger colonies.
  • Buildings should no longer get stuck reserved. Also should fix some of the other issues causing colonists to get stuck doing jobs.
  • There are *a lot* of jobs, so please report any new issues with the job system.

New stuff
  • New models for many plants, buildings, and items.
  • Changed military squad UI to take up less space and show combat related status instead of their generic job status.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug with display of experience needed for next level.
  • Fixed issue with creatures continueing to target downed enemies when there are other active enemies nearby.
  • Fix creatures which can destroy doors not destroying doors.

  • Fixed visual glitches for new plant products
  • Fixed demolish job and research not working with buildings from older saves.
  • Several other small fixes for 0.533
May 4
Embark - emf
  • Fixed creatures getting pregnant from far away.
  • Fixed bug with custom colonists sometimes having wrong job priorities set.
  • Added ability for colonists to eat some types of raw food if they're starving (only raw food created after this patch).
  • Added morale penalty for eating emergency rations.
  • Colonists can now also eat with their hands full if they're starving.
  • Stopped sheep from walking through open gates.
  • Significantly reduced plant reproduction rate.
May 2
Embark - emf
  • Nerfed armour effectiveness slightly.
  • Nerfed orc damage.
  • Fixed bug with barrels in hauling to stockpile job.
  • Improved build wall order, roofs should be less likely to get building orders stuck now.
  • Added claim all button to make it easier to claim items dropped by dead enemies.
  • Added text to show space left in barrels.
Apr 30
Embark - emf
  • Changed burn items required recipe to 2.
  • Fixed notification settings not saving.
  • Fixed gate animation.
  • Refined item naming.
  • Added descriptions for meals and drinks.
  • Made raw bone, seeds, plant fiber, cotton, and furs rot. Some of you are such crazy hoarders...
Apr 29
Embark - emf
  • Added a burn items recipe to the furnace. Burnt items can add fuel to the furnace and also have a chance to drop metal components.
  • Changed the way furnaces work, the fuel required has been split up from the recipe. Old furnaces will still work but should be rebuilt or they won't require fuel.

  • Prevented soldiers from going after tamed animals.
  • Buffed fireplaces and camp fires.
  • Fixed building sounds not respecting sound volume.
  • Colonists should no longer carry assigned equipment to stockpiles. Chests should be more useful now.
  • Fixed crash from water flow.
  • Added global restriction on rate of events happening.
  • Made demolish/upgrade order clear workshop reservation (workaround, can toggle on and off if workshop gets stuck in reserved state).
  • Improved notification handling system (notification settings will be lost one last time).
  • Reduced butcher output for larger corpses.
  • Allowed find item in stocks panel to find forbidden items.
  • Fixed statues research missing from the research tree. Researcher achievement should now work.
  • Fixed buildings getting stuck in reserved state if creature dies while using it.
  • Tweaks to job priorities.
  • Fixed items getting forbidden by doors.
  • Items should now get pushed to nearest free space if things are built over them.
Apr 28
Embark - emf

  • Set equipment and notification presets to not be overwritten.
  • Fixed priority for harvest wool job (was very high).
  • Fixed doors opening and closing reseting rooms.
  • Fixed display of food spoil date when items frozen.
  • Game should go back to old speed after saving or opening the menu.
  • Added ability to search by quality name in the various places for selecting/finding items.
  • Also added ability to select all items in the make order menu.
  • Changing the quantity in the item ordering menu should no longer reset selected items.
  • Added minimum quality slider to building menu.
  • Fix dead bodies duplicating on loading of game.
  • Fix display of tombstone text

Should be one of the last quick fix patches. Will start to slow down update frequency to do more substantial fixes/improvements.
Apr 26
Embark - emf
  • Improved drinking raw water task.
  • Improved building of walls. Can now build under doors, haulers will now place wall pieces on the floor instead of shoving it into the wall when replace wall is used.
  • Fixed a case of walls not being built.
  • Improved construction job to prevent colonists from getting stuck in windmills.
  • Fixed pathing bug causing colonists to get stuck on ladders.
  • Fixed issue with overlapping music.
  • Fixed manning of defensive buildings, colonists should now stop if their squad is not alerted.
  • Increased bag sizes.
  • Increased maximum squad size to 10.
  • Improved colonists dropping of items, should fix issue with items getting stuck in beds and walls.
  • Improved combat pathing.
  • Fixed prospecting for real this time.
Apr 25
Embark - emf
  • Added keyboad bindings for zooming in and out.
  • Fixed creature equipment UI show correct attack speed value.
  • Fixed bug with taking squad equipment getting stuck in loop.
  • Torches should now be passable.
  • Fixed harvest plant/tree mode and a few other issues when UI scaling is used.
  • Fixed issue with keys like spacebar triggering some UI elements.
  • Implemented erosion amount setting in the options menu, try turning it to low if you are crashing during world preview generation.
  • Slightly increased food and drink priority when colonists are starving.

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