Driven Out - Jahasajaju
Hi all,

Wanted to let you know that Driven Out also have a discord. There you can discuss improvements and other stuff concerning the Demo and discuss games in general.

If you are interested please join, all feedback is appreciated!

Here is the Link:

Driven Out Discord

Driven Out - Jahasajaju
Patch Notes:
1. The collision system on solid object have been reworked
2. Mid attack of goat, high attack of bear and monkey should connect with player
3. Even enemies that do not react to a counter the counter animation (in different color) will be shown.
4. Cannot walk under the shaman shield anymore
5. Bear and Goat fight should be less buggy (more testing needed)
6. Bigger arrow to show that you can go inside the cave

(notes: no big changes to the shield for the shaman. I think the players who miss the shaman is because the sword does not reach but I will do more testing)

Thanks everybody who helped and found bugs!

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