Jun 13
Adventures of forsenE: The Hobo Knight - infinitepepega
Howdy fellers,

Last few weeks I've been silent, because I've decided to redo everything aaaaaaaaaaaand you will get to enjoy 20 minutes of gameplay finally today, this is to check how AI will behave. We've changed few of the sprites and shit.

More of QA test, please give me headache when testing.

Thank you all for strong support, and I wish you the best.

P.S. Did any of you have problem with some creepy tall guy with headphones and camera in your bathroom?
May 29
Adventures of forsenE: The Hobo Knight - The Time Wizard //Pepega
Allo friens,

We've decided to redo ai pathing because current one is scuffed as f***.

Please bare with us.

Soon *trademarkemoji* forsenJoy

May 28
Adventures of forsenE: The Hobo Knight - The Time Wizard //Pepega
Howdy fellers, sorry for not publishing update yet.

These KKomrades are trying to start a war with ANELE's and we didn't have internet for 2 hours.

May 28
Adventures of forsenE: The Hobo Knight - The Time Wizard //Pepega
12:00 CEST

Please hold before submitting negative reviews
Adventures of forsenE: The Hobo Knight - The Time Wizard //Pepega
We already know about your new laptop and burning.

We apologize for your burns but do not panic if you cant enter level, it is all planned, soon you will be able to dwell the Corridors of Darkholme :)

(12:00pm CEST)
Adventures of forsenE: The Hobo Knight - The Time Wizard //Pepega
Start polishing your keyboards PogChamp.

Launch event starting soon PogChamp

Adventures of forsenE: The Hobo Knight - Pepega
Completely transparent again, we've been working on lightning and map for the few last days. Today is the day when we add AI into game.

We've fixed bug with map becoming transparent when u move in opposite direction.

Please note that boss fight won't be happening today.

Also sellout disclaimer:

Recently we've started indiegogo campaign in order to fund further development of the game. If you wish to support project consider joining our discord server.

Also here's rare pic of Forsen.

Adventures of forsenE: The Hobo Knight - Pepega
I just want to be completely transparent with you.

Recently we invested more time in the game and decided to approach it with more effort and time. Delays were inevitable and we apologize for it.

We are currently working on getting investors and simultaneously work on alpha to present which you will be able to play by end of the week.

We have also created official discord server for the game.

You can join the server by following this link.

It would be great if you could also fill out this form so we can decide on pricing.

You can fill out form by following link below.


Thank you FeelsOkayMan
Adventures of forsenE: The Hobo Knight - Pepega
As some of you may know last 2 weeks we've been porting game to Unity, today we uploaded new build which includes blank somewhat of a level as a preview of what's to come.

AI and first boss fight might happen tonight, mobs are 100% to come tonight. Also, you will see some platforms that are too high, try jumping and holding direction key near them in order to climb up.

All features suggestions should be posted on our official forum which is:


Note, if you want us to do AMA please write in comments so we can arrange perfect time for all of us.

Thank you <3

- Cybernite PR Pepegas
Adventures of forsenE: The Hobo Knight - Pepega
We will be releasing newest update by end of the day.

Character will be able to shoot, added first type of AI (Zombie Peppah).

You can follow on twitter to get more news.


Character's damage is 5, AI HP is 100.

Stay tuned

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