The Cinema Rosa - dewdle
The Cinema Rosa is NOW ON SALE at 50% off for the next 4 days.

Get in quick while the sale lasts.

Offer is for a limited time!

Explore a haunted cinema in a first person puzzle adventure game. Find clues, solve puzzles and uncover the history of a cinema in decline and ruin.

Will you help build it back up, or leave it in decay?

The Cinema Rosa - dewdle
For the first two weeks of October, The Cinema Rosa will be on sale at 50% off!

Snap the game up at a bargain price and tell your friends to get in quick, while the sale lasts.

The sale is to celebrate the completion of various updates to the game (which were completed in April) but were originally planned for October.

These include:

- New objects to interact with.
- Steam achievements.
- Spookier atmosphere.
- Graphics updates.
- Extension to the main story including 2 new puzzles, a new dream world and more voiceovers!

We are very pleased with the current state of the game and the huge improvements made since the game's original launch.

We're excited to share it with a new range of customers!
May 7
The Cinema Rosa - dewdle
Hi all,

We've implemented various bug fixes in the latest update. We're hoping this finally solves the issue of the save/load system.

Unfortunately, a few early negative reviews have affected our ability to sell the game. This is despite changes to address reviewer concerns.

If possible please review the latest version of the game and give us your feedback on Steam!
The Cinema Rosa - dewdle
Further to our previous update, the game time is now estimated to be between 2 to 3 hours.

This includes extensive additions such as new dream levels, puzzles, Steam Achievements, 30 new objects to examine and a massive increase in the amount of lore and storytelling available in the game.

As some of you may have noticed, we've also reduced the price to 14.99 (USD).

We're very proud of the updates we've made so far and we hope we can continue to work with the community to make the game even better!
The Cinema Rosa - dewdle
This is the second major content update, significantly increasing game time!

Responding to a community concern that the game was too short, we've added cut content and new levels to explore as a free DLC!! We've also responded to various other suggestions made by the community, listed below:

New Content: Major Changes

  • 2 new puzzles.
  • 2 new dream worlds.
  • 4 new voiceover messages.
  • 10 new objects to examine.
  • Major graphical improvements to several rooms.
  • Details/new models.

Minor Changes
  • Increased flashlight intensity.
  • Computer interactivity.
  • New posters.
  • Bug fixing for save/load game system.
  • New Easter egg references to famous films.

Steam Achievements

The game now includes 12 Steam Achievements to unlock. These are still in testing but preliminary testing seems to show that they are working as planned!

Reviews and Feedback

We're happy to receive any reviews or feedback you may have about the game!

The Cinema Rosa - dewdle
Hi all,

We are currently implementing Steam Achievements, but these are in an early stage of testing. They will not work correctly for several weeks, keep this in mind!

The Cinema Rosa - dewdle
We are currently planning a series of updates to extend game time. This is the first of those updates.

We've been taking on a lot of the advice about the game. As a result, we have both lowered the cost of the game and now aim to increase the game time.

In this content update, we have added:
  • 18 new objects for interaction
  • New movie posters.
  • All movie posters are now unique (no repetition).
  • A few graphical changes.

We are also currently working on new content, new puzzles, new dream landscapes etc. We are also looking at making the existing puzzles a bit harder. These updates take time, in part because our team is very small and limited in funding.

I'm happy to take on any suggestions you may have to improve the game. We're working on updates currently and taking on board all feedback we get to improve it. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!!
The Cinema Rosa - dewdle
Dear Fans,

Our planned update is going to increase game time! Along with addressing various suggestions raised so far!

The update will include:

  • Increased game time.
  • Two new puzzles
  • Existing puzzles will be made slightly harder.
  • A new dream world + A new room to restore will be added.
  • Reductions in game file size.
  • A better save/load system.
  • Steam achievements.

Please note, we are a small team, and so we try as best we can to meet all expectations. So far, we have resolved over 150 bugs, and responded to over 200 suggestions in beta testing!!

Any concerns you may have will be addressed in time!

Mandarin Edition

We are pleased to announce that we are currently working on a Mandarin Chinese localization. The translation is being worked on by our partner ChinaAVG.

This will be released in the next two months!

Stay tuned for more info.

Kind Regards,

Atreyu Games.


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