HORGIHUGH (ホーギーヒュー) - Bradly [LWP]
Hey, all you Horgis out there!

It's been almost a month since HORGIHUGH's release, and we are ecstatic with the feedback we've received thus far. People are really digging the throwback vibe of the game it seems, which makes us super happy as that's what drew us to the game originally as well. So thank you to everyone who's checked out the game thus far! And be sure to keep spreading the word about it! Now, onto today's announcement!

As many of you know, the HORGIHUGH High-Score Challenge contest is set to end in about 12 hours. However, due to an unexpected surge in sales over the past week or so, we are extending the contest by two weeks to accommodate those who have picked up the game during the Summer Sale. Although HORGIHUGH was not discounted for the sale, that hasn't stopped people from picking it up in big numbers, which we didn't quite foresee.

So, what this ultimately means for those who have just purchased the game, as well as those who have already been playing it and even submitted their scores, you have more time to perfect your runs and rack up even higher scores! We've got some stiff competition at the top of the chart!

Again, we and the Japanese team want to thank you all for checking out HORGIHUGH and for spending your money and time on its experience. Here's to an exciting two weeks!


HORGIHUGH (ホーギーヒュー) - Give Him the Sleeper!
Welcome, Horgis!

It's launch day for HORGIHUGH, and we want to thank everyone who has supported the game thus far! We've received great feedback on social media about Horgi, and we're excited to finally be bringing it to you! HORGIHUGH's localization has been in the works for almost seven months now, so it's a surreal feeling releasing the game! It felt like this day was never going to come! But we're super excited about the occasion and even more stoked about our first contest, the HORGIHUGH High-Score Challenge!

As mentioned in an earlier announcement, to celebrate HORGIHUGH's launch, we are holding a high-score contest to determine the very best HORGIHUGH players in the world. This contest features some amazing and truly one-of-a-kind prizes that fans of shmups and Japanese games will want to get their hands on! Below you will find all of the specifics about the contest!


Time frame: June 11 - July 9. Entries will close 11:59 AM EST.

Settings: Normal difficulty, stock settings, no continues, no items from Angela's Shop (items from Dr. Howard's Lab are okay).

Directions for posting scores: Everyone will need to post their username, their high score, and then a link to video footage of their run/high score as proof in the Steam discussion forum in the stickied thread titled "HORGIHUGH High-Score Challenge".


1st Place: Physical copy of HORGIHUGH's soundtrack signed by Motoaki Furukawa and other members of the development team + a physical copy of the Japanese version of the game signed by Sasaki-san, the creator and programmer of HORGIHUGH + a HORGIHUGH poster signed by LionWing founder Bradly Halestorm + $50 Steam voucher

2nd Place: Physical copy of HORGIHUGH's soundtrack + a HORGIHUGH poster signed by LionWing founder Bradly Halestorm + $20 Steam voucher

3rd Place: A HORGIHUGH poster signed by LionWing founder Bradly Halestorm + $10 Steam voucher
HORGIHUGH (ホーギーヒュー) - Bradly [LWP]
Heyo all you Horgis out there!

Bradly Halestorm here with a HORGIHUGH announcement. In anticipation of the game's launch next Tuesday, we set up and subsequently translated an interview between the creator (and programmer) of HORGIHUGH, Sasaki Hidekuni, and the publication Tech-gaming! It just dropped today and is a really fantastic read if you're into learning about Japanese indie development. In the Q&A, Sasaki-san discusses many topics, chief among them though is how HORGIHUGH came to be and the backstory behind the real-life dog on which the game's leading hero, Hugh, is based! It's a heartwarming (and lengthy) interview, especially considering the game was essentially birthed by 2011's terrible Fukushima reactor incident.

We've only pulled a few excerpts from the interview, but the full sit-down can be checked out here for those interested.

Just a reminder: we'll be running a high-score contest that will run from June 11th to July 9th! We'll be posting the specifics/requirements of the contest on launch day next week, so don't forget to check that out and enter!


Tech-Gaming: While anthropomorphic characters are quite common in games, not many have a backstory as rich as Hugh? Can you tell us a bit about how he made his way into Horgihugh?

Sasaki Hide: It all started with this simple idea I had, which was to build a game around a pet dog as the protagonist. The character of Hugh was created based on my dear dog and family member, Huga. Huga actually used to live with another family in the Iidate village of Fukushima. However, after the Fukushima reactor incident in 2011, the village was officially classified as a “difficult-to-return zone” because of the radioactive pollution caused by the meltdown. The family Huga belonged to at the time was forced to move into temporary housing outside of Iidate following the events, however, the housing unit didn’t allow for pets, and thus they were unable to take Huga with them. This ultimately led to his living in a shelter for a period of time. However, we eventually adopted him, initially just as a temporary thing, but then permanently, and he’s been with us ever since. This relationship has been so special to us that we feel like Huga becoming a member of our household gave us a new perspective on life, which inadvertently helped strengthen our family unit as a whole.

What makes this entire story all the more poignant is a boy named Kouga. Kouga is one of the family members who used to live with Huga. Kouga, who was 8 when Horgihugh’s development first began, was deeply interested in retro games at the time (thanks to the influence of his father, who was big into retro gaming). After I told him that I was going to build a game with Huga as the hero, he would ask me about the game’s progress every time I saw him. Knowing that there was someone who was looking forward to the game so much made the development process really special.

What was also interesting about Horgihugh’s development was my incorporation of the various themes that I had picked up on from people after the Fukushima accident. In the wake of that whole situation, it had become clear that there was no one, single way that people interpreted the reasons for and aftermath of the meltdown, nor was there a single view on how people should support the clean-up efforts that came after. I think that everyone was trying to do their best at the end of the day, but it was interesting to see so many different perspectives and interpretations of one single event. There were some who cared deeply about those affected, then there were some who only thought about the effects on the environment and the physical space surrounding the reactor-area, and then there were people who were completely indifferent to the whole thing. I couldn’t help but relate many of those feelings to my own life both as it pertained and did not pertain to that specific incident in 2011.

T-G: I firmly believe that respectable STGs (shooting games or shoot ‘em ups) are built around a clever mechanic or at least a clever philosophy when it comes to design. What does Horgihugh bring to the genre?

SH: The blue gauge allows players to perform a loop-the-loop maneuver, which can be used in an offensive or defensive manner. That is to say, doing a loop-the-loop can get players out of a tight situation, granting them the ability to dodge incoming bullets for a moment. However, that same somersault maneuver can also be used offensively to take down enemies. So, I worked hard at giving players options. In fact, options permeate many aspects of the game, even in defeat.

What I mean by that is, even upon defeat players have the option to continue their progress (and lose points) or choose a “Game Over” to stock all the crystal fragments (points) they obtained on that particular run. Those crystal fragments can then, in turn, be used to buy things on the title screen from Angela’s Shop. This same type of choice-driven approach is even reflected in the levels themselves. I included the shop-oriented power-up system—Dr. Howard’s lab that presents itself to the player intermittently throughout each level—because I wanted to put emphasis on the unique interpretation of the world (as well as give players the option to power up their aircraft). To that end, I felt like it would be unnatural to retrieve power-up capsules from exploding enemies. That wouldn’t make much sense in Horgihugh’s universe. So instead, I created an “emblem” system wherein Dr. Howard throws out these emblems mid-stage as a sort of storyline reminder to Hugh on how to operate his plane effectively.


We hope you all enjoyed these excerpts and will check out the interview proper over at Tech-gaming.com!

That will do it for today's announcement. We'll see you all on Tuesday for launch!


HORGIHUGH (ホーギーヒュー) - Bradly [LWP]
Heyo all!

My name's Bradly Halestorm, and I'm the founder of LionWing Publishing. I'm here today to make two announcements about HORGIHUGH's upcoming release. But before getting to that, allow me to take a moment to thank everyone who has Wishlisted the game, mentioned it on social media, and/or contacted us directly about it. The outpouring of excitement for HORGIHUGH has been nothing short of heartwarming and awesome. So, truly, thank you all. We can't wait for you to play it!

Alright, so the first announcement (the bad news, if you will).

We are postponing Horgi's launch by a week and a half. Unfortunately, there was a slight hiccup in the Steam approval process, and while we'll be approved to release the game next week, we want to avoid Horgi's launch getting lost in the madness that is E3 week. Thus, HORGIHUGH will now launch on June 11!.

So then, the second announcement (the good news, if you will)!

We're going to be holding a high-score contest in the month following HORGIHUGH's release! It's going to include some rad prizes for those who finish in the top 3, prizes such as a physical copy of the game's soundtrack signed by Furukawa-san himself (along with some other key members of the development team)! Stay tuned for more details on that in the coming week or so.

That will do it for today's announcement. Again, thank you all for your support of HORGIHUGH!

Talk to you soon!



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