ISLANDERS - Friedemann

Hey everyone! This is a small patch containing some minor fixes.
With this patch, we're adressing some small bugs and issues that you've brought to our attention since the last content update, such as the missing Tavern building in sandbox mode and several issues connected to the undo feature.

The update should also fix some rare compatibility issues on Mac and Linux. If you're still running into problems, please let us know. We'll do our best to offer support. :)

As always, thank you all for your support and positive attitude, we're glad and humbled so many people enjoy playing our little game!

Friedemann, Jonas and Paul
aka GrizzlyGames
Supraball - (RPS)

Summer. The heat age. Scorch season. Spring’s hangover. It’s the mid-point of the year and you know what that means. No, not “mojito time”, Geoff, put those away. It’s time we told you what the best games of the year are so far. There are quite a lot of them. Just look how many videogames have escaped from their developers in the past six months and are now running amok through the blistering streets, getting stuck in the melting tarmac, like ants in jam. It’s unsanitary. So allow us to round up these unruly games and trap them in a handy list. Here are our favourite sword swingers and space ‘splorers so far this year (and a couple of DLCs for good measure).

Okay, Geoff, now> bring the mojitos.


ISLANDERS - (Alice Liguori)

No, that s not me screaming the game name at you, that s how it s stylised. Though I ll sentence case it when I mention it in the rest of the article because if I talk about ISLANDERS like this it might make you spill your tea all over your keyboard. I don t want to make you jump, plus we hold no liability for tea-soaked keyboards.


ISLANDERS - Friedemann

Hey everyone, we're super excited to introduce Sandbox Mode and bring ISLANDERS to MacOS and Linux!

With this update, we're bringing another bunch of exciting features to ISLANDERS and making it accesible to new players out there. Here's what's new:
  • Sandbox Mode
  • MacOS-Support
  • Linux-Support
  • Undo Feature
  • Save/Load System Fix
Sandbox Mode
Introducing Sandbox Mode, a whole new game-mode for ISLANDERS. For this new mode, we've made every building available and removed all placement restrictions so you can go nuts and build whatever you want.

We've had tons of fun playtesting this feature and hope you will, too! If you want to make our day, share your creations in the community, we'd love to see what you come up with :)

You can access the sandbox mode by pressing the New Game button after finishing at least one highscore match.

MacOS & Linux
We're super happy so finally bring ISLANDERS to players on MacOS and Linux. All of this is a bit new to us, since we're not used to working on Mac or Linux so please let us know if anything doesn't work!

Undo Feature
You've asked and we've listened: This update introduces the much requested undo button which you can use to undo your last building placement. Just click the undo-arrow that will appear in your building inventory after placing a building. Alternatively, you can just press the "Z" key. Undo becomes unavailable when you lose the game or open a new building pack.

Reworked Save/Load System
We've taken some time to completely overhaul the system with which games are saved and loaded. We hope that this will permanently fix all "floating stuff" issues when loading the game. Pray with us and let us know if floating objects still occur.

Endgame Rebalancing
We rebalanced the score required for new buildings in the late game. Our goal with this is to prevent people from playing indefinitely and crashing the game because too many buildings have to be loaded/rendered at once. This change shouldn't have an effect on most players.

Future Planning
We're slowly approaching the point where we feel like everything we wanted to see added to the game has been implemented. There's still some things left but with this update we've crossed most of the big remaining ToDo's off our list. Now we're slowly getting ready to move on to new projects and challenges. This way, we get the chance to start something new, creative and exciting which keeps us motivated and you'll get new games from us. :)

Thank you for being super supportive and encouraging - we are incredibly grateful to have such a positive community. Have fun with the new features and let us know what you think!

Friedemann, Paul & Jonas
ISLANDERS - Friedemann

Hey everybody, with this update we're adding Steam Cloud and fixing a bunch of small issues in ISLANDERS.

Steam Cloud
With this update, we’ve implemented Steam Cloud Save in Islanders. From now on, your save games can be stored in the Steam Cloud and you’ll be able to access them from all your devices. If you don’t want that, you can opt out in the game’s properties in your library. This is our first time working with the Steam Cloud so please let us know if you experience any issues!

Other changes:
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes led to involuntary placement of a building right after selecting it. This was really annoying and we hope it’s gone for good!
  • Fixed a small sound bug that caused the Monument to emit Fountain noises
  • Updated French localization to remove some inaccuracies and mistakes
  • Fixed visual bug that messed with the lake's water edge

We’re already working on the next exciting content update, so stay tuned! Thank you all so much for your support, have fun building cities!

Friedemann, Paul & Jonas
aka GrizzlyGames
ISLANDERS - Jonas Tyroller

Hey everybody, we've pushed a small update fixing the current state of the water pleateau!

In the last update we sigificantly increased the amout of water plateaus you receive in the late game. Seems like we went a bit overboard with that to the point where some players found it impossible to lose on certain islands.

As a result of the feedback you have given us we decided to undo the water plateau changes entirely for now.

This patch also fixes a rare bug that caused the game to get stuck in the loading screen.

Thank you all so much for being such a supportive and positve crowd, keep it up :)

Friedemann, Paul & Jonas
aka GrizzlyGames

ISLANDERS - Friedemann

Hey everybody, we’ve been working on an exciting little content update and are finally ready to share it with you.

We've read through tons of your comments, threads and reviews and with this update we aim to bring you some of the most requested features and increase the gameplay variety of ISLANDERS.

This update features:
  • 4 New Buildings
  • New Island Types
  • Screenshot Mode & Zoom
  • Balance Adjustments
  • Quality of Life Improvements
Thanks for all of your awesome feedback so far. Here is a comprehensive list of all changes we made:


Buildings Added: Seaweed Pack
The seaweed pack contains seaweed fields which need to be placed on water and the seaweed farms which needs to be placed on land.

With this addition we wanted to increase the variety in the early game. The range sphere of the seaweed farm has an offset to allow for some new and interesting placement strategies.

Building Added: Balloon
The balloon is a flying building that gets points from the circus, towers and markets. This will give you a new option in the mid-game and it should be a nice addition to your beautiful city.

Building Added: Monument
The monument is a relatively small building that loves being next to parks and the temple but heavily dislikes fields and hop fields. Why? Cause the gods say so. This is supposed to be a new toy for our most skilled optimizers out there. Let’s see how many points you can squeeze out of this!

New Island Types
As you might know islands in ISLANDERS are procedurally generated so “new island types” just means you’ll see even more variety from now on. Enjoy! :)

Screenshot Mode & Zoom
With this update we’re adding two of the most requested features: Camera zoom and a screenshot mode that hides the ingame UI and cursor. You can enter the screenshot mode by clicking the camera icon in the bottom left corner of the main menu. We love seeing the amazing cities you build, so please keep sharing your screenshots and tag us with @_grizzlygames on Twitter if you post there!

Balancing Updates
  • Reduced Wall-collider size to make them easier to place. Walls now have two range-spheres to allow for more visually pleasing placement.
  • More water plateaus in late-game to decrease chances of running out of space.
  • Slight rebalancing of Tower to allow for placement on higher ground (because it looks so cool).
  • Slightly nerfed the “Air Temple” (Temple on Wall Plateaus over cities) by making it more centered in its range sphere but we also increased its range a bit for compensation.
Other Small Changes
  • Fishers, Warehouses, Plateaus, Breweries, City Centers and Shamans now get points from Seaweed Farms or Seaweed Fields and were rebalanced accordingly.
  • Mills can now be placed on wooden platforms.
  • Resort Oasis is a bit easier to place (reduced collider size and allows for more uneven ground).
  • Jewelry earns 35 instead of 30 points from Gold Mine.
  • Other small adjustments to incorporate the new buildings.
Quality of Life
  • Your online highscore is now updated every time you enter the main menu.
  • Added a safety prompt when clicking “New Game” to avoid losing progress on an active session.
  • Base score-values for buildings (like the temple's infamous -75) show up in the tooltips now.
  • Improved score-preview-UI readability. The little score numbers have an outline now.

We’re still humbled and excited to have such a positive and passionate community. Our approach has always been to be open and honest with you and therefore we want to give you a clear idea where we’re headed with ISLANDERS.

Our midterm goal is to move on to new exciting projects. We feel like that’s how everybody gets the best deal: We can keep doing what we love with new challenges and you’ll get new games!

That being said, we’re listening to your feedback of course and still have a couple of cool things headed your way for ISLANDERS.

Thank you all so much for being such a supportive and positive crowd, keep it up! :)

Friedemann, Paul & Jonas
aka GrizzlyGames
ISLANDERS - Friedemann

Hey everybody, we've pushed a small update containing a fix for a rare savegame issue!

The issue would cause savegames from the 8th island to be corrupted, resulting in weird floating trees when those savefiles were loaded. Sorry to everyone who lost ingame progress due to this issue, we know how frustrating that can be.

Thanks to everyone who reported the bug and helped us get it fixed! Please let us know if you encounter any other problems. We're reading everything you post in the discussions.

Thank you all so much for being such a supportive and positve crowd, keep it up :)

Friedemann, Jonas & Paul
aka GrizzlyGames

The last time I saw beautiful little islands like this, they were being invaded by bloodthirsty hordes in pulse-pounding strategy Bad North. But Islanders is a different kind of strategy game: soothing, charming, and maybe the most relaxing strategy game I've ever played.

You're building cities in Islanders, one building at a time, on lovely little procedurally generated islands. Some are rocky, some are snowy, some lush and green, others grim and gray. You begin with just a few choices of what to build—maybe a farm and some fields, perhaps a sawmill and some lumberjack huts—and go about placing them on your little starter island. You get bonuses by placing your buildings in optimal areas: for instance, place your lumberjack hut near a few clusters of trees and you'll earn some points. Place the sawmill near the lumberjack, you'll net a few more points. Earn enough points and you'll unlock a new building type and refill your inventory of the building types you've already been placing.

There can also be penalties when you place a building. Place two lumberjack huts too close to each other, for example, and you'll be penalized a few points. Building a circus near some houses will net you a bonus, but building it near mansions will penalize you (I guess the rich folk don't like clowns).

You begin on a tiny island that will fill up quickly, and once you've scored enough points you can choose to move on to another, bigger island, leaving your current island behind forever. This can be a relief if your current island kind of sucks and you're jockeying for space for new buildings (once placed, buildings can't be moved or deleted). It can also be a bit sad if you've been enjoying your island and don't want to see it go—though you don't have to leave immediately. You can keep building as long as you have units left and continue to score enough points to add more. It can definitely be hard to leave an island behind when it's full of delightful little homes and industries that you've placed just so.

And that's really it! It's just so wonderfully relaxing to play. There can be, perhaps, a tiny bit of tension when you've nearly run out of buildings to place and you're just shy of reaching the point goal to unlock more or move on to a new island, but otherwise it's an entirely soothing experience, easy to play for a few minutes at a time or to sink into for an hour or more.

If you enjoy city-building but hate dealing with traffic problems, or if you like strategy but don't want to pull your hair out, Islanders is only $5 on Steam

ISLANDERS - Friedemann

Hey everyone, this is our first announcement after the game's launch!
First of all:
Welcome to all the new players and thank you all so much for your support, for playing our game and for being an extremely positive & active community so far!

Launching a game is stressfull and nerve-wrecking, but you have made this an awesome experience for us :) ISLANDERS gathered over 500 positive reviews within the first 5 days after launch, giving us the "Overwhelmingly Positive" tag. We are proud, super happy and grateful for that.

What's next:
Currently, our highest priority is to make sure people who bought the game also get to play it. Luckily it seems like there aren't a ton of bugs and the ones that show up are pretty rare. There is however still a small number of people who can't play the game the way it's supposed to be played. We're doing our best to offer support to these players. If you're experiencing issues, please get in touch!

We're also reading all of your amazing suggestions and comments in the discussions and talking about what we'll be able to add to the game. We're a super small team (3 people) and pretty exhausted from the launch, but we'd love to add some features & content to the game in future updates! It's way too early to promise anything but we're looking into it :)

That's it for now, again, thank you for your amazing support and positivity, keep it up!

Friedemann, Paul & Jonas
aka GrizzlyGames

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