Garden Of Mooj - kcfos
Hello Everyone,

The October patch will be released on October 25th. Lots of changes coming up, so stay tuned.

Garden Of Mooj - kcfos
  • Mooj will stop trying to eat something once it’s placed in a holder
  • Added water friction that slows objects down in water
  • Eggs will now save, load, and be transferred between gardens
  • Adjusted some of the health scaling on enemies
  • Red Gremlins will no longer attack Mooj that are being milked
  • Fixed an issue where seeds wouldn’t use the correct sprites
  • Seed sprites will no longer render over UI when the game’s paused
  • Fixed an issue where seeds wouldn’t be destroyed when sold, allowing for infinite reselling
  • Having multiple objects in water will no longer prevent the splash sound from playing
  • Green Gremlins now flash white on hit again
  • The encyclopedia will no longer display placeholder info before clicking on an unlocked item
Garden Of Mooj - kcfos

While summer is just about done, it's never too late to go for a swim, and now, you can bring your Mooj too.

- Fixed a bug where food would cook instantly after cooking a first food
- Added recipes for the following foods to be made in the cooking pot: Pumpkin Pie, Pizza, Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, Sandwich, Hot Dog (All of which involve bread)
- Added water Physics, Mooj and other objects now float in water
- Added a splash sound effect and ripple effect to water
- Cooking pot now has sound
- Mooj now have hunger: The hungrier a Mooj is the more aggressive it is in getting fed. Mooj cannot starve to death.
- Fixed a bug where Mooj would keep trying to consume food after it was eaten by another Mooj

- Added in the creature section of the encyclopedia:
  • Now when you discover a new creature, it will be unlocked in the encyclopedia
  • Includes name, description.
  • Currently only 5 creatures are available to be discovered

- 3d previews, such as the models in the building creation menu, as well as the new creature encyclopedia models, can now be rotated left and right by clicking and dragging the mouse
- Added some more color to the ground of Misty Meadows
- Discovering something new has a sound effect
- Certain things, such as food no longer render when the game is paused. This is to prevent things from rendering over UI.

Enjoy, any bugs or suggestions can be posted in the comments or the forms

- Kcfos
Garden Of Mooj - kcfos
Hey everyone,

The next update will feature updates to the encyclopedia, better water, and more!

Work has started on the third garden, and while I don't know how long it will be, I think this will be the best one so far.

I'm also looking at ways to expand the caverns. They don't have to be as big as the other gardens, but I'll probably sprinkle in some stuff over time to bring it in line with the main garden.

I'm curious if anyone has managed to get any party hats from the previous update? They're meant to be rare, but drop rates might still need some tweaking.
Garden Of Mooj - kcfos

- Added hats: there are currently three party hats for Mooj to wear. All of them are very difficult to obtain, a great accessory for your favorite Mooj!
  • Green Party Hats can be obtained as a rare drop from enemies in the
    Creepy Caverns
  • Red Party Hats can be obtained as a rare drop from enemies in Misty Meadow
  • Blue Party Hats can bought from the shop at a hefty price
- Can now pet Mooj by holding the right mouse button while they’re selected. Currently the only purpose is to remove hats, which can be done by continually petting for three seconds.

- Added sound to the building creator buttons
- Added sound to Encyclopedia buttons
- Fixed an issue where the scroll wheel would not function when the mouse hovered over a button in the encyclopedia and the building creator menu
- When colliding with a Mooj Pen forcefield, Mooj will now stop moving for a short period of time. This stops weird behavior where Mooj aggressively vibrate against the wall
- Base Mooj interaction range slightly reduced
- Mooj will no longer collide with enemies at night

Let me know if anything seems buggy, and enjoy!

Garden Of Mooj - kcfos
Hello Everyone,

The August Update should be arriving on the 23rd. It will mostly focus on QOL changes with small content additions.

I recently moved to a new city, and a lot of my time has been absorbed by that, meaning this update will be on the smaller side.

Garden Of Mooj - kcfos
- Time of day is now saved between gardens and through saving and loading. Saving at night and reloading will start you 10 seconds before night time.

Sandbox mode can be enabled before loading a game
- Enemies won't spawn at night
- Day count won't go up at the dawn of a new day
- Everything else is the same, you'll still be able to forage for food, grow crops, etc

- Added in the Mooj Pen. Keeps Mooj in and out. Things can only be moved through the barrier when held by the player. Can be unlocked in the Cavern garden
- Pause menu can no longer be opened in the main menu
- Shrank the size of messages
- Number of enemy spawns now scale with days passed in the particular garden
- Stronger enemy variants will now spawn at later days
- Mooj will sometimes do neat tricks like backflips and spins
- Mooj will no longer eat forage spawned food before it's been picked up. They'll still eat food spawned by enemies
- Mooj stats fit the chart better when maxed
- Can now move food and seed items between Gardens by holding them while entering
- Seeds will now be saved and loaded
- Mooj will always load in with black outlines
- Daytime now lasts 5 minutes from 4.
- Fixed an issue where items in the shop would not save properly
- Certain buildings should no longer spawn slightly above ground

Creepy Caverns

- Mooj are now brighter/easier to see in Creepy Caverns
- Added more vegetation and detail
- There’s now a sacrificial altar on top of the hill in Creepy Caverns. You can sacrifice any unwanted Mooj for a couple gold coins.
- Added new foods to Cavern (Crabs, lemons)
- Added two new music tracks
- Some foods the used to spawn in the Meadow now spawn in the Cavern instead (Oyster, red pepper)
- Treants are slower but now have an armor stat that flatly reduces damage taken. Green Treants have 5 armor, other variants have more. This makes it so Mooj that have high agility but low strength won’t be as strong in the Caverns.
- Updated Pumpkin sprite
- Unlocking Creepy Caverns now requires a level 2 Mooj, and unlocking the cannon requires a level 3

Let me know what you guys think of the update. I'll probably do a few rounds of fixes/polish before starting next months update.
Garden Of Mooj - kcfos
Hey everyone

The first content update is coming in one week: July 19th. It focuses on expanding the cavern garden, bringing it up in quality similar to the meadow garden. It will include new enemies, buildings, foods and more.

About a month ago Garden of Mooj entered Early Access, and I'm more than pleased with the results. Thank you to everyone who's given feedback, some of which has already been implemented, and more requested features will be added in the July update.

I know many people want more content in the game, this update should help with that. Stay tuned!

also follow me on twitter if you want to see cool dev stuff ~

Garden Of Mooj - kcfos
Just another small update

-Lowered the Seed drop rate
-Cherrys stats adjusted
-Mooj Eggs can no longer be sold
-Names of the stats on a Mooj panel are now colored according to their appropriate colors
-Slightly raised the drop rate of love yams
-Enemies should spawn in Creepy Caverns at night
-Fixed Spacing of Food encyclopedia descriptions
-Fixed some food descriptions being cut off
-Lowered the gold gained from enemies from 2-5 to 2-4
Garden Of Mooj - kcfos
Hey everyone, minor update aimed at better balancing progression, improving minor details, and fixing a nasty bug.

Garden of Mooj .315

-Lowered the spawn rate of love yams
-Mooj Stats now cap at 250. A Mooj that already has higher stats won't change.
-Reduced Mooj stat growth by 33%. Evolution growth stays the same.
-Dust particles are nicer
-Mooj Attackspeed now caps at 10/second
-Enemies now flash on hit
-Food now acts like a cube instead of sphere for collision detection
-Lowered the base item drop chance on Green demons from 18% to 10%
-Mooj will no longer attempt to eat food that is placed in a holder (such as cooking pots). Note: if if a Mooj notices the food before it's placed they'll still be able to eat it
-Mooj will no longer be able to eat food that the player is holding (They'll still try)
-Fixed a bug where Mooj would sometimes save over each other

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