Danger Gazers - Shut

A Risky But Rewarding Path Stop

🔶 Here's a little news snippet, while you all wait for the next update. All the gold cards are now complete and ready to be imported into the game.

🔸 What you see above is the concept art of the Rotten Elder. Don't be scared of the name though or the looks, it's just how the locals refer to this new path stop.

Share your thoughts, questions if you need to or anything else you might be interested in. 😉

Once more, thanks for all the patience‥ 💚

- Shot'a K. B. × Shut 🚬
Danger Gazers - Shut


Does it mean that the end is near? Not really.

💌 Got some good news and bad news. Bad news is that it's been over 2 months without an update and you might've been aware of that fact. Good news is that I'm finally back now from an unexpected vacation and feeling healthier than ever with plans to keep ⚜ Danger Gazers ⚜ updated for a long, long time.

Gold Cards & Rotten Elder

🔶 Coming soon in the next update are cards that boost certain hero stats, such as gun damage, fire rate, bullet speed and max HP. Gold cards are stackable unlike items, and for now one of the ways to collect 'em will be by hitting a new path stop ⇒ Rotten Elder.

🔸 The elder requires many different sacrifices to be made in order to get your hands on these cards. Two options are always present on this stop, a choice to recede and a choice to follow the elder.

Community & Feedback

I've been reading your feedback, suggestions, bug reports and ideas. I feel honestly happy about it. My to-do list is entirely full and over jammed for now, which's really good.

Also, you should all check out this amazing no-hands player from Minsk, Belarus. 🖤


Thank you all for your patience‥ 🤍 and don't forget that new year is comin' soon! 🎄

- Shot'a K. B. × Shut 🚬
Danger Gazers - Shot

Hey guys,

We at ShotX studio are happy to announce that Danger Gazers will be out on the 8th of May. The game that we have been working on so hard during last months.

Early access will be available before full release. Great opportunity to try the game in advance. As well as a PC version, there will be one for Linux users.

Don't forget to add it to your wishlist!

We can't wait till you play and give us your feedback :)

Thank you for your support.

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