Dec 20, 2019
Super Welder - 超级焊工
1. Beautify the UI interface, and replace the original metal background with wood background in the main menu interface.

2. We found some bugs in the drawing and fixed them in time.

3. Wooden background is added to each level.
Super Welder - 超级焊工
1, bid farewell to the cumbersome manual configuration language, the game will automatically configure your language preferences for your language.

2, added a novice tutorial, see the How to play option in the settings panel.

3, optimized the material and difficulty of some levels.
May 28, 2019
Super Welder - 超级焊工
1, optimized some of the levels and reduced the difficulty of some levels.
2, the bug in the replay process has completed the bug fix.
Super Welder - 超级焊工
Update notification:
1, now has been able to use the mouse to operate the UI interface, click the right mouse button to open the menu, after the customs clearance, click the right mouse button to enter the next level, no keyboard operation is required.
2, fixed some bugs.
3, Optimized some of the levels.

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