Over My Dead Pixel - Hopper22
Version 1.1 Update Patch Notes
This is our first post launch update! These changes are made based on player feedback we've received recently. This update brings a new Module, helps clarify the powerup drop rates, adjusts enemy spawn rotations to be more consistent, fixes an issue with usernames not displaying on the leaderboard, and more.

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  • The Malware page in the Database now lists how many enemies must be destroyed to earn certain powerups. (Destroy 2 Spawners to earn boost, Destroy 4 Messengers to earn attack, and Destroy 35 Xs to earn defrag ammo.)
  • The Stats page in the Network/Leaderboard now lists Dead Pixels count. (This shows how many times the Player has been destroyed.)
  • New Timer Module! This increases the duration of slowmo. We had considered making this Module before launch, and then after the community suggested the idea, we figured we would go ahead and make it now.
  • Changed entire row of information on the Leaderboard that pertains to the Player's info to be blue.
  • Made Spawners always spawn facing away from the center.
  • Made Spawners take 5 seconds to emit their first wave. (Originally 4 seconds.) These two changes improve consistency in gameplay, and guarantee that players can destroy Spawners before they emit more enemies.
  • Made Lasers always spawn facing sideways, away from the center. This improves consistency in gameplay, and prevents Lasers from instantly beginning their targeting state when they spawn.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Player name disappearing from bottom of the Leaderboard in certain situations.
  • Fixed audio slow motion effect persisting on Menu after the player is destroyed and returns to the Menu.
Over My Dead Pixel - Hopper22
We're thrilled to have launched the game on Steam! From now until April 19, the game will have a 20% off sale!

For more information, join us on Discord!
Over My Dead Pixel - Hopper22
Check out our new trailer for Over My Dead Pixel on our Steam Store Page, or on Youtube here:

Over My Dead Pixel Launch Trailer

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