Bunny Parking - LadyDilly

Thanks to @Klumb3r the game is translated to Spanish language.

If your operating system is in Spanish then the game will start in your language automatically, if not - then go to your steam library, right click Bunny Parking, select Properties. On the tab General there is a button "Set launch options". Press it and in the window type: -culture="es"

If you want to translate the game into your language write us at dillyframe@gmail.com
May 5
Bunny Parking - LadyDilly
We took away the achievement "Get all Stars" as some of the levels could be done on all stars only in a party but there are a lot of people who likes to play alone.
So now there is a new achievement - simple and useful - on changing the color of the bunny

We also take away the Easter event (a bit earlier this week) - if you want to become a chicken you should wait for the next Easter)
Bunny Parking - LadyDilly

Only chickens can dye chickens!

Steps to follow:
  1. find an egg
  2. kick it to break it
  3. find a chicken
  4. kick it, kick it again until satisfied with the color

Also we fixed that if you became shaman when you are chicken there was no animations.

Apr 14
Bunny Parking - LadyDilly
- fixed unintended scale of egg and wicker baskets - they were twice smaller than they should be
- fixed missing sounds when kicking eggs and wicker basket
- fixed missing sounds for chickens walking and jumping
- fixed jumping start animation for chickens
- fixed that when a player joins paused game the game was still paused now it unpaused correctly
- fixed wrong lighting texture for wicker basket that causes some unusual dark areas
Bunny Parking - LadyDilly

There are several eggs hidden all over the Bunny Town, find one, break it. But be carefull if you jump into the water magic will dissappear and you'll have to find another egg.

There are also wicker basket with eggs just for decoration with little effect on kicking them.
Bunny Parking - LadyDilly

We glad to announce that now we made community avatars for Bunny Parking and you can choose one of the 6 characters for your profile avatar.

Become the parking Bunny in Steam!

if you don't know how to do it go to your profile. press Edit Profile. Find your current avatar and lower press "choose from Official Game Avatars". Find game Bunny Parking and choose one
Apr 9
Bunny Parking - LadyDilly

- now when searching games you will see what day the server plays at the moment of the seach
- added in-game-chat (only for keyboard usage)
Bunny Parking - LadyDilly
There are new emotes in the game:
  • waving

  • kill me

  • spinning dance

They are for numbers 1, 2, 3 on the keyboard or the d-pad buttons on gamepad

Fixes and additions:
- fixed that the window with found players didn't clear out when you started a new search
- added hint about the carrot to the kappa bucket if you kick it without a carrot
- added chewing sound when you kick the carrot into the bucket
- fixed that it was impossible to summon Kappa when you kick a bucket in static state even with a carrot
- increase chickens collision so they can be taken away by the cars a bit
- fixed stopped traffic on 2nd line if the car on it was destroyed
- fixed not stopping bouncing animation of the car when the car was broken on the road
Bunny Parking - LadyDilly

  • Now you can kick carrots in the field to destroy it.
    Don't worry! After some time they will grow again so you can continue your vandalism
  • We added 7 new achievements (for carrots, Kappas and football), 2 of them are hidden
  • minor fixes
Bunny Parking - LadyDilly
- fixed the easy day # 57 was impassable 😕(we'll punish our tester)
- optimized some textures
- made carrot hint brighter

If you find something is working not as expected or the day seems impassable let us know in the steam discussions. Just made a post and describe what happened with pointing the day and the difficulty (link to screenshot or video will be super cool)

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