Copperbell - zerofuncompany
Copperbell is a hidden gem!
We're happy to announce that Copperbell is one of the four nominees for the "Hidden Gem" award in the 2019 Central & Eastern European Game Awards!

In honour of our nomination, we're offering a 25% discount from October 15th until October 28th! To sweeten the deal, we've also prepared an update with graphical polish and balance improvements!

Patch notes:
Here's a detailed list of what's new and improved in this update:
  • Graphics update: We improved our visuals across the board, with better environments, additional animations and effects, and updated sprites and UI!
  • Balance changes: We tweaked the difficulties of some of the boss fights according to player feedback.
  • Unity analytics: This helps us better understand if you are getting stuck on some levels and what parts of the game you explore. Of course, you can opt out in Copperbell's options menu!

If you want to find out more about the CEEGA awards, go to their official website.
Copperbell - zerofuncompany
We're happy to announce that Copperbell has been released and is now available on Steam!

Thank you to everyone who played the game or its demo - your feedback was greatly appreciated! Of course, the demo will remain available for free for anyone that wants to try the game before buying it.
Copperbell - zerofuncompany
We're very excited to announce the public release date of Copperbell:
It's Wednesday, 31 July!

Copperbell - zerofuncompany
Hey there!

We've been hard at work finishing up development on Copperbell. Check out the new trailer for the full game to get a sneak peek of what's to come!
Copperbell - zerofuncompany
Dragonbell is evolving!

You may have noticed that the store page has been pretty quiet since we released our first demo more than 2 months ago.
While it looked like we are dead, we've actually been working hard and making progress on the game, including some pretty big changes.

If you look around the store page, you'll notice the most obvious change - we've renamed the game. There are two main reasons for that:
1. Dragonbell is a little too close for comfort to a certain beloved franchise about getting angry and changing your hair color, and we don't want to cause any confusion or mislead people. As a fledgeling studio, we also definitely don't want to run into legal trouble as well - it's not nearly as fun as making games.
2. We decided to cut the "dragon" part of the game. This was a tough decision, but it allowed us to focus more on other parts of the game. The overall result will be less stuff, but better, more coherent and neatly packaged.

Like a duck in a pond, it looked as if we're not moving, but under the surface we've been paddling like crazy...

We hope you enjoy the new demo. Try it out and tell us what you think!
Copperbell - zerofuncompany
Hello folks! Just wanted to let you know that we've been making steady progress and have some cool updates we want to show you soon.

Coming in June:
We're gonna change the game's name.
Stay tuned for the announcement and release of new demo build!

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