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We spent this week working on a new “Invulnerability” upgrade for Fruit Crawler. We aren’t entirely sure what to make the upgrade item look like, so for now it’s just a yellow circle. A lot of time was spent trying to get the sound design and visual effects looking right.

How did we do?
Fruit Crawler - IfThen Software

The recording of our interview with Indie Game Business is now available to watch on YouTube. Thank you again to the hosts for this opportunity to talk about our games and the development process.
Fruit Crawler - IfThen Software

This week we have been working on improving the tail mechanics, so that the player doesn't get knotted up as easily. Jake designed a system where the tail segments are constantly trying to get directly behind the segment in front of them, and it seems to have helped.

What do you think of the new motion?
May 5
Fruit Crawler - IfThen Software

This week we increased the resolution of the wood log. To conserve storage space, and to make it easier to iterate on, the wood log was very pixelated. We are certain that this is an object that will make it into the final game, so it was time to make it look smoother.

We also improved the appearance of the explosion. The first version is actually a spell effect from one of our previous games. For the new explosion, we started with a stock particle effect. Our artist kept adjusting the effect until it had the appearance we were looking for. A bit of screen shake was added, and the final explosion effect was complete.

Late in the week, we discovered that the game objects and the tilemap were misaligned with each other. A game object, when converted to tile coordinates, always had an awkward fraction in its x/y value. Because of rounding errors, this could have caused visual artifacting. It also made it difficult to debug certain problems.

To fix the alignment problem, our programmer created a tool that repositioned objects. With a single click, all the misaligned objects in a level straightened out. We repeated this process for each level and objects are now lined up to the grid.
Fruit Crawler - IfThen Software

We are being interviewed on the Indie Game Business show on this Wednesday at 9:00am Pacific Time. Hope to see you there.

WATCH LIVE on 5/8/19 @ 9am PT

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