4DSnake - Shame
Update for version 1.12:

Moving speeds have are now customizable for players that feels the default speeds are too slow.

The practice maps have been simplified and been given some visual improvements to give faster feedback to the player, for both good and bad movements.

Happy Gaming!
4DSnake - Shame
Update for version 1.11 :

When playing for long sessions, increased GPU memory usage was noticed, which has now been fixed. Resource usage will now be more stable.

Some scenarios have also been slightly adjusted.

Happy Gaming!
Apr 10
4DSnake - Shame
Update for version 1.10 :

To help players easier understand how movements work, practice maps have now been added, and are accesible from the menus.

This will hopefully help a great deal for new players, and also for anyone wanting to understand the flow of the game.

Happy Gaming!
Apr 4
4DSnake - Shame
I am happy to announce that the game 4DSnake has at last been released.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did developing it.

Big thanks to everyone that have been involved in any way. I appreciate your support.

Happy gaming!


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