reaktron - El Pato

* Add offline mode for quick, local games
* Visualize the freeze time of each player when a round starts
* Display "Round X/Y" when a new round starts
* Display player names in lobby
* Always prefer humans over bots when choosing who is playing in a puzzle
* Update translations

* Fix wrong key rendering in lobby
reaktron - El Pato

* Don't shorten the countdown when players are selecting their icon/color
* Update the background level to avoid confusion
* Show available key actions in all menu screens
* When returning back to an orthogonal orientation after the BISHOP was active, the inverse of the initial orientation change caused by the BISHOP is applied
* Some code improvements under the hood
* Change key icons to depict relation between key and action

* Fix steam friends list displaying "playing level 49/48"
* Fix phone clients not being kicked properly when trying to connect to a running match
reaktron - doofy

* Update background level images
* Limit the points for the longest line in game
* Extend the duration of the controls tutorial info box
* Add Alt+Enter key binding to toggle full-screen mode
* Increase processing rate for keyboard inputs
* Add Icon to indicate bad connection quality

* Fix Steam controller support
* Fix a crash when there are no human players
* Fix a crash which could occur when using phone controllers
* Fix phone player not being able to reconnect after being replaced by bot
reaktron - doofy

Today marks the next big step in the development of reaktron. We are confident that the game has reached a pretty stable state with lots of game mechanics to allow for an interesting learning curve. Of course we expect bigger player numbers to give us data and feedback to balance things in more detail.

Starting today you can play online within our matchmaking system using keyboard, mouse, gamepad and smartphone. As every player shares the same screen content there can be multiple players on one PC.

You can expect a release every other week with release notes posted as Steam announcements right here. We plan to keep a steady output of fixes and new content. If you want to talk with us or get more behind the scenes info about the game and the development process please join us on Discord (see

We have a lot of great ideas for the Early Access phase and have already started implementing them, so stay tuned.

Thank You ːsteamhappyː

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