CreatorCrate - CreatorCrate_Games
  • Total rework of destructible block textures to make them cleaner, more readable, and generally more awesome. Variety of destructible blocks has also been increased.
  • Robotics theme rearranged and given midway checkpoint.
  • Improved the flow of the zero gravity section.
CreatorCrate - CreatorCrate_Games
Update 0.7.1
  • Improved auto zooming for the camera.
  • Fixed issue with control remapping screen not closing properly
  • Fixed bugs related to some aspect ratios.
  • You can now wallrun on explosive canisters in freefall
  • Pinger should spawn in walls less now.
  • Rearranged starting area.
  • Fixed issue where starting area sometimes had access to outside station.
  • Better instructions for using knives.
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes.
CreatorCrate - CreatorCrate_Games
CreatorCrate just launched a free demo on Steam!

Now you can get a hands on look at this fast paced physics platformer about a cute/bloodthirsty appliance and its quest for freedom/blood.

If you like the demo, please wishlist. The full game is scheduled to release Fall 2020.
CreatorCrate - CreatorCrate_Games
Update 0.5.0
  • Finished changes needed to release a playable demo January 22nd
  • Massive improvements to the wire/electricity system
  • The broom is now the ultimate weapon.
  • Made acid much more reliable
  • Replaced deep destructible block and rubber textures with more finished textures.
  • Fixed bug where clackers were being worn as hats, which was against regulations.
  • Bigger debris
  • Fine tuned some particle effects to make them juicier
  • Fixed bug where danger sparks appeared over an electric source where no danger existed.
  • Fixed bug in the tutorial that could allow a door to prevent you from finishing the tutorial
  • Fixed bug that prevented decelerator from saving in the right state
  • Fixed bug where you could grab a scientist through the floor.
CreatorCrate - CreatorCrate_Games
Update 0.3.0
  • Put in a new map transition that better shows the curvature of the station.
  • Added more maps to early areas.
  • Fixed issue where you can't stand on an item on a weight switch.
  • Fixed an issue where the player oscillates between falling and standing when on a stack of items.
  • Fixed issue with enemies spawning where you can see them
  • Improved npc aiming at long distances.
  • Fixed issue with not gates not initializing properly
  • Fixed bug that stuck smoke detectors in the on position and prevented the fire symbol from showing.
  • Added more glowy effects.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes the ammo in blueprint meters didn't clear on loading a game.
  • Made exploding canisters standable.
Dec 20, 2019
CreatorCrate - CreatorCrate_Games
Update 0.2.0
  • Added a Resolution and Quality menu
  • Minor changes to tutorial.
  • Fixed issue with pinger animations.
  • Missile turret colliders tweaked.
  • Enemy dialog made more clear.
  • fixed issue with player clipping into ship airlock key reader.
  • Fixed issue with audio sources playing briefly when volume is set to 0
  • Solved issue with menu direction input not getting rebound.
  • Fixed issue with potential healing indicator getting stuck.
Dec 10, 2019
CreatorCrate - CreatorCrate_Games
Update 0.1.3
  • Eliminated the trash dump from the starting area because the trash dump was doing the same thing as Builder Boxes in providing a way to get lost special items, and the trash dump was confusing new players too much.
  • Dialog borders have random colors.
  • Dialog boxes show zoomed in views of the faces of speaking NPCs.
  • Big parts of the tutorial have been overhauled.
  • Added a small intro sequence (in addition to the intro video)
  • Fixed a bug where acid melting through large sections of blocks caused serious lag. This sometimes caused stutters in the section to the right of the starting area even when no acid was visible.
  • Eliminated some maps that were causing issues.
Nov 29, 2019
CreatorCrate - CreatorCrate_Games
  • Fixed an issue with camera motion not being smooth enough.
  • Other tweaks to camera movement
  • Added better acid particles and effects.
  • Fixed an issue where acid clips through the floor in some situations.
  • Fixed a bug where the player can enter a trap box from above.
  • Added more maps.
  • Fixed issue with sometimes having picked up objects rotate freely in the player's hand.
  • Throw and swing max velocities have been lowered (this shouldn't interfere with terrorizing humans with heavy vending machines).
Nov 18, 2019
CreatorCrate - CreatorCrate_Games
  • Fixed minor issues with camera jitter
  • Made small changes to how camera handles
  • Prevented the player arm from shaking in some situations
  • Made the exit of the first boss fight less prone to the player getting stuck.
  • Fixed some issues related to volume in decompressed areas
  • Fixed a bug where detection of holding jump depends on frame rate.
Nov 13, 2019
CreatorCrate - CreatorCrate_Games
Many bug fixes, including smoother camera controller, and many issues related to the map and decelerator transitions.

Fixed a major bug that prevented freefall turning on higher end computers.

Moved to version 0.1.0. From now on, the middle value of the version number will be increased with regular updates, and the final digit will denote small bug fixes.

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