Rift Racoon - Marcos
Hello! Marcos here, from the Rift Racoon development team.

I'm here to let you know that Rift Racoon is now on sale for 50% discount for Steam Lunar Sale! Enjoy!

Nesse jogo você controla um guaxinim que se teletransporta! Complete 50 níveis desafiadores que vão exigir muita precisão nos dedos e esperteza para evitar as perigosas armadilhas no seu caminho.

In this game you play as a teleporting racoon! Finish 50 challenging levels that will require a lot of precision in your fingers to avoid the dangerous traps crossing your path.

Steam's Lunar Sale ends in January 27th.
Rift Racoon - Marcos

Marcos here, bringing you another Rift Racoon update!

This one will improve the game's overall gameplay.

The first thing changed were the SPIKES. Yeah, those annoying spikes. They are less annoying now. They are a joy!

The *hitbox*, or, in non-gamedev terms, the thingy that, if touched, makes something happen in the game (in the spike's case, the player death), was greatly reduced!

It used to be like this:

It's like this now!

Check out how you can get REALLY in the spike's face before dying!

Notice that even the old hitbox didn't fill the whole spike's image, but it still felt quite unfair. Rift Racoon aims to be a difficult, but fair game. I don't want to challenge you to learn hitboxes and stuff. I want to challenge, mostly, your precision controlling your racoon.

To be honest, I knew all along that the spike's hitbox wasn't great. The only reason I stretched it so much in the past was because of this:

This happens with the new hitbox. It's narrower, so you can jump safely on the side of spikes in borders. This allows for some really unwanted skips on levels. Specially on 3-2 (you could skip pretty much all of the last section on this level).

But, don't worry! I won't let you skip through all my hard work! I programmed a solution!

The spikes on edges of platforms WILL REMAIN with a wide hitbox, so you won't be able to skip levels, like shown on the gif before this one!

Win-win, right? You get a better hitbox on spikes, and I still get to see people playing through my whole levels, without skipping them! :D

The second change is COYOTE TIME!

I don't know who invented the term 'Coyote Time', but it references to how cartoon characters (like Coyote) can float a bit in mid-air before falling down a cliff.

You can add this to platformer games, and allow the player to jump a few miliseconds before falling! I added this to Rift Racoon!

It might look like a bug, or like something that shouldn't happen, but believe me: It will make the gameplay better. I bet you fall a lot into spikes or holes because you were trying to jump on the edge of a platform. With this new addition, you will still make the jump, instead of falling to your death!

I feel like I say 'death' and 'dying' a lot in these updates. I'm not sadistic. I swear.

I have to add, playing the game on slow motion while recording the previous gif was pretty fun. For some reason I thought it would be funny to see Tucker (the racoon) running away from a missile in slow motion. Turns out it is quite the sight!

Look at him, running for his life, hahaha!

Yeah, way to go, JUST AFTER saying you're not sadistic you post a gif like that.

I still promise I'm not sadistic!

Now for the third change! This one doesn't have a cool name like 'Coyote Time', so I'll call it 'Asking for a jump while in mid-air'.

In the gif above I tried to show you the moment in which I press the jump button. Notice I pressed it before landing!

In this new addition, you can press the jump button right before landing, and you will still jump! This is pretty cool, and you won't be like: "%%@# this game! I did press the jump button! Why didn't he jump???"

I bet it happened sometimes, didn't it?

The thing is that, before this update, you could only input a jump while on the ground. This is a problem in intense sections in which you have to jump multiple times in sequence. You won't notice a jump didn't happen because you "didn't press it on the ground", but did press it a few moments before landing.

And this concludes today's update!

If you find any bugs, or have any suggestions that might improve the game, lemme know in the community center!

Thanks! Have a great week!
- Marcos, full-time Rift Racoon updater (not really)
Rift Racoon - Marcos

Thank you so much for playing Rift Racoon! Hope you're enjoying!

Today's update is very small and simple, but will definitely make the experience better. First, I've changed a bit level 2-2.

Now, you won't fall a short distance onto the last platform. This was a bit frustrating, because if you were standing on the left corner of the upper platform once making the downwards teleport, you would fall onto the spikes, because of the short distance you had to fall until landing on the last platform. Now, once teleporting down you will land immediately on the platform.

The last change on this level was on the part where this level's diamond is hidden. I won't spoil it for those who haven't yet found the diamond, but it's a bit easier to get it now.

There's kind of a big change related to gameplay. Now, holding down while climbing a wall won't let you keep climbing it. You'll fall! This makes it easier on sliding bits, like this one in 2-5.

When you teleport down, you'll already be falling. It won't happen anymore a situation in which you teleport through the spike, keep climbing up (while holding down) and die on the spike.

Hopefully this makes the game even better for you!

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please adress to me via the community center.

Rift Racoon - Marcos
Wow, the updates just don't stop! And we're not just fixing bugs, I promise lol, because this time it ain't a bug fix!

Major menu update:
- Now you can see which stages have collected diamonds, and which don't!
- The selected level has a bright highlight in it, so you can REALLY know what level the cursor is pointing to

Diamond hunting is much easier now, right? I hope you have fun collecting them all!
Rift Racoon - Marcos
Only bug fixes and minor changes today

Bugs fixed:
- Well, turns out the bug I thought I fixed on the previous patch wasn't really fixed (at all). The saw sounds! The saw sounds kept playing on to future levels if you skipped the level ending cutscene (in which the drone chases you). The only thing that the last patch helped solve here was that you could stop the saw sounds by going back to the menu. Now this bug is gone forever. The saw sounds only play when you're near then.
- I found a major bug on the game's saving system, but it's gone now. Sometimes, when you finished a level, the game didn't manage to save in time for the next level. Result: some progress would get lost from time to time. You would close the game on level 2-10 and find out, once you opened it again, that it just save until 2-8. What a bummer! But don't worry, it won't happen anymore (I hope! If it does, please let me know).

Minor level changes:
- I tweaked a little level 2-19. Increased the size of the first running machine and increased the distance between the two spikes in this level's last challenge (the climbing running machine with spikes, moving platforms and saws). This level is a bit less difficult now.

Thanks! If you find anything that needs fixing, lemme know!

- Marcos, Rift Racoon developer and part-time bug catcher
Rift Racoon - Marcos
Fun Patch Notes (Fun because I'm not gonna be all technical here. I'm gonna write it in understandable english):

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a bug where the saw sounds would keep playing even if you left the level through the Pause menu
- Fixed a bug in Casual Mode where, if you were hit by something while also stuck into a wall, you would be stuck in the wall forever (well, not really forever, just until you Restart the game through the pause menu, which was a pretty ugly thing to ask of the players)
- Now pressing F12 won't open a bizarre screen anymore! You can take as many screenshots as you want now (please do, I want to see you play)

Level changes:
- Changed the placement of the second checkpoint on level 2-9. Now it's right behind the sliding challenge with spikes, so it will be easier to complete
- Added some spikes to the walls in level 2-9. Did you know you could climb the mountain and walk right past through the mid part of the level, like if you were going into a Super Mario warp zone? Well, now you can't anymore, because that was not intended by the developer

Major changes:
- Now you won't respawn on top of moving platforms or running machines after falling in a pit in Casual Mode. That wasn't very helpful, because spawning on top of moving platforms usually led you to falling again, and so did spawning on top of running machines, for they would keep moving the character sideways until he fell into a pit again. So, to be clear, this makes Casual mode easier

Thanks! If you find anything else that needs fixing, please report me through the game's Community Center ;)

- Marcos

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