PT Boats: Knights of the Sea

Konami has flexed its legal muscles and quashed an ambitious attempt by an enthusiastic 17-year-old fan to remake Hideo Kojima's PlayStation 4 micro horror masterpiece PT for PC - but, in a surprisingly positive twist, has seemingly offered an internship in the process.

PT (AKA Playable Teaser) surprise-launched during Sony's Gamescom conference in 2014, and was, initially at least, shrouded in mystery. Supposedly a demo for a larger game of the same name, PT quickly garnered praise for its stiflingly atmospheric, genuinely unnerving take on first-person horror, all the more impressive for the fact that it unfolded in a single, tiny location - an ever-looping corridor in a largely unremarkable family home.

Although Hideo Kojima's name wasn't attached to the oddity on release (it bore the name of fictitious developer 7780s Studio), PT contained sufficient clues that fans quickly put the pieces together. And it took only slightly longer for dedicated sleuths to solve its final mystery, discovering that PT was, in fact, a teaser for a brand-new entry in Konami's long-neglected Silent Hill series - one from Hideo Kojima, The Shape of Water director Guillermo del Toro, and reportedly, manga horror master Junji Ito.

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PT Boats: Knights of the Sea - Valve
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PT Boats: Knights of the Sea - Valve
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