The Scuttle - grandmaMax
The Scuttle is on sale right now for a week, pick up a copy for 50% off!

Purchasing a copy and leaving a review really helps me out, if you're interested in seeing what I'm developing next, head over to my YouTube channel:

If you want to join the community surrounding the development of my games, check out our discord:

Mar 29
The Scuttle - grandmaMax
Hey everyone! Thanks for picking up a copy of The Scuttle, if you haven't already, it's still 15% off until April 2nd.

It's been very busy since release, but I've managed to push out an update today with two major fixes:
- Fixed a bug where some players would not recieve the option to pass the Prologue.
- Fixed a bug where the 'menu' button in the escape menu in the prologue would not work.

The Scuttle - grandmaMax
The Scuttle's release date is set for Tuesday 26th March 2019!

We've addressed a lot of the issues we were experiencing in our closed beta, and added lots of new features! Enemy AI ships, Endless Mode, and the prologue.

We'll be releasing for $3.99 with a 15% launch discount! Thanks everyone.
The Scuttle - grandmaMax
After playing The Scuttle many times myself, and after taking in responses from the beta, I've decided to extend the development of The Scuttle.
I'm not entirely proud of my work here and I want to do more to bring it to a level that better suits my expectations of what I originally wanted to develop.
I originally aimed to release The Scuttle at the end of March, but now is most likely going to be released early / mid April.

Thank you for your patience.
The Scuttle - grandmaMax
Ahoy! We're now on steam. We'll be releasing in the next few weeks, please check out the discord if you're interested:


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