Jul 20
gun man - kevin
we add 1 level to the game with new blocks
we fix some bugs
Jun 27
gun man - kevin
we add 1 new level to the game
and we fix a lot of bugs

next week will be a bigger update
Jun 13
gun man - kevin
we have new traps in the game
we add video menu for dutch and german
we add mouse support on all the menus
we add 1 new level

we fix the teleportation bug on the first level
we fix the slime dead body

online testing is 2 weeks delayed
we have planned for updating the graphics more info coming soon
Jun 6
gun man - kevin
we add this week

new create systeem version 3.0
you can now pick up the staff from edgy and use it
we add 1 level this update
we add the gun at level 4

bugs fixes

level 2 background fix
we fix the achievements

more ways to play next week

May 30
gun man - kevin
welcome in this week update

this week we add

new create system
we add a new slime monster
we add german translation
we add 1 new level to this update

bugs we fix

dutch translation menu bug fixes

coming in a few weeks

we are hard busy with a online verus mode for the game
May 23
gun man - kevin
we add this update

22 achievements
dutch translation of the game
steam cards waiting for steam to approve
remake level 1
more languages to come

see you at the next update
May 16
gun man - kevin
we add this week
blood to the game

dust if the shoot a bullet
we did a update on the ai for edgy and skeletons
we fix the sound and we add 2 new tracks to it
we add a Sound effect for the fire balls
level 16 most of the skeletons are 1 hp so you can made it to the next level
and we add steam cloud support

and we fix alot of bugs this update
May 9
gun man - kevin
we add in this update

hiscores on the main menu
we fix the sounds
we gave edgy a staff so he can cast a lot of new spells and fireballs
we add also 1 level this update
we fix some bugs

this didn't make it this update

new ai for the enemies

stay tuned for next week update

if you found a bug please mail to us info@kessels_game-studio.nl

May 2
gun man - kevin
we give the menu a makeover
we add gamepad support
we add 1 level this update
we removed the arrows at level 5
we give the end boss more heal

stay tuned for more next week

thanks for the follow streams and youtubers wo gave my great feedback

Ready Set Indie Games

Apr 26
gun man - kevin
we add more than 10 levels in this update
fix all the bugs
we add 2 boses
we add Edgy
we add every week new levels

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