Rogue Star Rescue - chuteapps
-new dolphin gun!
-new champagne bottle gun
-new steampunk visual additions to floor and walls
-new steampunk bookshelves
-many new room designs
Rogue Star Rescue - chuteapps
New Completionist Hub in the home ship, discover the extents of the story
New goodie mushrooms in earth level
New swarming bees in earth level
Full stylistic upgrade for ice level: rocks, trees, cover ice, and decorations
Air strikes now available in ice level
New goodie snowmen in ice level
New room designs and technical improvements
Rogue Star Rescue - chuteapps
  • New earth level cover boulders
  • New earth level trees and bushes with shootable leaves
  • New earth level gophers
  • New earth level triple shot enemy
  • Dozens of new rooms
  • Several technical and performance enhancements.
Rogue Star Rescue - chuteapps
New explodable reactors
New breakable fish tanks
Faster loading speeds and smaller file sizes
New earth boss
New air strikes
Many enhancements for the first level
new talking holograms
refined story and opening sequence
dozens of new rooms
new health boxes
improved mouse and keyboard controls
Rogue Star Rescue - chuteapps
2 New playable characters with different weapons and attributes!
New Rescue Missions! Save your teammates then fight along side them
New unlockable item system. Earn experience points and spend them to expand your arsenal!
Expanded opening sequence
New weapon favoriting system
Fire and Ice grenades!
New character voices and improved dialogue
Electric bullet improvements

Thanks again everyone for the great feedback, it has been extremely useful in shaping RSR.

Rogue Star Rescue - chuteapps
Our largest update to date! Version 0.5 includes:

Large visual improvements, better jetpacking, safes, teleporting, and level details
New breakable vending machines and other breakable props
New RG6 grenade launcher
New double minigun and double flamethrower pods
New sound effects for guns, footsteps, jetpacking, safes, teleporting and synergies
New floor gratings in first level
New boss music for the Steampunk level
Many other technical fixes and gameplay adjustments

Thanks to all for your great feedback, you're really helping us craft a great game.
Rogue Star Rescue - chuteapps
New Steam Leaderboards! See how you rank against the world
New bosses for Ice and Steampunk worlds
New guns including the Gyrojet, Kill-O-zap, and Electro-Shock, Suppressed Glock
New passive items and synergies, including electric bullets
New music for Ice and Steampunk worlds
Dozens of new rooms with integrated hazards
Many visual improvements, specifically for the Ice level and the Level Selection ship
Many technical fixes and gameplay improvements
Rogue Star Rescue - chuteapps
A minor fix for some hardware experiencing graphics flickering
Rogue Star Rescue - chuteapps
Our bi-weekly major update is now ready! New in this version:

-New SteamPunk World!
-Many new difficult enemies
-New guns including minigun, sonic shotgun, quad rocket launcher
-New music for the ice world and in between levels ship
-Multi-Language support (French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish) though still a work in progress
-Dual wield synergies
-New Dialogues and improved tutorial
-Cheaper traps and upgrades
-Dozens of new rooms
-Mini-map zoom on controller
-Many other bug and technical fixes

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback and helping us make these updates possible!

RSR Team

Rogue Star Rescue - chuteapps
We're excited to announce that Alpha Version 0.2 has now been released on schedule! This is the first of our scheduled major updates that happen every two weeks. Here are the changes since V0.1:

  • New powerful Synergy abilities for items and guns
  • A new icy planet to discover
  • New defense room music
  • New enemy/player dialogue system
  • Expanded storylines
  • Expanded tutorial
  • Dozens of new rooms
  • 15+ new guns and items
  • New room hazards
  • Many tech fixes and improvements

We hope you enjoy the new updates. We're thankful for your help and support so far. If you haven't already feel free to reach out to us! We'd love to hear your feedback and to help us shape the future of the game.

Discord server, Twitter


-RSR Team

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