New World Horizon - admin

It has been over a year since the first release of New World Horizon and after some delay, we are proud to finally release a version of the game with the look and feel that it deserves.

We welcome you to come experience our open world game. As a passive player or one seeking an infinitely challenging experience, we think you will find a touch of both.
New World Horizon - admin
January Relaunch :

Our Holiday Steam Launch had some issues but I think, *fingers crossed* everything working now.

Our latest update has a more refined combat system and skill cue, Improved dialog system, lots of new things to encounter and some major bug fixes.

Characters now also start with double gold (40gp) to help get players started as game difficulty was a common complaint with our original launch.

Anyways, hope you all enjoy.

Be safe and good hunting!!
Dec 22, 2019
New World Horizon - admin

We have been hard at it these last few months, so much so, that as usual we fail to give timely update information. But as it is the holiday season, we mark this winters update as we did with our original beta release with a great event.

The Holiday Treasure Hunt : Buried somewhere within the walls of Emerald Peaks lies a fortune! Get your pick axe and start digging. (this event is for new characters only)

And for those experienced players, we have added a new horse vendor. Players completing the Governors quest chain will gain access to a variety of new mounts for speedy travel. Your quest is not an easy one though, as it will put you at odds vs many of the lands toughest foes.

Our recent resource update added many new commodities - Stone, Brick, Vines, Rope, Herbs, Ore, Ingots, Cotton, Cloth and Mushrooms as well as the addition of a player build Forge and Dock System.

Unload your Cannons and fire up the forge. Lets put all that iron to use regrading up the guns. I hope you guys have been saving it up, its about to be rare so stop selling it to the NPCs.

As your weapons improve, so decreases the chance of success, but the addition of a new Rare Red Ore will improve your chances even more, scarce and difficult to harvest.

With your newly upgraded arsenal, life at sea is a bit easier. Sink pirate ships and retrieve their loot, check out the new undersea life and perhaps discover other sunken ruins.

Our final and probably biggest addition to this update though came from you guys...

The New Combat System - Though the old system still is in place, a new option has been added giving directional attack using a simple mouse click with different movement keys pressed.

Right Click will no longer put away weapon as it is automatic when Idle or left clicking gun away. The current system is not set in stone and might still need some fine tuning, but it does seam to play much smoother so I hope you enjoy it and look forward to your input on how to continue to improve it.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful letters and suggestions. I hope you enjoy the update!

Happy Holidays!

Oct 30, 2019
New World Horizon - admin

The game has really exploded with the addition of new sound effects, animations, effects and improvements throughout our massive world. New Abilities in swimming, skinning game, 2 handed melee, farming, sailing with dynamic wind, rolling and leaping attacks.

Extensive optimizations have improved us almost 30% this month and the gameplay really feels amazing now. The controls have really firmed up and with the new combat stance and library of new attacks, controls are now out of this world.

Numerous bug fixes and community suggestions (check our community hub for the daily stuff)

New World Horizon - admin

As I havent made an official announcement in awhile of the updates over the last month, I thought I would put out an overview of whats been happening from our most recent updates

Extensive map work- this seams to be a never ending endeavor as I continue to grow with new islands, caverns and ruins to explore and a continued cleanup on the existing ones.

New effects- added to every facet of game play, bringing some much needed to polish and life to the game.

River system- opening a new way for deep exploration by canoe

Fishing- a newly added AI and a much more visual and real experience landing the big one or just feeding yourself

Faster ocean travel and a more precise naval ai to combat with. A much tougher foe that drop loot crates now.

and many suggestions and fixes from our wonderful community, so a big thank you to them, hope you will join us.

If you havent checked us out in awhile, I invite you to stop by and see how far we have come.


Jul 20, 2019
New World Horizon - admin

This patch really turns up the dial, with new sights and sounds throughout.

-Faster paced combat with new ambidextrous item use for easier recovery
-higher level weapon and item drops
- increased spawn of fish and game to hunt
- Increase in foes hunting you
- Improved mining and farming
- lots of dialog, fixes and improvements

A huge boost to player performance while bringing quite a bit of extra heat.

I hope you all enjoy!
Jun 28, 2019
New World Horizon - admin
We have made some serious improvements over the last month, improving the overall look of the game, expanded the tutorial, save game system, gathering, merchant ui, game controller system, pet ai and many new dungeon adventures, tricks and traps, player suggestions and bug fixes.

But still the game difficulty is a bit much so in this update we have added some serious quality of life improvements.

First, a major change to the combat system, increasing the swing speed and increasing the strike window timing. Though still in need of further playtesting, it seems to have really smoothed out combat a bit and hopefully something I can continue to improve. Also we have increased the drop rate to lower and mid grade mobs to help newer players get started and added in mid grade weapon drops to assist in getting equipped. World boss drops now also include tools up to level 5 in grade. And finally, home construction materials have been reduced to help get players into building up there homestead.

Hope you guys are enjoying the direction of our project and look forward to any ideas for further improvements.

Be Safe and Good Hunting!

New World Horizon - admin

We have finished the 4th dungeon in our island ruins series and its by far the biggest yet. Explore the ancient corridors and trapped chambers, hunt new enemies and gain riches with a new questline to gains bounties through each of the new adventures.

Your new quest begins in the trade city of porto following the royal shears quest to open up the brewery and auctionhouse. Once available, the guard captain will begin your quest to gather the heads of the various dungeon bosses, rewarding the player with gold.

With the larger sized dungeon available now we have doubled the duration of a burning lantern to help with exploration.

Also as many of the new bosses can be very tough, we have reduced the cooldown of eating by 50% to speed up healing.

Hope you guys enjoy all the new adventures and the riches that await you.

Good Hunting All
May 18, 2019
New World Horizon - admin

Thanks to our wonderul community, I learned how out of date all my store and promo stuff had become. All of the updates over the last few months have been posted in our discussion forums and not on here, so without further delay a quick look at what has been added

- new look - animated grass, trees, scenic backdrop, shadowing, improved
lighting, shader coloring, and lighting underground)

- new controls - improved game controller support, variety of different EU keyboard configs, display options, a skill cue system, dodge roll and new battle trainer to test it all on

- new adventure - massive ocean, new dungeons, traps, larger and smarter AI rigs, combat sounds, skills progressions and weapon progression, improved inventory and game save systems, water buoyancy, canoes, telescope, fishing help system, and our latest addition pet taming

check out all of our other fixes and suggestions on our discussion forums.

until next time..
good hunting!
New World Horizon - admin
Really starting to look great!

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