Save Koch - BIgGameIncubator
Hi, everyone! In this update we’ve concentrated on making corrections to logical patterns at story arcs and fixed several technical bugs.

Major fixes:
- Fixed many bugs related to dialogs and events logic;;
- Fixed an issue where some players weren't able to see the TV;
- Fixed an issue where the game crashed, if the player managed to kill the associate more than once at the same time;
- Fixed incorrect obtainment of few achievements.

Minor fixes:
- Fixed the event timer sound - now it won't overlap itself if the time is running out for the several events at the same time;
- Fixed a bunch of bugs in the Russian localization.

We are working on improving the game. If you encounter a bug, please describe it in as much detail as possible here:
This will help us find the bugs and fix them much faster.

See you in the streets of New Kandinski!

Wooden Monkeys team
Save Koch - sunshine00
Hi, everyone! In the new update we have improved Save Koch’s performance and localization, added a few features you have requested for and fixed some minor bugs.

New features:
- A guide to basic game mechanics. This is what you was asking for :P From now, getting started to play Save Koch is becoming much easier. However, a full immersion to the dangerous and unpredictable streets of New Kandinski will require an independent exploration;
- Visual and audio effects for alteration of day and night. They are starting after 20:00 and last until night succeed day.

Major fixes:
- We have done a serious job on on improvement Save Koch’s performance;

Minor fixes:
- Fixed many bugs related to dialogs and events logic;
- Fixed some issues with Russian localization;

We are looking forward to your feedback. Please do not hesitate to post your bug reports in this thread:

See you in the streets of New Kandinski!

Wooden Monkeys team
Save Koch - sunshine00
Hi, everyone!

First and foremost, we would like to say thank you for your support and your help with making Save Koch better. We are very happy to find, that you showing so much concern about Jeffrey Koch story and so many players are attempting to pull Jeffrey out of the fire.
We are working hard to improve your experience from Save Koch and lending an ear on your feedback and suggestions.

In the next place, we would like to recall that you can share your bug report in this thread:

This will help us to investigate the issue and roll a fix for it.

So, here is a change log for our first update:

- Fixed many bugs related to the pause menu and blocking of the control components
- Fixed windowed mode after running Save Koch
- Deleted language settings from the in-game menu. Now I can set your language preferences through Steam. In-game language settings were conflicting with the ones selected in Steam
- Fixed many narrative bugs during events and dialogues
- Added skipping an intros in gallery
- Improved a mechanic of unlocking the Shrlck board. In case you have unlocked it and used at least one time, it will stay unlocked forever. And an arc for its repair will be blocked. A Groundhog Day must be smooth for our lovely players 😉
- Fixed bugs with speed dialing and unresponsive interface
- Fixed various localization bugs
- Audio settings now reflecting notifications from map
- Fixed bug with starting events without selecting agents
- Improved status reports for agents
- Fixed displaying of the rat squad in reports after clicking the “Continue” button
- Fixed auto-unlocking of a board after pressing to the “Continue” before the Fungus call
- Achievement “Die Metzgerei” is now unlocks correctly. If you have met its conditions before the update, you will want to start a new game. After, the achievment will be added automatically.

See you in the streets of New Kandinski!

Wooden Monkeys team
Apr 22
Save Koch - sunshine00
Dear friends! A few days have passed since the release of Save Koch, and we sincerely hope that you received a lot of pleasant impressions from the gameplay. We read every message from you, and we will do our best to make the game better for you. And now one of our main goals is to fix bugs that you might encounter in the game.

So, if some bug prevented you, or, worse, got on the way to saving Koch's life, let us know about it in detail so that we can quickly find and fix it. As in your fight against “conspirators”, in our fight against game bugs, any detail is important: facts, screenshots, and, especially, video.

We will wait for all your reports here:

We apologize for the problems you may have encountered, and are grateful for your messages. Thank you all for helping us make our game better.

Be attentive to players who don't want to see the gameplay in advance: try to use Spoiler tag to describe the plot moments (chains, dialogs, etc.), that you are going to show in your bug reports.
Apr 20
Save Koch - sunshine00

Hi, friends! In celebration of the launch, we are giving you 15% off for Save Koch until the next Friday.

A mafia kingpin Jeffrey Koch definetely wouldn’t miss this offer. And you?

Thank you so much for your support ːsteamhappyː
Save Koch - sunshine00

Don't make any plans for April 18. Save Koch is coming. On this day, our game will become available on Steam for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

We pray to all known gods and hope you will like it! ːsteamhappyː
Save Koch - G.R.E.A.T.
Hey everyone! We'd like to invite all our subscribers to participate in an event and get a chance to win Save Koch Steam keys along with a great comic book Valérian! You might wonder what Save Koch and Valérian comics have in common. It's Sci-Fi setting, unexpected twists, and social ills that are universal, wherever you land. Taking part is easy!

🔥 Add Save Koch to your Wishlist on Steam;
🔥 Make a Steam page screenshot;
🔥 Publish it in the comments section of the official FB Save Koch page!

The winner's comment will be picked on February 28 by service. The luckiest one will get the comic book and a Steam key! The other two winners will get Save Koch Steam keys. Please, note: you will be able to activate the keys only after we release the game.

A few words about Valérian comic
Breathtaking adventures of Valérian, a spatio-temporal agent, and his redheaded partner, Laureline. The series is notable for the sparkling sense of humor and good old Space opera spirit. Valérian is a great guy, but he isn't perfect as a hero. He arrives late at meetings with his commanders, and it's not a sure thing that he's saving the world today — he'd rather wait for a direct order. If you're sick of straight-faced superheroes, this story is just the thing for you!
Save Koch - G.R.E.A.T.
Have you ever dream to become a Mafia Godfather? Such status gives you certain privileges, but sometimes yiu could get in trouble.

In Save Koch you play a Mafia Godfather, Jeffrey Koch, and your Empire is in total chaos because of some unidentified sleeper "mole." It’s time to act, but you need to be smart. Make use of your trusty goons, crooks and associates, each with unique skills and abilities, but trust no one. Uncover a conspiracy, find out who the challenger is, and get that mole!

Make strategic decisions, join unexpected alliances, hire detectives, bribe or even torture witnesses, if you have to; do everything to find the criminal mastermind challenging you. And also flush out that mole. And make sure you don’t become a victim. Each decision has its consequences: for the residents of the city of New Kandinski, for your thugs, the Family, and, even, for you. Life is at stake.

Oh, and yes—you are, quite literally, a pig. You have a snout and some stubble.

Coming to Steam on March 2019.


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