Legal Dungeon - IndieSomi

To my Chinese-speaking fans,

I am Somi, the developer of Legal Dungeon.

I am happy to announce that the Chinese retranslation of the game is now complete.
I would like to offer my sincere apology to the Chinese-speaking fans for the delay in improving the Chinese localization in the game.

The patch should be out by the time this announcement is up. I humbly ask you to please give the game another try with the improved Chinese localization.

This long and difficult process wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my friend Craft at Indienova. Craft and Indienova had no direct relation to the game and yet graciously offered to help with improving Legal Dungeon’s Chinese localization. I can’t thank Craft enough for his time and effort.

To celebrate this major update, Legal Dungeon be on sale to show a small token of my appreciation.
In addition, all of the game I’ve developed on Steam will be on sale as well.

I can’t thank the Chinese-speaking fans enough for their patience and feedback. Ultimately, the responsibility falls on me for releasing a game without thoroughly reviewing localizations. I will learn from this experience and make better games as a developer. Your continued support is appreciated.

I do want to iterate that while the new improved Chinese localization went through many quality checks, it is not perfect and many interpretation can and will exist from the player’s point of view in a game such as Legal Dungeon which relies heavily on metaphors and technical terminology. If you have suggestions to further improve the new Chinese localization, please send me your feedback to wingedst [at] gmail [dot] com. Your feedbacks will be carefully reviewed for future updates.

I hope the improved Chinese localization will resonate better and leave a stronger impression.

Thank you,

Legal Dungeon - IndieSomi

Hello, my friends.

I'd like to share the article about my game titled 'Gamasutra Deep Dives' which is explaining all of my thoughts behind Legal Dungeon's design and creation.

The Gamasutra Deep Dives are an ongoing series with the goal of shedding light on specific design, art, or technical features within a video game, in order to show how seemingly simple, fundamental design decisions aren't really that simple at all.

Here's the link of it below.

[Deep Dive: Burdening players with the power of the system in Legal Dungeon]
Legal Dungeon - IndieSomi
Version 1.17 is uploaded!
A few minor bugs are fixed and repetitive drag-n-drop process has lessened.

- Once you've finished each episode, you don't need to find the same clue in the same episode any more if it is not necessary for the plot.

- Fixed freezing bug when script history is chosen at the beginning of the battle.
Legal Dungeon - IndieSomi

Hello everyone.

Today I've added Steam Trading Cards, including Badges, Emoticons to the game. Weigh the value of people’s lives to unlock all the collectables.


Legal Dungeon - IndieSomi
I'm sorry for having kept you waiting.

Legal Dungeon will be available on May 6th 2019 at 08:00 PDT!

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