Jun 13
Evospace - ishellstrike
Logic Elements

There are controlled valves and switches, logic gates, wires for logic signals, detectors of block working state, as well as indicator lights. They can be found in steel and aluminum tiers.

Simple and complex recipes

Earlier in the game appeared difficult for the machine recipes. For example, a copper hammer is difficult to handle steel ingots. A complex recipe is much slower, a very compex one leads to a breakdown of the machine.

Now simple recipes have been added to this mechanics. They run faster. This mechanic has replaced the old machine speed bonus.

Pumpkin Farms

Appeared pumpkin farms, as a source of organic. And in the future for pumpkin pies!

  • Fixed a bug with shift click at the dryer
  • Added entry for items and exit for liquids at the mixer
  • Correction of minor errors
  • Fixed bug with bamboo farm's bounding box.
  • Fps settings save bug
May 16
Evospace - ishellstrike

Recipe Levels

Recipes now have their own levels. The level affects the execution of the recipe by the machine. If the level of the recipe is higher than the level of the machine, the speed of execution is significantly reduced. If the recipe level is higher than the machine level by 2, then the machine will gradually break down when executed. A broken machine can be fixed at the moment by simple reinstallation, a repair tool will appear very soon.

High capacity batteries

A new energy storage unit has appeared, however they have a small drain, due to the fact that they need to be heated. In the cooled state they can store energy, but can not give and receive it.

Getting titanium

There was a way to get titanium from ore, and, accordingly, all titanium machines.

Single block chemical and electrolyzer

The old way of building columns from electrolyzers no longer works. Enough to install one unit.

Buffer Chest

Can be used to transfer items between machines. You can line up to create simple and slow ways to move items.

Decorative blocks

Also significantly increased the yield of recipes that create decorative blocks.

Digging Robot Arm

There was the setting of the range of work, as well as the steel version of the hand, which digs forward and does not rotate.

  • Fixed bug with continuous sound of digging.
  • Changed the animation of the furnace with a busy output
  • Items drop out when changing recipes in hand crafters
  • Added industrial furnace
  • Heat exchanger added
  • Added induction coils
  • Fixed saving the current recipe in some machines
  • Pneumatic tubes added.
  • Added button for switching side icons
  • Conveyor item flicker bug
  • New material: granite
  • Radiator tiers visual fix
  • Recipe balance edits
  • No more magnesium
  • New salt recipe
  • Stone separating
  • Granite separating
Apr 28
Evospace - ishellstrike
Flexible Recipes

No more "0.04 to 0.1" recipes.
Flexible recipe indicates by animated recipe arrow. Flexible recipes gives output by portions.
Machines no longer lose fractional items due to rounding.


Configurable junctions. You can make splitters, crossroads. In the future filter modules will be add to make sorters by conveyor junction.

Screwdriver restrictions

Fuel Rebalance

Reduced fuel value of sawdust. Made the necessary changes to create new machines. Improving fuel efficiency will be done in a similar way with materials, i.e. each stage of the recycling will give some kind of bonus.

Added prototype of fuel pellets. In the future, fuel numbers will change as the stages of its processing appear.

  • Shift + click fixed for modules
  • Shift + click fixed for assembler
  • Shift + click fixed for mixer
  • Shift + click fixed for electrylyzer
  • Localization fixes
  • Mouse sensitivity option
  • Speed Modules became Overload Modules
  • New Speed Module
  • Levels of modules
  • More machine levels
Apr 19
Evospace - ishellstrike
Breakage & Modules


Added support for machine modules and breakdowns. Machines no longer have a speed bonus for material. Instead, the material gives different durability. The level of the machine also does not affect the speed, but gives a different number of slots for the modules.

Machines break down when performing recipes. After the final breakdown, the speed drops to 50%, and the modules cease to operate. To fix it, you need to replace the broken part in the block interface.

Ore Deposite

There were deposits of ore. The speed of extraction from them is much lower, but they allow to place automated extraction and processing in this place.

Player crafter order grouping & canceling


  • fixed bug with indicator and drossel
  • indicator has readings per minute
  • player interface improvements
  • redesigned map generation templates for future support for custom templates
  • replaced some automatic recipes
  • reduced the number of small deposits
  • increased number of large deposits
  • added air compressor for automation of auto-hammer
  • fixed bug with dryer
  • fixed liquid tank bug
  • stacker animation is added
  • assembler animation fix

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Apr 5
Evospace - ishellstrike
Quests & Tutorial

Added quest chains leading through the very beginning of the game and explaining the basics.

Different pipes

Pipes from different metals do not connects

GUI improvements

Item collecting notification. Play mode icons, movement mode icons.

Separated game modes.
When creating a world, you can now choose creative mode or survival. For old worlds, you can fix the save to change the mode of the game. The desired field is called "CreativeAllowed". Saving can be found in

  • Fixed some graphics settings saving
  • Attaching of a Fence to blocks is fixed
  • Valve rotation is fixed
  • Infinite birds spawn is fixed
  • Diptero drop fixed
  • Huge props generation variety improvement
Mar 28
Evospace - ishellstrike
Automated farming

Added various blocks designed for automated collection of bamboo. Now you can build a completely independent setup that produces bamboo sticks, sawdust, coal dust or coke.

Automated digging

New blocks also allow automated mining of ore or stone. What other uses can you think of for them?

Gas Turbine

An advanced device for quickly converting flammable liquids into energy. Unlike a steam turbine, it does not consume fuel when the output of the unit is full. May use oxygen for even more efficient energy production.

Liquid tank

Large storage for liquids. Has input on top. Output is at the bottom.

  • Block Placer
  • Item Picker
  • Solar panels
  • Steam Achievements
  • Support for changing control keys
  • Optimization of localization tables for future localization support through the Steam Workshop

  • Fixed saving the display mode of side icons
  • Fixed drop of turbine kinetics
  • Fixed interaction of blast furnace with robo-arms
  • The possibility of remelting metal dust into metal blocks with a press has been fixed.
  • Some missing descriptions added.
Mar 20
Evospace - ishellstrike
Stainless steel

There was a way to produce stainless steel. The first unique block in this tier is Terminal.


Useful for monitoring the progress of crafting, the contents of chests. It can display the interface of any block. The image is configured via terminal interface.

It is worth noting that items can be dragged from the terminal just like from the block gui.

Industrial separator

An improved version of separator allows deeper processing of dust. Does not reduce the output of metal and gives additional products.

Necessary device for obtaining stainless steel components.

Solid fuel stove

An improved version of the stone furnace, which allows to burn more energy-intensive mixtures, for example, termite. Reaction of burning termite is used to reduce oxides needed to produce stainless steel components: chromium and manganese.

  • Radiator to destroy unnecessary heat
  • Hotbar slot numbering added
  • Added search for items in the database.
  • Objects from the ground go first to inventory, not hotbar

  • Fixed some models, with parts that could not be selected
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
STARDROP - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Sin Vega)

Oooh, we’ve got a bit of a “mystery” theme. Between slow burning stories and the rare survival of a… ah, survival game, this week’s selection of Unknown Pleasures is leaving me thoroughly unresolved. Leaving a trail of gross keyboard crumbs this week: space friends, snow lesbians, and evil geometry.


Mar 11
Evospace - ishellstrike
Concrete production

New building material. You can greatly increase the output by adding metal rods to the recipe.

Fractional Recipes
0.5 ore will no longer be stuck in the machine and will be processed into 0.5 of result.

Advanced steel production
A new, faster way appeared. Cast iron can be smelted in alloy furnace. Steel is produced in arc furnace.


Added switch for wires.

Added option to disable icons on the sides of the blocks.

Mouse wheel click on the block in the world shows related recipes.

  • Fluids no longer fall out of the electrolyzer and do not fit into the chests.
  • Electricity, kinetics and heat no longer fall out of creative generators.
  • The bug of the shelf with fractional items has been fixed.
  • Fixed rotation of blocks on conveyors
Mar 5
Evospace - ishellstrike

Remade conveyor lines

Items are now distributed in a fixed order. Other conveyor junctions have lower priority.

Large storages

Item Rack for a large number of items of the same type. It can be used for sorting or as storage at the output from the production line.

To automatically retrieve items from storage, use robo-arms.


Added equipment for faster movement. A backpack for jumps has been added to the copper age. A version with a longer flight duration is also available in the Aluminium age.

  • High-level conveyor lines fixed
  • Fixed rare square holes in the map
  • Increased item pickup range
  • Fixed fluid drop from the fermenter
  • Fixed a screwdriver bug when trying to rotate a large block
  • The spawn point is now random
  • Coal fluid is no longer outputs to conveyor
  • Trees no longer respawn
  • Removed selected recipe in the Electrolyser after building
  • Improved load time

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