60 Seconds! Reatomized - krzysiek_rg

Survivors, your help is needed!

Timmy's been left alone in the shelter! The family's gone out, he's all on his own and on top of that, there are some shady looking men lurking around. Thankfully, the boy scout knows a thing or two about survival and has a few aces up his sleeve.

Help him drive off the intruders in this new, FREE Survival Challenge for 60 Seconds! Reatomized available NOW!

☢️ 23/12/2019 New Challenge Patch ☢️

  • Shelter Alone - new Survival Challenge Added

Don't let those pesky intruders ruin this year's shelter Christmas!

But wait, what's that?
The shelter radio's picking up some strange broadcast:
"Attention Survivors! 60 Parsecs! has gone mobile! The sequel to 60 Seconds! is now available on three new platforms - Nintendo Switch, Android & iOS. Get to the shuttle and take survival to the next level - space level."
60 Seconds! Reatomized - krzysiek_rg

Howdy, Survivors!

Today’s update is a special one, as it comes with a little extra something. Something a lot of you have been asking about. We’re happy to announce that the Turkish language option has been added to the game! Along with it come some additional tweaks, aimed at improving your quality of survival. Take a look:

☢️ 26/11/2019 1.0.391 Bugfix Patch ☢️
  • added Turkish language option
  • fixed small issues with other translations
  • fixed item/character icons in the Journal not being loaded correctly after loading the game
  • fixed issue with some events not being scheduled correctly if character is on expedition

No point in waiting! Update the game and dive straight into the shelter! Just remember to watch your head.
60 Seconds! Reatomized - krzysiek_rg

Soup eaters!

It’s another one of those days when we add some spices to our Reatomized soup and adjust the flavor a little bit. We hope that with this pinch of spicy tweaks and bugfixes, it’ll be even more delicious! So, without further ado, here’s today’s menu:

☢️ 05/09/2019 1.0.388 Bugfix Patch ☢️

  • fixed a Scavenge Mode controls bug affecting certain keyboard schemes
  • adjusted Merrymen event to not count damaged items into “Rich” threshold
  • fixed a bug causing mutant MJ to not defend the bunker from raiders when returning from expedition

We’re making this soup with love and we hope you keep enjoying it as much as we do making it better!

Enjoy your soup!
60 Seconds! Reatomized - krzysiek_rg

Knock knock!

Nope, it’s not the agents (at least not this time). It’s us again, and we’re bringing a suitcase full of shiny stuff, fresh off the workbench. In other words - here’s yet another patch for 60 Seconds! Reatomized!

What’s fixed and changed:

☢️ 22/08/2019 1.0.386 Bugfix Patch ☢️

  • fixed a crash occurring when no choice was made during a specific event
  • fixed not being able to move in Scavenge mode after launching the game for the first time
  • fixed characters dying faster than intended due to stacking of negative sanity statuses
  • various other small bugfixes

  • tweaked the Bandits event occurrence rate

  • Adjusted Pancake’s skin sound effects
  • Adjusted Brundle-fly achievement icon’s position

We hope that now, your bunker holidays and wasteland travels will be even more Reatomized. As always, thanks so much for your support and feedback!
60 Seconds! Reatomized - kulinskazja

Soup lovers!

Imagine you put two soup cans - an empty one and a full one - on opposite sides of a scale. One side is sure to outweigh the other. But if both cans were full… And that, survivors, is why we need more soup - balance!

Another 60 Seconds! Reatomized patch is live, bringing you balance and content update! Take a look:

☢️ 02/08/2019 1.0.377 Balance and Content Patch ☢️

  • Fixes and tweaks for conditions, effects, mechanisms, reports and statuses
  • Mutant’s needs processing fix
  • Expedition destinations mechanism tweaks
  • Mechanism improvements for success endings
  • Absence Screen and Doctor Ending issue fix
  • Skip Days text order fix
  • Metagame fuel fix

  • Robbery events occurrence in Survival Challenges adjustments
  • Siberian Scavenge Challenge collider fix
  • The Final Countdown Survival Challenge - Auto Traders and radio issue fix

  • Empty Can visual fix in TomatoTomato minichain
  • Roaches visual layer adjustments
  • Colour grading tweaks in Options and Records menus on [esc] button
  • Adjustments for Ending Background scaling in scavenge conclusion screen
  • Revitalized textures in Pumpkin Spice Soup and Holidays! Scavenge Challenges

  • Flood event sound effect fix
  • Failed Tuba and Metagame jingles fix
  • Deadman sound fix
  • Disabled sound fix
  • Audio balance

  • Hats and item skins save between playthroughs

Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, let the game update! See you in the wasteland!
60 Seconds! Reatomized - kulinskazja

Dear soup enthusiasts!

We are incredibly happy to see you’re enjoying the post-apocalyptic adventures in your reatomized shelters. Today, we bring you souper-good news! Steam Trading Cards, badges, profile backgrounds and emoticons are now available to collect by playing 60 Seconds! Reatomized. What a blast!💥☢️🍅

Good luck on your expeditions and may the soup be with you!
60 Seconds! Reatomized - kulinskazja

Fellow shelter dwellers!

We are amazed by the amount of great feedback you have been continuing to provide. Thanks to your help, we've already been able to patch the game twice since the release. But we're not stopping! The third patch is here, bringing you optimization, balance & quality of life changes.

Take a look at the full list of changes:

☢️ 27/07/2019 1.0.371 Post-release Patch ☢️

  • fixed black mirror (!) on challenge levels
  • scavenge reset now resets to a random level
  • fixed tutorial mock scavenge restart visual issues
  • fixed watch animation issues

  • adjusted scavenge start time

  • adjusted shelter hatch opening time

Please continue sending feedback our way and we’ll continue striving for the best post-nuclear experience possible!

Stay on your toes during expeditions!
60 Seconds! Reatomized - Robot Gentleman


We are extremely grateful for your feedback on 60 Seconds! Reatomized and for reporting all issues that occurred in your game. We are investigating all described problems to make sure you can all play our game without any fallout (fallout, ha-ha) 🍅

We have just released the second patch, please find what’s changed, below:

☢️ 26/07/2019 1.0.369 Performance Patch ☢️

  • Scavenge texture optimization pass
  • Optimized memory allocation in menu and survival

  • Scavenge character acceleration increased

Please don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us. If you encounter any problems with 60 Seconds! Reatomized, please contact us at support@robotgentleman.com and describe the problem you’re experiencing. Please try to provide as much information as possible. We are truly thankful for all the comments, emails and posts from you!

Keep being awesome, survivors!
60 Seconds! Reatomized - krzysiek_rg


Thank you so much for all the feedback you’ve provided since yesterday’s release. We want to assure you that we are closely monitoring the forums and continue working on solutions to the issues as we speak.

As a result, the first patch for the game is now live. Changes made are as follows:

☢️ 26/07/2019 1.0.368 Performance Patch ☢️

  • Performance balanced in Scavenge mode
  • Performance balanced on game start-up

We will keep listening to all feedback, so if you encounter problems with the game, please reach out to us at support@robotgentleman.com, describing the case and providing as much information as possible. Thank you again for all of the comments and emails you’ve sent in so far!

Stay safe in the wasteland!
60 Seconds! Reatomized - kulinskazja

4K graphics, new events, fresh soup, survival challenges, canned soup, new sounds and art, unlockable content and even more soup! There’s never been a better time to brave the post nuclear wasteland and witness its (questionable) beauty.


Don’t forget! If you owned the original 60 Seconds! on Steam before today, you’re getting your Steam copy of the Reatomized edition for free! Check your libraries now!

The McDoodles need your help. What are you waiting for? Jump in - and don’t forget to close the hatch behind you!

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