Snakeybus - Stovetop Studios
Hi all, here's a follow up to our previous announcement.

We have content that is work-in-progress but got delayed. Instead of releasing a big update, we will release rolling updates as features are completed.

Here's the current state of each feature and our plans to release them:

Menu Rework
The new menu is to help streamline game options. Of course, we kept the most important feature:

Game Mode: Time Race (BETA)
Players race against the clock to drop off passengers. Successfully dropping off passengers will add time to the clock. Game ends when clock reaches zero.

This game mode is labeled BETA - it's ready for players but is not in a definitive state. We plan on taking feedback and further polishing the game play.

Map: Abstract 2
For those that have enjoyed the other abstract maps:

Map: Seattle (BETA)

This map is labeled BETA - it's ready for players but is not in a definitive state. We plan on taking feedback and further polishing the map.

Music Update
We are excited to introduce 7 new tracks! Details and links will be in the patch notes.

Everything listed above will be grouped into the next update, which will happen this week.


Map: Cave and Game Mode: Aerial
This cave map is designed for an Aerial Game Mode. In Aerial, the player must stay in the air. While the player picks up passengers airborne, the water level in the cave rises. Touching the water ends the game. However, dropping off passengers will help drain the water level.

A Snakeybus take on Flappy Bird.

We are currently doing internal play testing. We hope to release the BETA version soon.

The following tasks will be added as rolling updates. Content will be released independently (not grouped together) as soon as they are ready:
  • Take player feedback and polish Seattle
  • Take player feedback and polish Time Race
  • Add leaderboards for Game Modes
  • Release Cave Map and Aerial Game Mode (BETA)
  • Take player feedback and polish Cave + Aerial
  • Add Corgis. Sorry for the delay!
Snakeybus - Stovetop Studios
Hi all, we wanted to share what we're working on. These are work-in-progress and planned to be included in the next update.

Re-work Menu Flow
The current flow to select a menu / bus is clunky. We're working on a more streamlined experience.

New Maps
Unnamed Cave Themed

Unnamed Abstract

Seattle Inspired. Currently still prototyping. We're really excited about this one. This will be more detailed, similar to Paris, Suburb, or Miami.

New passenger.
Corgis need to ride the bus too

These don't have screenshots but should still be acknowledged:
  • Music Revamp - adding more soundtracks
  • More bus models
  • at least 2 additional game modes. (currently in play testing)

That's a lot of talk. So when can we expect the update?
We're working hard and it's difficult to spit out an exact date. Our guarantee is an update before or by the Steam Summer Sale. <-- Slight change of plans:

Rather than waiting for all the features to be done and releasing one big update, we will be do rolling updates, where features are released to you as soon as they are ready. The first update will be sometime this coming week (I'm writing this on 6/24). Expect a more detailed announcement with a road map and new progress updates. Looking forward to sharing with you guys!
Snakeybus - Stovetop Studios
Players should see at least 20 - 30% improvement in FPS.
- More noticeable when the bus is longer.

- Fixed screen glare in Miami

Currently working on
- More Maps, Buses
- Different Game Modes
- Key Remapping
- Detailed Graphics / Settings Configurations
Snakeybus - Stovetop Studios
Controller support is now implemented! Custom key rebinding coming soon.

  • Tweaked shrubbery appearance and colliders in Paris.
  • Standardized graphics presets across all maps.
  • Fixed glare issues with "Fast" graphics setting preset.
  • Refined color palette.
  • Fixed mouse flickering on menu screen.
  • Removed scrolling between maps, replaced with buttons.
  • Hid HUD when exiting fly cam.
  • Hid mini-map on game over.
  • Ultra-wide aspect ratio support.
  • Controller support.
  • Fixed gap in articulation on party and transit bus.
  • Fixed unlimited boost bug.

What's Next:
  • Optimization.
  • Key remapping.
  • Detailed graphics settings.
  • More maps, buses, and game modes!
Snakeybus - (Alice O'Connor)

If you enjoy the gentle pleasure of bussing passengers around European cities but sometimes wish your bus could drift, jump, and grow hundreds of segments long as it winds past the Eiffel Tower and through the grounds of the Louvre, do have a look at Snakeybus. It is, as its name suggests, Snake-y with a bus. Collect passengers from bus stops, deliver them to destinations, and try not to crash into yourself as your vast bus coils and leaps along roads and over canals and ploughs through traffic. It is delightful.


Snakeybus - Stovetop Studios
Hi all,

We're aware of some quality-of-life issues and believe that you guys deserve a better playing experience. We're actively addressing issues as they arise. Feel free to report anything in the discussion page or in our discord. In the meantime, here's the patch notes combining v1.1 and v1.2.

Thanks everyone.

  • (top right) free cam UI will hide after a few seconds
  • minimap lines now fades over time
  • cancel submit
  • mini-map sometimes did not show up

  • arrow now renders in front of all other geometry
  • fixed museum start (sorry guys)
  • smoothed party bus collider
  • prevent jump / boost during pause
  • allow boost when grounded
  • press R to replay
  • added camera rolling in first person
  • slow down bus start speed
  • tweak score / credit amounts

  • Re-designed Suburbs

  • removed desktop Snakeybus folder
  • press R to replay in end-game. also reset UI.
  • allow underscores when submitting leaderboard
  • fix: pausing permanently stopped music
  • moved night paris easter egg. good luck.

Snakeybus - stovetopio
Thank you all for your support,
sharing our enthusiasm, and keeping us motivated. This is our debut game and we never imagined this much attention. We're nervous, grateful, humbled, and excited. We've worked really hard and are extremely proud for what we've accomplished. Hopefully we've cooked up a game that you can all enjoy.

Of course there will be bugs at launch but we want to get this game to you guys as soon as possible. We will continue to address issues are we discover them.

Things to look for post-launch:
- Music / Audio Revamp
- Full Controller Support
- Linux build
- Bug fixes
- At least another map and bus

Thank you again.
- Frank & Jeff, Stovetop
Snakeybus - stovetopio
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