Decent Icons 2 - Decent Software
Discord Server
I have created a pubic Discord server for Decent Icons 2.
Feel free to hop in and join the discussion!

Patch: Version 2.7 - November 28, 2019
  • Minimize to tray button
  • Minimize to tray when app is launched (optional)
  • Auto Reload dock when mods are installed

  • Fixed category drag and drop issues
  • Fixed auto-start with Windows option
  • Fixed fade gradient updating when scrolling
  • Fixed workshop utility UI bug causing duplicate items to appear

Workshop Highlight
Please check out Icerio's UI mods on the Steam workshop.
Great work!
Decent Icons 2 - Decent Software
Version 2.54 is out! Includes a some quality of life improvements and a new Tray Icon.

Roadmap / Bug tracker link:

Patch: Version 2.54 - October 11, 2019
  • Re-ordering categories (drag and drop)
  • Switching to another tab on deletion of selected tab
  • New Option - Hide Edit Tab Icons (App Settings)
  • Right Click to Edit Tab
  • Drag and drop icons directly onto Tabs
  • Windows Tray icon added
  • Fixed icons getting cutoff using "grow" animation
  • Improved Steam check (no more alert window on startup)
More details can be found on the Trello board.

Incase you missed a previous patch, check the patch notes here:

Decent Icons 2 - Decent Software
It's out!

Remember guys, if you own Decent Icon 1, you should automatically own Decent Icons 2 and be able to find it in your Software tab of your Steam Library.

Workshop Creators!
You should be able to publish your existing icon packs immediately to the new Steam Workshop.

If you know basic JavaScript / CSS, check out the mod support available now!

Please let me know ASAP if you run into any problems transitioning to the new version, and as always, any feedback is welcome and appreciated!


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