Everpath: A pixel art roguelite - mmalin.pixelgames
Wanted to clarify that if you have a controller connected you will need to use either the left stick or the controller d-pad to use the main menu and start a new game. Mouse is locked out.

I'll be implementing both options and a "activate/deactivate" controller on the next update.

Hope this is not much of an issue for those players that use the keyboard and mouse on menus and controller to play.
Everpath: A pixel art roguelite - mmalin.pixelgames
Hi everyone,

1.05 patch is live with some nice improvements.

Difficulty and permadeath

Before starting a new game you can choose between two game modes, this is specially good for those who want to play through the story first in normal mode, and then challenge yourself with ironman.

Minor updates

Fixed Act IV boss attack animation from left side, where it was taking a step back before attacking but maintaining the same attack range.
Fixed a bug where you could only delete items in the inventory if you were over a certain area now you can freely delete items once selected.
Polished the collision box system so now it feel a bit smoother and less clunky.
Main menu and options menu can now be used with both the left stick and the d-pad.
Fixed minor texts refering to keyboard shortcuts when using controller
Everpath: A pixel art roguelite - mmalin.pixelgames
Hi everyone!

Couldn't post the 1.03 patch notes I was having some issues with the steam publisher tool.

Bigger addition to the game is full controller support. I'm terribly sorry this was delayed so much, I hope everyone who prefers controller can enjoy the game now.

Most of the stuff was minor graphical updates and fixed the issue were some items were not loading properly and even maybe forcing a quit.

I'm expecting to release 1.1 really soon, with new content and specially the addition of the normal and ironman run at start. Normal runs should be easier plus there's no permadeath.

I'm sorry for the lack of detail but I understand this had to be updated and I'm also been feeling really sick lately so trying really hard to get everything up and running properly
Everpath: A pixel art roguelite - mmalin.pixelgames
Hi everyone,

I just updated Everpath to it's 1.02 patch fixing two issues that were causing trouble:

1) Fixed a bug where occasionally after continuing a previous game selling items to the merchant didn't give gold to the player. You were technically being robbed by the merchant, sorry.

2) Fixed a bug where on level 9, first floor, of Act III, traps didn't have their damage set up properly and could crash the game.

Everpath: A pixel art roguelite - mmalin.pixelgames
Hi everyone, I just updated the game to have the option to turn on or off v-sync, it will also now use the best anti aliasing option available.


Everpath: A pixel art roguelite - mmalin.pixelgames
HI everyone!

Bid update today, lot of content, and out of Early Access! So first of all I want to thank everyone who supported Everpath during EA and specially for your feedback it was incredible helpful to the development process.

Major Updates

Save system

Player progress is now saved on every new floor, but death is still permanent, death will delete the current saved progress. I'm sorry this wasn't implemented earlier.

Siege Sorcerer

The sorcerer is now fully available for play, its a ranged character and although it prioritizes moving away from enemies it has decent close damage. The main difference with the Scout is that Sorcerer spells have synergy between them, allowing to empower to maximize damage.

Act IV - Northbarrow Keep

After crawling away from the dungeon you can now exit to the main Northbarrow castle area.

Act V - Seuchendomäne Burg

Not spoiling this one but this is the new area.

Relics system

There's a new slot in the inventory window named "Relics".

Relics are rare drops, although 100% secured drops from bosses.

New items

There are several new items like scrolls and bombs, but there are plenty of new potions that permanently increase stats, and new risk reward items that will help you build your character in different ways.

New floors layout

Some of the late level acts had too many rooms before being able to move to the next floor, this was fixed so it doesn't feel too overwhelming.

Melee characters playstyle

In EA melee characters didn't really play as such, you had to run a lot around, which is not something nice to do as a heavy armored knight, and try to poke and keep moving.

Both the knight and the infantry have a high and medium chance of staggering attacked enemies, this will prevent enemies hit to attack for a little while, so combo attacks should prevent small enemies from attacking the player at all.

This system also works for the scout explosive arrow and the sorcerer meteor and hellfire.

New steam achievements

Have fun unlocking them!

Controller support

I'm terribly sorry but controller support is still not 100% fully supported. I'm still having some issues with the compatibility of steam big picture. But this should be fixed in top 15 days. Once again i'm really sorry for this but I dind't want to upload a feature not working entirely.

Future updates

1.1 patch will be live on June 20 and will contain a huge content update specially focused on new encounters, relics and items.

Minor updates

- Equipped inventory trinkets can be used with right click from the inventory window.
- Potions and trinkets that increase maximum health now heal for said amount.
- Shop items are now bought and sold with right click.
- Added shadows to characters and enemies.
- Fixed a bug where the Northbarrow scout arrow barrage wasn't dealing damage to a same enemy if used a couple of times against the same enemy.
- "Press any key" now also work with mouse buttons.
- Chest encounter damage reduced.

- Reduced the sound enemies made when taking damage.
- Fixed a bug where occasionally some ranged enemies stopped attacking after a while, they do have infinite mana so no need to stop attacking the player.
Mar 23
Everpath: A pixel art roguelite - mmalin.pixelgames
Update 0.1

Hi everyone, this updates comes a week later of what I expected but is finally here and I really think you are going to enjoy it. Although there were some minor fixes and optimizations the main focus of the update is on new content.

Elite enemies
From floor 2 an onward you will find that normal enemies will now have a chance to become rare or elite enemies. This means that they have a special affix that will make enemies rooms more interesting.

Yellow are rare enemies.
Red are elite enemies.

I.e. a rare bugbear warrior with additional attack damage:

This enemies affixes go from additional health or damage, to portals, fire rains, meteors, acid pools. And there are much more I'd like to implement, but I wanted to hear your feedback first.

Traveling merchant
Too many items were being dropped because the inventory was full before reaching the blacksmith on the forward base. Meet Verick, a traveling merchant you will occasionally find around, he will be willing to offer some gold for your stuff and overcharge you for his wares.

Special encounters
I don't want to spoil much of this because it's the most interesting new content. Some of this encounters are optional, some are hidden, with scaling difficulty, enemies waves, etc. I really hope you guys enjoy this new feature and I would love to hear your feedback about this, I have tons more ready to dev so I really want to hear what you guys think of this, what you like and what you don't.

Watch out for some new traps included in rooms, this were very scarce previously, now they appear much more often, specially from the Whispering Hollows caves onward.

Small fixes
- 2560x1080 resolution was having some display issues - It's now fully compatible.
- Larger pool of items offered by the blacksmith and traveling merchant.
- Available door keys are now also shown in the upper right area of the screen.
- Some spell sounds were sometimes not playing correctly. This is now fixed.
- Added impact sounds for enemies damage taken.
- Improved and added more textbox quotes for encounters.
Mar 4
Everpath: A pixel art roguelite - mmalin.pixelgames
Really small update here guys, this was going to come live on patch 0.1 but it's a must and I'm terrible sorry I haven't implemented it before.

Key binding system is fully working right now.
Feb 28
Everpath: A pixel art roguelite - mmalin.pixelgames
This is just a small patch with some small improvements that were asked in the discussions community forums.

Also, patch 0.10 will go live really soon but I found the stuff on this patch to be important enough to go live earlier.

Hope everyone enjoys it!


Player roll

In the options menu you can now pick between rolling to the current mouse position or alternate to a movement based roll, being able to roll according to the player current movement direction.

Clearer rooms

Rooms have been opened up and there are now fewer objects that could block player and enemies movement in an annoying way. This of course without loosing the ambience in every room.

This is just a small update to rooms and enemies behavior. Patch 1.0 will include special encounter rooms, elite and rare enemies, and a better enemy movement behavior.

Book readability

Remake of character selection book, new general size, bigger font, this is also really important for it to be legible as it will be used for several special encounters.

Small fixes
- Enemies moving in a perfect vertical path stopped animating.
- Sometimes bigger enemies could "hit" the player while dodging behind them.
- Scout level 5 perks could sometimes work incorrectly and only choose the Armor perk.
Feb 20
Everpath: A pixel art roguelite - mmalin.pixelgames
First of all I want to thank everyone for their support. It's been 2 weeks since the release and I'm incredibly happy about the feedback so far.

I've been working really hard on all of your suggestions. And I'm proud to say that every issue that appeared was solved almost intermediately, and I want to assure everyone that this is my main policy. I don't want anyone not being able to play the game or that encountered a game breaking issue, so please report this stuff I will do everything to fix it asap.


- The shop got a big remake to make it easier and able to sell items (feature not first included). I also want to remark that on update 0.11 there will be traveling merchants that will allow to sell items more often. At least when you encounter them. And if they like you. And if they decide not to kill you.

No more ice-skating
- Probably the biggest issue so far - Originally the game was planned around making movement and attacking more dynamic but it ended up, well not what intended, and it was like a constant kiting enemies while attacking which was not the point and it's not the kind of game I wanted to build.
What's new? Combat has changed. You can't move while attacking, except for melee characters which have a really small movement between combo attacks. Scout must stay still for attacking (which makes more sense in the terms of real combat.)
I'm really hoping you guys test out this new mode and I'll wait for your ideas and comments if you like it more.

Damage visual indications
This was another big issue we were all having, when getting hit there was no clear indication that a) You took damage b) Invincibility timer on hit c) How much damage was taken. Now there are damage pop ups and our champion flashes on damage taken.

Small fixes
- Added 1500x1000 resolution full-screen support
- Scout critical hit per multiple arrows damage diminished as staring level 7 and forwards it was incredible powerful.
- Melee characters top-left attacks had a smaller hit-box. Fixed.
- Fixed an exploit where scout barrage could insta kill if used on contact with an enemy.
- Some ranged enemies where all attacking at the same time making it a bit overwhelming. Fixed to randomized attack timers.
- Side doors were, um, hard to go through sometimes, they are much bigger now.
- Rooms that haven't been visited now have a darker color for an easier quick visual interpretation.
- Tab now opens the map, same as "M".
- And last a new background for the menu


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