My Island - SnowBaby

New content:

Add the third person and first person perspective to seamlessly switch, use the mouse wheel to freely switch camera angle and distance, the camera's perspective is wider.

New animals: seagulls and eagle, giant great white sharks, of course you can shoot birds with bow and arrows (in reality you have to protect birds and sharks, there are only dozens of sharks attacking human events every year in the world, but humans kill more than 100 million sharks a year, and tens of thousands of sharks are killed by humans every hour.)

The bamboo building modules can be integrated into the basic building system, which can be mixed with wooden walls, stone walls and brick walls. Of course, you can also use bamboo building modules to build bamboo houses.
When you make them, they are automatically align the construction, including the construction of the bamboo balcony on the edge of the floor, Remember to press the R rotation direction to place it in the correct position. and the bamboo construction requires bamboo floor support or other foundation. Increase LOD optimization for bamboo structures.

The new character human skin material, enhanced subsurface scattering (SSS) effect, more realistic and transparent, optimized integration of the character's body texture map, reducing rendering and memory consumption costs.

Add vest and short to your character, you need to use cloth to make them.

Adding wine and bandages, a bandage can restore 20 health values, you need to use corn to make wine,So growing corn will be a very important thing, using wine and cloth to make bandages.

After the dog is injured or dead, you can use a bandage to treat it. The puppy will be your perfect partner for hunting and defense. Remember to grow corn to make wine for bandages.

New food: octopus legs, can be cooked or eaten raw.

Add a dynamically changing ambient fog that randomly change the concentration of fog (when you are inland).

Cloud archive support, so you can sync archive files when you change your computer.

Bug fixes and improvements:

Fixed the problem that dogs don’t actively hunt herbivores and attack carnivores, fix the problem that dogs are not attacked by crocodiles and bears, and the problem of dogs appearing in the sea.   Your dog will escape when the health value is below 50.

Fixed an issue where the player could not pick up all the items in the backpack after the reborn ,now, you can use the scroll bar to take everything away.

Fixed an issue where it was easy to press X to sleep in a shelter or bed. It was necessary to get close to the bed and shelter to trigger sleep. Improved sleeping posture.

Fixed an issue where players could easily fall from a height and fall to death.

Improved first-person perspective when running with weapon and bow.

Fixed some player character animation errors.

Improve the sound attenuation of the footsteps and weapon sound.
My Island - SnowBaby

New content:
Add a puppy: black shadow, you can rescue it from the stone of the starting island, it will follow you, accompany you to hunt and protect you, the dog will be attacked or killed by carnivorous animals, It will be revived after reloading the game. When you leave it a hundred meters away, it will reappear around you, so don't worry about your puppy being lost.

Adding health bar to animals shows health values, you can better judge and hunt.

Add footsteps to the playe character and sound of opening the door. Different footsteps will be emitted on different grounds or objects, such as walking sounds on beaches, grass, shallow water and wooden floors, brick floors, etc.

Add 2 new random sound cycles for marine environment sound effect to the ocean.

Optimize the raft, improve the stability of the raft,It is no longer easy to overturn in the stormy waves, repairing the collision problem between the player and the raft. The simulated buoyancy is more realistic.

Added the reminder menu when clicking the "Start New Game" button to prevent the button from being missed and delete the archive.

Shortened the time between the two bows and the full bow.

Remove the wild boar and scorpion from the starting island. The only animal that threatens you is a goat.

Bug fix:
Fixed the problem that the sound of rain, animal sounds, weapon sounds and other sound effects could not be reduced in the sound effect setting, improved the sound distance attenuation of the animal, and fixed the sound superimposition error of the wild boar attack.

Fixed the problem that when you open the campfire or furnace, press shift + left mouse click on the items in the inventory will disappear, but the campfire and the furnace can only drag the items into the corresponding space to process, shift + left click on the mouse Transfer items quickly.

Fixed an issue where animals were hit by arrows and spears and did not inflict damage on certain parts of the body.

Fixed a problem that bear still hurts the player after the brown bear dies, adding footsteps to the bear and adding meat resources to the giant wild boar.

Fixed a problem where the stone did not collide.

My Island - SnowBaby

New content:
New wooden walls, brick walls and stone wall structures, realistic materials and models, new clay resources, Put the clay into the furnace to make bricks, when you hold hammer to build a wooden building,then, press X to upgrade the brick wall and then upgrade the brick wall to the stone wall.

(Note: after the update, the old archives are saved: building walls, campfires, wooden boxes, etc. If you update add new content, you need to destroy and rebuild to see the updated content. If you encounter some problems after the update, such as the item cannot be equipment and other inventory problems, you need to save the item and build a storage point to save the game and respawn)

9 new kinds of fish: giant octopus, squid, tropical fish, etc.

3 land animals: 2 giant scorpions, Viper (their damage is fatal, an attack will halve your health)

The new fish AI generation mechanism, they are no longer generated when you enter the water, you can also see the fish in the ocean on the shore.

The new bed has a finer model.

The weight limit of the wooden box was cancelled, and more storage spaces were added . (Note: the storage box needs to be destroyed and re-created to see more space and new features)

For the wooden shed in the middle of the raft, a wooden board that automatically closes and When you get close to it will open,Physical object s such as a wooden box is put in, and a wooden board is automatically blocked to prevent the item from falling off the raft in the wavesr.

Increased the attack distance of the weapon,you can stand to cut coconuts ,stones, animals.

Increases the damage and maximum range of bows and throwing spears. The bow need to press the mouse for a few seconds to reach the farthest range. Adding a light point to the arrow, the arrow will be difficult to retrieve. In order to solve this problem, when the arrow is shot, a prominent luminous point will be generated on the arrow, so that you can find it. If you don’t pick it up in 10 minutes. The arrow will be destroyed automatically.

Improve the wood texture material of the two rafts, which is more realistic and more realistic.Install a fence for the raft to store items

When the bamboo is cut or a stone is mined, it will have a broken effect.

Now coconut leaves, bamboo or banana leaves can be used as fuel instead of wood, but they burn shorter than wood. The planted bamboo can be harvested directly after it grow up.

Extend the auto save time to 10 minutes and remember to save the game manually when you exit the game.

Adding sound effects such as attack and death to wild boars, wolves, goats, bears, and vipers, the animal world is more vivid and immersive.

Increased maximum stacking of items such as stones, wood, iron bars, arrows, spears, coconut leaves, and banana leaves.

By adding a level 4 LOD to the building module for performance optimization, you can build more buildings with less performance.

Now campfire can cook multiple foods at the same time (after the update needs to re-create campfire), extend the length of iron smelting and the cooking time of food, you can split the stone and food to process at the same time, throw the food on the campfire,can be used to bake food faster.

The downward adjustment has weakened the hunger and thirst properties of all foods and waters, prolonging the reborn time of resources. Stones, banana leaves and other resources can be regenerated once in an hour, and the number of resources obtained from banana leaves will be 1, and the water collection speed is slowed down, which increases the difficulty of the game to a certain extent. However, there are many ways to obtain food. You can get a lot of fruits and vegetables by planting coconut, but you need to wait for time and consume water. Hunting for meat is a good choice.

Adding resources to more areas of the map, plants and resources are more widely distributed, and you can find banana leaves elsewhere to make water collectors.

Added buttons to support left-handed players: Run / Right Shift, Crouch / Numpad 1, Interaction / Numpad 0, Jump / Right CTRL

Bug fix:
Fixed a bug where you couldn’t sleep in a bed or shelter. After the first sleep, you need to wait 10 minutes to sleep again. Please try to wait for the night to use this function. When you don't like the night, you can sleep and skip the night to dawn. After sleep, your health value will recover slowly.

Fix the problem where the player saves the game on the building and then stuck in the building after load game .

Fixed a physical collision problem with spears and fixed the problem that the fish spear could not attack animals.

Thank you for your support, I will continue to update, I wish you a happy game time!
My Island - SnowBaby

New content:
New crops that can be grown: sunflowers, watermelons, wheat, corn, carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers.

when your crops mature, you can pick delicious fruits and vegetables, some crops will become another form when matured, such as When the sunflower matures, they are different from before. When the wheat matures, it turns from green to yellow. When the corn matures, the plant is larger. When the strawberry matures, they will grow fruits.

At present, these plants can be planted without seeds, and only need to consume water and time, because maps of huge crops distributed on the islands may be difficult to find them, and these crops will be placed on some islands in the future.

New delicious food: Apple pie, oysters, strawberry jam bread, whole wheat bread, cornbread, cucumber, carrot, watermelon, tomato.

New plantable plants: bamboo and coconut tree king (this is a very rare tree, only a few dozen in the map, cut down it will drop a lot of coconuts).

The mouse wheel is added to quickly switch the equipment.

Adding wooden ladder can help you to enter the high bamboo house more easily. Of course, you can also jump into high bamboo house or the balcony with press Space+ W.

Added support for keyboards in France and Belgium (Azerty), ZQSD controls the direction of travel, 1-6 numeric keys can also switch equipment, or mouse wheel to quickly switch equipment. Game guide and button control instructions are modified.

In order to be compatible with the Azerty keyboard, the Q button will be used, the hammer will no longer use the Q button, and X will be used to destroy, repair or upgrade the building.

Improved color of menu. If your computer is poorly configured or want to save sperformance, just lock the frame rate or turn on vertical sync. If your monitor is below 60 FPS, the frame rate may be too high. Will tear the picture, bring waste of performance consumption and the display can not see the difference, reduce the grass density and shadow quality, anti-aliasing can not be lower than "high", otherwise the sea surface will be black, after adjusting the overall picture quality, remember to distinguish The rate ratio is adjusted to 100%, otherwise it may be blurred, Other settings do not need to be lowered, you can still get high FPS

At present, the animal carcass will not be saved. Please kill the animal and get the meat resources as soon as possible, otherwise it will disappear after 30 minutes.

Fixed the problem of not being able to sleep for the first time. After sleeping, you need to wait for ten minutes to fall asleep again. Slowly recover your health after sleeping

Fixed an issue where the switching weapon could not be unloaded after the hammer was built.

It has repaired the collision of building parts such as bamboo roofs, bamboo balconies and corners (bamboo balconies can be used as bamboo bridges).

Fixed the problem that wooden bowls can't be dropped. Decorative items such as tables and chairs can be directly dropped and pick up,They are objects that simulate physics. You can drop and drag them by right clicking and long press to place them where you want to.

Thank you for your support, I will continue to update, I wish you a happy game time!
My Island - SnowBaby

New content:

1. Add two kinds of bows and an arrow (in order to make the bow have a better shooting feel, I shot more than 5000 arrows in the development test), they have different lethality and range, The arrow hits the target with 7 different random sound effects, when you make the bow and arrow, equip them and press the left mouse button to accumulate power, release the mouse to launch, Archery range is related to your power storage time, about 3 seconds to complete power storage, you need to judge the prey distance to adjust the angle of the archery, can not launch arrow in running,jumping and swimming. Bows and arrows will be your perfect range weapon for long-distance hunting, but smart aggressive animals will escape when they are injured by arrows, and they are not afraid of your axe, if you encounter a group of animals, it is best to escape.

2. Add 4 kinds of fences, wooden walls and bridge to defend and decorate your home. New original stone cottages, new furniture and room decorations: wooden chair, table, benche, wooden bowl. Add a wooden archery target and a dummy for you to practice archery.

3. Add a new 12 bamboo building parts and bamboo resources, you can now use the axe to collect bamboo to build a simple and warm bamboo house.

4. Add a spear that can be thrown. It is stronger than the fish spear. It is not limited to durability. The left mouse button is used to stab the attack. The right mouse button to thrown spear.

5. Add 8 new kinds of clear weather. At present, there are 21 new kinds of magnificent clouds, the rain will be reduced, the sky brightness of rainy weather have be improved, and the saturation of the sky and scene have be reduced. makes the picture look more comfortable and real, the weather changes more naturally.

6. The new bright night scene, the night is no longer too black, you can run freely in the moonlight, enjoy the starry sky and moonlight of the island, away from the irritability of the world, and find the pure land of the soul.

7. New Animals: Longhorn Wild Goat, you will see it and other animals on the vast land with opportunities. Improve the speed of the animals, which will test your archery and spear technology, hunting survival is more challenging.

8. Add 6 kinds of grassland flowers, which will make the grassland more beautiful and full of life.

9. Added graphic settings and audio settings in the pause menu, you can also set them in real time in the game without exiting the game to the menu interface.

10. Add new resources and items: coconut shell fiber, rope, cloth, when you cut the coconut to get fiber, coconut fiber can be used to make cloth and rope, build weapons and some other items need cloth and rope, So coconut is more important. In places where there are few tree resources, you'd better plant more coconut trees.

11. Add a reminder point after death. After the reborn, you can go to the red icon marked after death to find the package. Currently, only the direction is displayed. It will disappear after 20 minutes. If there are important items, please go as soon as possible. .

1. Increased the shadow brightness of the building and the trees, the picture quality is greatly improved, the natural environment looks more comfortable and bright, the shadows are softer, the room is brighter, and the interior looks no longer too dark. Improved the color of the sea floor, brighter and more beautiful, adding underwater plants and rocks in more areas.

2. The weight limit of the backpack is no longer set, but the number of items stack will be limited, so you need to hunt the crocodile to get the crocodile skin to make the backpack to increase the number of spaces in the inventory.

3. Improve the overall layout of the inventory interface, add more backpack spaces (Note: if you do not display more spaces after the update, you need to save the item and reborn again, this is because the old archive does not initialize the inventory component after the update). The new layout is more tidy overall.

4. Improve the mechanism of randomly generating terrestrial animal AI in the vicinity of players. The process of generation is more natural and seamless. The land of dozens of square kilometers will be full of life. You will often encounter groups of animals on open land. You may Will encounter a group of deer on a hillside, may also encounter a fierce wild boar or a group of wolves, survival is more challenging, reduce the refresh rate of AI navigation to save performance.

Animal AI is intelligent, you will see carnivores hunting for herbivores, and the island ecosystem will continue to improve. Animals are smarter, carnivores will escape when attacking long-range weapons such as arrow and throwing spears, but bow can't be used in running , If you encounter a group of wolves, it is best to escape.

5. Improve the hand food to eat, when you eat a food will automatically equip another stack of the same type of food, reducing the speed of food and water consumption during the run.

6. Now, after sleeping, in addition to skipping the night, you can slowly restore the health value, restore 1 every 3 seconds, but limit every 10 minutes to sleep.

7. Improved the collision of coconut leaves with the ground, they will not fly into the ocean.

8. Improve the brightness and illumination range of the flashlight and improve the attack range of the fish spear.

9. Improve the closing mode of campfire, furnace, water collector and storage box. Press E to open and press E again to close the inventory interface. Temporarily cancel the H key to hide the game HUD, because hiding will cause the map to be unable to zoom and click.

10. Improve the craft interface and item classification, the icons are more intuitive and the classification is more clear.

11. Cancel the map Fast travel function, Fast travel may make the game lose interest in exploration and temporarily cancel.

Fixed :
.Fixed the problem that terrestrial animal AI idle state can not walk randomly.
.Fixed a lunar cycle motion error.
.Fixed an issue where the torch would stick to the animal.
.Fixed an issue of jumping to another bed or shelter while sleeping.
.Fixed an issue where fish meat could not be placed directly on a campfire.
.Fixed a bug where the new game could not be closed after it was removed. .It will automatically close when you leave the guide a certain distance. Press F1 or T in the game to open and close the game guide.

If you like this game, please take a few seconds to give this game a short positive review, which will give me great encouragement, and I will update more interesting content in the future, thank you for your support!Please enjoy!
My Island - SnowBaby

New content:
1. Add Navigation map and fast travel function, press M to open/close the map, you can see the blue icon is your location, click the red icon anywhere on the map as the destination, you can see the location in the map Distance and direction, the mouse wheel scrolls to zoom the map size, zooms and drags the position to view the map details. The running icon is a place where you can fast travel. Although it may be a quick way to make travel explorations uninteresting, the coconut tree icon is the location of the landscape you need to explore and cannot fast travel. Note: You cannot travel fast on a raft.

2. Add 12 soft,beautiful and epic atmosphere music, play at random time in the start menu and game scene. If you don't like it or feel the volume is high, you can lower the volume in the audio settings. Added the sound of wielding weapons, adding the sound of eating apples and eating meat.

3. Added the function of holding food, the delicious food is Sent to the mouth, which makes the survive look more real and fun, the food and water are no longer eaten directly from the backpack, now you need to put the food After being equipped like a weapon, press and hold the left mouse button to eat. New fish resources and grilled fish are obtained by killing fish.

4. Add 3 new beautiful and lovely tropical fishes. Weapons can be used in the water, remixing the swimming animation, if you catch up with the fish you can kill the fish, use the right mouse button to drag the fish ashore, cut the fish to get the raw fish meat, you can make the grilled fish fillets.

5. Added sleep function and sleeping animation, lengthened the daytime, and the daytime lasts for more than 30 minutes. If you don't like the night, you can build a wooden bed or shelter. Press X to sleep. Time will come to dawn.. If it's a clear night, you can enjoy the beautiful moonlight and starry skyby close to the campfire. Maybe this kind of life is more real, let go of your hard work. In reality, you should let your eyes rest for a while and enjoy the peace of the night.

6. Added the damage reminder status. When the red mark on the screen indicates the attack damage, the gray mark indicates that the health value is low due to hunger, thirst or oxygen depletion.

7. The new animal AI generation mechanism, land animals will appear randomly around the player from time to time, when the land animals are 200 meters away from the player will automatically destroy to save performance, when the fish AI is automatically destroyed after 50 meters away from the player to save performance, then will randomly generated animals again.

Optimization improvements:
1. Now the hammer can be used as a low-level weapon to attack animal and collect stones in addition to building house. This solves the problem that the player's weapons are completely damaged and there is no resource to build new tools to exploit resources. The stone axe was removed as the initial tool. You just started the game,You can only get the stone and wood resources by hammer to build other weapons and tools.

2. Now you can fix the ground torch on the raft so that it is more convenient to travel at sea in the night.

3. Improve the hand-held torch. When you pick up the torch, you can press E to ignite and turn off the flame. When you press E, it will turn off completely in a few seconds. The campfire has been improved, and now both campfires can put food on it for faster cooking, reducing the amount of resources needed to make two campfires and lengthening the burning time of wood resources.

4. Improve the save system, no longer auto save after the player dies, so if you can choose to reload the game if you die, you can go back to the last saved archive. The game auto save time is modified to automatically save once in 3 minutes, you can save it manually in the pause menu.

5. Improve the UI of the craft interface, simple and light style. Adjust the color of the blood cut on the animal to a dark black red.

6. Improved the buoyancy and swimming height of the character in the ocean, and the diving on the seabed is more stable, and the swimming sight on the sea surface is not blocked by the sea. Improve the ocean buoyancy, players walking in the shallow water of the sea will not be caught in the sea by the waves.

7. Improve the game guide, new players can open the game guide in a book in front of them, or press F1 to read or close the game guide in the game, of course, the menu bar can also read the guide.

Bug fix:
1. Fixed the problem that planting coconut trees could not be saved. Now you can plant coconut trees and apple trees(More crops and vegetables will be updated soon), save the game and then exit and load the game. You will see all the trees you planted are still there,Water it, Just wait for the trees to grow up and you can cut them down.

2. Fixed an issue where the audio settings didn't work. Now you can set the sound and background music volume.

3. Fixed a problem with opening the coconut sometimes only half.

4. Fixed the problem of sharks running on land(Maybe sharks will go ashore again,Still need more testing,God, hope you like it,Don't kill it). Killing sharks can cut a lot of fresh fish meat resources.fix the wrong physical simulation bug that became a mass after the death of the great white shark.

4. Fixed the problem that the Fishing trap could not catch fishes. Right click and long press to drag it to the sea water. Do not put it in too shallow water, put it off and leave it some distance, wait a few minutes (fishing It is possible to catch the fish within 1-5 minutes of randomization.) Then take the Fishing trap to the shore and press E to get a random number of small fish.

I hope you like this game,Your short positive review will give me great encouragement, I wish you a happy game, please enjoy!
My Island - SnowBaby

New content:
***New raft with sails, with larger volume, faster sailing speed, storage box for storing resource, more stable in wind and waves, more accurate and realistic buoyancy simulation, highly optimized FPS ( If you build multiple rafts, it's best to drag them ashore to save performance when not in use. Buoyancy calculations consume a lot of FPS. When you are away from the raft, the raft will stop simulating physics to save performance.
Now you can happily sail and adventure, discover the New World, and explore hundreds of small islands in the distance.
Remember that when you meet a few white shark sieges, it is best to drive the raft to escape,Otherwise it is likely that the shark will knock over the raft., fed the fishes, or fall into the abyss. Although the big raft is more stable, it may still be overturned when encountering huge waves,It is best to choose calm weather to sail or find a sheltered island before the arrival of huge waves.
Bug fix:
Fixed the bug of hibiscus saving. Now you can save it automatically on the raft every minute or save it manually, exit the game and load the problem that you are still on the raft, the raft sinking and multiple rafts can't drive, improve the shape of the raft And the friction of the box, now the raft and the big raft are bigger, faster and more stable, you can sail happily with the storage box and supplies.
Fixed the problem of saving the location of the storage box and the Fishing trap. Now you can put the wooden box anywhere, its position will be automatically saved, the game will be loaded again and they will be placed in the position you play,game will automatically save everything every 60 second,of course you can also press ESC to manually click Save in the pause interface.
Fixed the Save button function in the Pause menu, which allows you to save the game manually when you exit or pause the game.
Temporary additional repair:
1. Fixed a bug where the wooden box disappeared.
2. Fixed a bug where the player was respawn near the raft without collision and can't drive.
3. Fixed the problem that the fishing trap could not catch the fish. Right click and long press to drag it into the sea. Do not put it in too shallow water, put it down and leave the fishing trap , Wait a few minutes to bring the fishing trap to the shore. Press E to open and get a random number of small fish .
Optimization improvement:
Improved the shape of the Fishing trap and reduced the cost of building the required resources. You need to use the right mouse button and long press to drag the fishing device into the sea. You can't fish in too shallow water. After you put it down, you need to wait for 3 minutes, then drag it to the shore. Press E to get a random number of small fish. Small fish need to be cooked to save backpack space.
Improve the weather, reduce the cloud projection, slow down the weather change, and the weather changes more realistic.
The game guide has been modified. If you are not familiar with the game, you can see the guide on the menu bar or the island on the start place. Of course, the mouse can also be used to display the description and usage of the item.
My Island - SnowBaby

New content:
*There are two types of torches. One of them can be used as a decoration and lighting on a building. Of course, it can be placed anywhere. If you don't want it, you can destroy it with a weapon. The other can be used for lighting in hand, only the hand-held torch will burn and loss of durability when used. Torch crafted requires little resources and cannot be repaired.
*New wooden boxes can be used to store resources, food, weapons, etc. Right-click and long press to pick up the wooden box and place it anywhere. You can put the storage box on the raft to start a long journey.
*A new wooden bed can be used to store the respawn point after death, just like the shelter. However, in the cold zone, grassland and other areas, there is no coconut tree to get leaf, and the wooden bed can be built only by wood. If you travel far away,it is best to build a bed or shelter to save the respawn point.
Bug fix:
*Fixed a problem that the PC below the 1080P resolution could not be fully displayed in the game's HUD interface. If your notebook is 1366×768 resolution or lower resolution,Now, the computer can run the game perfectly.
*Fixed a bug that just quits the game and then loads it and causes no start items.
*If you encounter the problem of creating something disappearing, this is because the craft system deducts the resources in the backpack after the craft time is completed, so if you drop or consume the resources when craftting, it will cause the craft time to end without creating anything. .
*Fixed a bug that could not water the planted trees at long distance or deduct water but could not be watered too far.
*Game will be automatically saved after 30 seconds, if you just respawn and quit the game, it will cause the backpack to be empty after loading into the will be saved when you quit the game.
*Fixed resource usage and resource type errors in building and upgrading stairs .
Optimization improvements:
*Adjusted the day and night circulation system, increased the length of the day, reduced the length of the night, I hope you can light the bonfire, cook or look at the saplings you planted, calm down to appreciate the beautiful moonlight and starry sky, the future will increase by sleeping skip night function,
*The weather system has been adjusted to increase the probability of occurrence of sunny days and reduce the probability of rain and cloudy weather. There are more than a dozen random changes in the current weather.
*Improve the collision and physical simulation of melee weapons. Now you can use axe to slash animal corpses and other objects for more realistic physical collision feedback. Remember that the right mouse button is your invisible hand. Click and long press to drag the animal carcass and other simulated physical objects to any place.
*Adjust the properties of meat, small fish and other foods, which will increase the difficulty of survival, you need to go to the farther island to find more food to fill the hunger. Improve the efficacy of the herb to increase the health value.
*Reduce the attack power of the viper, drop 99 blood to 50 from one mouth, don't worry, the snake bites you and ran away.
I look forward to your simple positive review of this game, it will give me tremendous motivation to continuously update more content, thank you!
My Island - SnowBaby
New content:
New Big raft, very fast,It is like sailing a yacht on the sea. When you are finished building, you can now operate the raft more flexibly and get ready to start long distance adventures. Well, huge islands and land, the forest is waiting for you to explore.
Iron Axe and Pickaxe can be crafted from smelted iron, and iron resources can be smelted from the stone through the furnace. Iron Axe is sharp and the attack power is stronger, and the Pickaxe collects stones faster.
Add crocodile skin resources, now the backpack can be crafted , you can get 10 crocodile skins after killing the adult saltwater crocodile, and you can get 5 crocodile skins by killing the small crocodile. Large backpacks add 25 backpack slots, and small backpacks add 10 slots.
There are more animals placed around the island. Now you can find wild boars, hares, snakes, deer, goats, crocodiles, mice on the island near the birthplace without going to the far islands. You can also find apple trees. Bamboo forest and several other trees, mushrooms and herbs are mostly under the tree, please look carefully. If you are going to find the New World far away, you can find apple forests , pine forests and spectacular coconut coasts, as well as tropical jungles.

Bug fix:
Solved the problem that the axe can not be cut down continuously.Now you can also cut down trees by long pressing the mouse.

Improve and optimization:
When the coconut is opened, eating half a coconut can add 15 health values. When you get the coconut, it is best to cut the coconut to save the backpack space and update the introduction of the coconut in the backpack.
Improve the distance and range of the flashlight, improve the damage range of the fish spear, and improve the attack power of the axe.
Reduces the health of crocodiles and wild boars and reduces their attack power.
Improve the amount of bottled water can be stack. No longer each bottle of water take a backpack slot. After you get the water from the water collector, drag the bottle to another bottle of water in the backpack to stack the amount.
Add a new sound of weapen to open the the coconut .
More stones, trees and other resources have been added to nearby islands, reducing the time of reborn time after the collection of resources such as stones and mushroom.
Slows down the rate of hunger and thirst. It consumes food and water more slowly in idle state. Jogging consumes more food and water.
Reduce the amount of wood used to make rafts, update the introduction and operation instructions of the raft, make the raft and put it on the ground, click on the raft and long press the right mouse button to drag it into the ocean.
Reduces the weight of some items.
Add new buttons to operate the walking direction. For example, if you are used to holding the mouse with your left hand and the right hand pressing the keyboard to control walking, you only need to press the up, down, left, and right arrow keys on the right side of the keyboard, or the number on the numeric keypad.8, 5, 4, 6
Thank you for your support ,best wishes to you !
My Island - SnowBaby
Bug fix:
Fxed he buoyancy problem of the Raft and improves the speed of the raft. You should sail while the ocean is alm, and the waves may overturn the raft.
Because the boat has buoyancy problems, the boat will be temporarily removed, and new ships will be added later update.

Improve and optimization:
It reduces the attack damage value of the wild boar, reduces the blood volume of the wild boar, and reduces the blood volume of the adult saltwater crocodile and the small saltwater crocodile and the damage value to the player.
Whenever the player enters the sea, will ot enerate great white sharks every time, which reduces the frequency of sharks ppears nd randomly appears different numbers of sharks.
Improved the illumination angle of the Flashlight.
I hope that you can play this game patiently. If all are negative comments and complaints, no one will find the advantages and appreciation of this game, then this game will not survive, I hope you have more positive comments, thank you for your support!

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