May 20
Sky of Destruction - Alexander

  • Replaced enemy armor indicator.

  • Added indicator for the enemy carriers armor.

  • Aircraft flight speed reduced and game speed slightly reduced. Now it is a bit easier to shoot down enemy planes.

  • Added description of consumable items.

  • Improved operation of the interface buttons.

May 15
Sky of Destruction - Alexander

  • Now, when destroying enemy buildings, resources will drop.

  • Added display of the number of collected resources during the game.

  • Added opponents display of the armor level.

  • For a failed mission, no more items are given out.

  • Fixed some misspells in the text.

  • Improved balance between player and opponent aircrafts.
May 11
Sky of Destruction - Alexander

  • Added gamepad support.

  • Added control options.

  • Added unlocking aircraft system. Now the some aircrafts needs to be open by collecting parts of the blueprint. Those are given for every 20 destroyed enemy aircraft. To do this, start a new game.

  • In the sound options, the step is reduced from 10% to 5%.

  • Changed missions with aircraft carriers. Now the number of aircraft carriers will increase according to mission difficulty.

  • Adjusted balance of items.
Previous saves may be invalidated. You will need to start new game.

May 2
Sky of Destruction - Alexander

  • Added tutorial. To complete the tutorial you need to start a new game.

  • The volume of all music tracks is equal. Now all tracks are played with the same volume.

  • Fixed music jams.

  • Removed ammo property for consumable items. Now the player can use his super weapons ammo during the mission without ammo limit.
May 1
Sky of Destruction - Alexander

  • Changed the viewing angle and detection range for the units. Thanks to these changes, your plane will not be attacked from afar.

  • Reduced scatter routes for units. Now the aircrafts will be less scattered around the location and will choose the route more directly to the enemy base.

  • Improved AI for aircrafts.

  • The possible number of aircrafts on location for each side is balanced. Now a huge number of enemy aircrafts is unlikely.

  • Balanced the number of spawn points of enemy planes when generating missions. At the first missions you will face less enemy spawners.

  • Reduced damage from enemy projectiles for the early missions.

  • Fixed mission difficulty indicator.

  • Fixed various bugs.
Apr 29
Sky of Destruction - Alexander

  • The camera position is set higher.
  • Reduced the difficulty of the first missions.

Apr 29
Sky of Destruction - Alexander

  • Leviathan's main gun is redesigned.
  • Fixed shards from aircrafts and buildings freezing in midair.
  • Price for ammo is decreased.
  • Aircrafts now attacks buildings.
Sky of Destruction - Alexander

We are happy to announce that the Sky of Destruction is already available for purchase.

A lot of interesting things, many updates and featuers are awaits you.
We will definitely take into account your opinions and ideas. For us it is very important.

Have a nice game!

P.S.: A small update as the result of the closed beta tests:
  • Sound reworked.
  • Reduced the difficulty of the first missions.
  • Added display of the number of resources in the aircraft carrier upgrade menu.
  • Fixed typos in the text.
  • Changed weapon balance.
  • At the start of the game, the planes have already been placed in the slots of the aircraft carrier hangar.
  • Replaced consumable ammo icons.
  • Temporarily all aircraft are available from the start.
  • Added hints when loading the game.
  • Replaced weapons for the aircraft "Hammer".
Sky of Destruction - Alexander
We have added improvements to the aircraft carrier.

You will have the opportunity to install six hinged armor shields on each side and several additional turrets with them.

Each shield covers a certain part of the carrier and protects only this area, so you will need to build the protection in the most optimal way.
When the shield is destroyed, part of the armor will fall off the aircraft carrier and fall down, leaving the section without protection.

When attacking an enemy aircraft carrier, you will need to search for the most vulnerable places without protection and attack them.

Also, you can install along with armor additional turrets to enhance the combat power of your aircraft carrier.
Turrets can be upgraded by making them a truly lethal weapon.

Apr 21
Sky of Destruction - Alexander

We have added four new aircrafts to Sky of Destruction. Each of them has its own unique features. New aircraft must first be unlocked, collecting pieces of the blueprints.

Photon is a small but fast and maneuverable aircraft with a laser gun. A small supply of armor is compensated by a large destructive force.

Hunter is a medium fighter with a rapid-fire self-guided missile turret.

Hammer is a medium fighter with a low-velocity, but very strong wave cannon, causing damage not only to aircraft, but also to enemy buildings.

Leviathan is a real flying fortress. It has thick armor, two automatic turrets and a deadly ray gun, sweeping everything in its path.

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