Glorious Companions - u wot m8
Hello there, Companions!

We’re back with the first content update for Glorious Companions - the Captain Update. We’ve mostly focused on strengthening the game’s core mechanic and the main goal of the battle, which is to kill the enemy team’s captain before yours dies.

IMPORTANT: Save files from the previous version won’t work on the newest update. Unfortunately you’ll have to start a new playthrough, although the changes we’ve made would impact the game’s beginning and its balance so it’d be wise to start with a new company anyhow.

Captain’s Calls
We’ve always wanted the captains to feel like something more than just ordinary soldiers, and thus each captain will now possess a special ability that’ll improve their survivability (as long as your allies are still alive) as well as provide an active skill enabling some clutch plays. Keep in mind though that using your Captain’s Call’s active part will make you vulnerable afterwards, as the passive part won’t work while the ability is on cooldown.

New neutral enemies
At last you won’t have to decide between only fighting bandits or wolves, as we’ve added a bunch of new neutral opponents for you to challenge and, most importantly, have some easier targets to chase in the early game. We’ve also changed the Wolf model so say goodbye to the good ol’ low-poly one.
In the future updates you can expect the neutral parties to gain their own cool Captain Calls to differentiate them even more.

We’ve added the first batch of firearms, weapons mainly utilized by the Valrenay men and women, although their technology has already spread throughout the continent and a sight of a Scarre Raider with a musket in his hand isn’t exactly that shocking to the common folk. In the future the Valrenay units will gain even more abilities that can utilize these weapons to their fullest potential, but you can already give it a try in a regular battle.

Company Overview panel
Based on the feedback we’ve received from the community we decided to add a new panel window where you’ll be able to find grouped information on all your units, how much do you have to pay them and how much food they eat. It’ll also come in handy when you can’t recall in which city you’ve left one of your companions to train a new ability.

Food System & Companion Happiness
The food system is finally here and you may now stress about your companions starving to death (or more likely leaving the company as it’ll get them quite unhappy). Coupled with this change we’ve also added Happiness meters to your companions so you can closely monitor their mood.

Extremely content companions will gain additional EXP boosts while the unhappy companions will suffer adequate penalties.

Hair options for the Player Characters
The character customization got a little more interesting with the addition of different hair options for the player characters. As mentioned on launch, the customization system is something that we’ll keep expanding on incrementally as we progress with the Early Access.


If you notice anything report-worthy please let us know about the issue in the Bug Reports forums board.

  • Added a new type of abilities available only for the Captain units, the so called Captain Calls:
  • Last Stand - Engineer / Wise,
  • Berserk Rush - Mercenary / Wise,
  • Covering Fire - Gunner / Tough.

  • Added new neutral enemies:
  • Bears and Bear Cubs,
  • Stags and Does,
  • Foxes,
  • Boars,
  • New Wolf models.

  • Implemented the first few firearm weapons.
  • Implemented a Company Overview window panel.
  • Implemented the Food System.
  • Implemented Companion Happiness.
  • Added different hair options for Valrenay Player Characters.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug connected to having only captain in your company and the weekly upkeep window showing up.
  • Fixed the notification panel on the world map.
  • Fixed a bug where you could take back a companion after training even when you didn’t have space in your company.
  • Fixed Engineer’s shield socket position.

QoL improvements and tweaks:
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for controlling the game’s speed on the world map (1, 2 and 3)
  • Added an option to delete save files directly in game.
  • Added a popup window when a companion leaves your party.
  • Tweaked captain generation for the NPC parties.
  • We’re now displaying special status effects under the units’ HP bars.
  • Added a popup window after a companion died in battle.
  • Animals can no longer parry melee attacks. So can’t your fists.
Glorious Companions - u wot m8
Hello there, Companions!

With the weekend in sight we’ve decided to hotfix a few other bugs that have been missed previously as well as implement another batch of QoL tweaks. Hopefully you’ll be able to play without any game breaking interruptions! Meanwhile we’re returning to work on the next week’s content update which you don’t want to miss. Stay tuned!

If you notice anything report-worthy please let us know about the issue in the Bug Reports forums board.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs with the unit equipment screen and item management.
  • Fixed a bug with the battle result screen, where switching to the loot tab quickly would cancel all the companion animations.
  • Fixed the incorrect battles won value in the “it’s time to pay your dues” interaction.
  • Fixed the equipment tab of the unit screen not refreshing on stat level up.
  • Fixed a bug with units not firing death animation when killed with the second hit of the Blade Furry ability.

QoL improvements and tweaks:
  • Added a popup message about a completed quest in the city screen
    (NOTE: You might be getting some of them retroactively on your old save files - it’s not a bug).
  • Changed the name of a neutral creature “Wolf” to “Grey Wolf” for clarity.
  • Added Action Points icon in the equipment tab of the unit screen next to the armor’s AP penalty value for clarity.
  • Added Dodge/Block/Parry skill values to the equipment tab of the unit screen.
  • Made the Captain’s crown icon show above all other health bars.
  • Slightly increased the font size in the tutorial.
  • Added the number of units currently in training to the Manage button in character training facilities.
Glorious Companions - u wot m8
Hello there, Companions!

Today we’re pushing the very first update that should address all the game breaking bugs and issues you have reported so far. We’ve included a bunch of small QoL changes and we’ve already started working on a bigger update that should come next week.

We’d like to send a big Thank You to all the people who have already bought the game and are supporting us with positive feedback, suggestions and bug reports. We’re very aware that the game is still in an early stage of development and would like to say that it’s totally fine to wait with purchasing GC until it’s more fleshed out / a more complete experience. Nonetheless, we’re very happy to see that a number of players are already having fun with the game in its current state and believe in the final product we’ve envisioned.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with the forever-alive tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug with battles not loading after teaching the Agile captain an ability.
  • Fixed a bug with not being able to select the captain unit in the unit panel.
  • Fixed a bug with swapping Unit Stash Right Hand item with the Right Hand item.
  • Fixed a bug with langs not loading in the character creation screen.
  • Fixed the lang NOQUESTS not showing properly.
  • Fixed long names overflowing in the Tavern screen.
  • Fixed a bug with Rotating costing AP even when rotating to the current direction.
  • Fixed a bug with NPC Lords sometimes giving you the same quest twice.
  • Fixed the level and exp UI elements in battles.
  • Fixed a rare bug with overlapping music from the world map in battle.

QoL improvements and tweaks:
  • Tweaked the world map HUD “hitboxes” to hopefully be less annoying when scrolling.
  • Disabled the camera following player projectiles.
  • Using all of your unit's AP will now switch to the next one.
  • Lords now acknowledge you’ve completed quests for them.
  • Tweaked the camera’s tilting in battle so it works smoothly when zooming in and out.
  • Added Volume options. (!)
  • Added a tutorial popup explaining Quests after the first one is taken.

We’ve disabled the auto update of the langs database feature at the game’s startup for now since a number of users have reported issues with missing strings (the large traffic at the release might’ve caused this). Instead all the strings will now be always included in the build itself.

Next update tease
  • Expanding on the Options menu with rebindable input settings and some graphical settings.
  • A bunch of new abilities
  • New neutral enemies
  • Food System
  • ...and more!

Glorious Companions - u wot m8

We can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years since the first time the initial idea for Glorious Companions sprinkled into our minds. We had been dabbling in pen-and-paper RPGs for a while and we thought it’d be really cool to one day create a video game, where we could share the vision for all the mechanics and the world of Navaroth with a broader audience. At that time, the game was really tiny. 2D avatars moving around the board in an awkward and sluggish way and yet we were so happy to our ideas come alive. This is why we have stuck with game development as it’s a very satisfying medium to share your vision.
Today marks a very special day. We’re releasing Glorious Companions in Early Access - the first milestone out of many others to come. While the day in itself is special, we want to stay humble and treat it as a beginning of something new, not a finale to the whole journey. We’ve got amazing plans for this game and we’d love to invite you all to get on that ride with us.

Here’s a rough content & feature plan for the Early Access. There are all the planned features that we want to complete before moving out of Early Access. Keep in mind that depending on the game’s financial success, some of those features and content might be out faster and some of them might take a little bit longer to roll out.

Short Term Continuous Updates (aka things you can expect in the coming weeks)

Valrenay Abilities Updates
New Weapon Types Updates
AI Updates
Hair Style Options for Player Characters
Bug Fixes & QoL tweaks
Balance Patches

Big Content & Feature Updates

Scarres Fully Playable Race Update
Camping System
World Map 2.0 (region based, roads, simulated trading, new environment assets)
Settlement Management and Sieges Update
Procedural Generation of Battle Locations (based on their position on the world map)
Anderia Fully Playable Race Update
Trigoths Fully Playable Race Update
Politics & World Map AI Update
Peer-2-Peer Multiplayer Update
Mercenary Faction Update
Ancient Guardians Uprising Update

The first few months are going to lay a lot of groundwork for the future and we want to take that time to see what the community thinks of the game and the direction you guys would like to see it go. Ultimately, our aim is to create something that people can legitimately have fun with for a long time, and we’re not afraid of criticism of our ideas. That’s why for now we’re committed to the following 6 months plan while the further future is something we intend to craft with your feedback in mind.

Glorious Companions - u wot m8
Hello there, Companions!

We’ve been a bit quiet for the past couple of months, but we really wanted to focus on the project to ensure that we can deliver the best product that we can for the EA launch. Today we’re releasing an ultimate video update, showcasing the top 10 biggest changes that the project has seen in that time. Make sure to watch the whole thing!

We’ll be releasing a content & feature plan as well as the roadmap for the Early Access tomorrow, alongside all the details that you’re asking for. Tonight though, we’ve still got some work to do and a few bugs to iron out, so set your alarms for tomorrow, 8:00 AM PDT, 17:00 CST. You don’t want to miss it.
Glorious Companions - u wot m8
As you might've noticed we've just updated our Steam capsule for Glorious Companions.

Now instead of a dull landscape it features a vibey artwork that shows a Trapper sitting by a campfire, resting between tough battles. What do you think of this scene?

Here's a gif showcasing all the steps of progress:

It's been a few years since I drew anything and I'm not perfectly happy with the outcome here, but we think it'll do better than the last version for now.

We plan to revisit the capsule artwork in the coming months, hopefully with better results. Do you have any cool ideas on what it may feature? Something brighter perhaps ːsteamhappyː

We've also sent out the first batch of closed alpha invites to that applied through our Glorious Companions website. Check your email inbox to see if you got selected in the first wave! ːcozybethesdaː
Glorious Companions - u wot m8

Greeting, Companions!

We’ve just opened a sign up form on our website for Closed Alpha participation. You can also sign up for the newsletter if you only want to get a notification on the release. There will be a few waves of the closed access invitations, starting with the smallest one which will be probably around 20 people.

Head over here to sign up:

We’ll be sending the game out to randomly selected people that signed up for the closed access. Companions with access to the Closed Alpha will have their own secret channel on our Discord server and will be able to post on our secret forum here on Steam.

We hope to gather insightful feedback about the gameplay, mechanics and the user experience in Glorious Companions. We’ll also gladly welcome any suggestions for future features and other ideas.

GC Discord server:

We’ll appreciate if you spread the word about our Closed Alpha sign ups for Glorious Companions. And get ready to dive into the world of Navaroth!
Glorious Companions - (Dominic Tarason)

I’m always happy to see another game reaching for the (increasingly contested) fantasy mercenary sim crown. The oddly titled Glorious Companions invites immediate comparison to the more historically-skewed Mount & Blade in its real-time 3D overworld, but features turn-based tactical battles similar to Battle Brothers. Developers Ancient Forge Studio say it’s still deep in development, with an initial early access release planned for June, followed by “up to a year” of extra work afterwards. Take a peek at the game’s strategic and tactical layers in motion below.


Glorious Companions - u wot m8
Greeting, Companions!

Today we have released a new gameplay trailer for Glorious Companions ːsteamhappyː
Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments!

Moreover we've had some long discussions and in the end decided to postpone the Early Access release a bit further down the road. We know that many of you waited for the upcoming release but we don't want to disappoint you as we can make the first impression only once. Saying that, we really appreciate the positive reactions and feedback we receive from the community here on Steam and we want to deliver a great game!

There are some features and (more so) content that we really feel like we need to include in the EA release, to name a few: visual representation of armors which requires a lot of parts designed for each unit archetype separately, special abilities and spells, and improvements to the battles such as fog of war.

However, as to not leave you empty handed we'll be hosting some closed alpha tests for the game, we'll let you know how to get into them in the next devlog. You can also join our Discord server to not miss them:

As always we'll really appreciate sharing the word about our project and / or the new gameplay trailer. Thanks for staying with us and we hope you understand our decision!
Glorious Companions - u wot m8
Hello there Companions,

Today our Steam store page has received a bit of a lifting. Be sure to check out all the new screenshots as there’s a couple of new interesting things to be found.

We’ve also created a Discord server for our community as we’re getting closer and closer to the EA launch, which should happen this month, in April. Be sure to join the server if you want to chat and mark your calendars!

Official Glorious Companions Community server on Discord

We’ve reached out with preview access to some youtubers that we thought would like Glorious Companions and we’ll see if anyone picks it up. If you know any good content creators that would be interested in GC, let us know in the comments!

Here’s our email address for press inquiries: contact [at]

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