Dec 18, 2019
WRATH: Aeon of Ruin - 1C_Dan

It's been a month since Outlander was unleashed upon the world of WRATH. We've since been hard at work, going through the fantastic feedback we've gotten from our community.

Today we're happy to announce that the first major patch for WRATH! From the plethora of changes and addiots we have to definitely highlight of a new fourth difficulty option - "Outlander". We heard you screaming for something more challenging, so here you go! Also you can now center your weapon Quake-style and player air-control!

Dive in and let us know what you think!

Full Patch Notes below:

Due to the nature of the Quake engine, previously saved games are not compatible with new versions of WRATH.

  • Added support for ultra-wide 21:9 resolutions
  • Added option to delete player profiles
  • Added option to toggle blood decals
  • Sliders in options menu are now draggable
  • Increased mouse sensitivity increments for fine tuning
  • FOV limit increased to 120
  • Improved skyboxes
  • Fixed erratic mouse movement on some systems
  • Fixed "invert mouse" setting not saving when game is closed
  • Fixed crosshair setting not saving when game is closed
  • Fixed player sliding while standing on sloped surfaces
  • Fixed enemy attack damage being stuck at 50% regardless of difficulty setting
  • Fixed mislabeled next/previous weapon options
  • Fixed minor spelling error in difficulty menu
  • Fixed instances of loss of mouse input when loading a save game
  • Fixed monster count in journal being inaccurate in some instances
  • Fixed bug that caused inverted z velocities with melee lunge
  • Added fourth difficulty option "Outlander"
  • Soul Tether is no longer an Artifact but now a discrete item with a persistent HUD icon and quantity indicator
  • Soul Tether activation is now bound to [F2] by default
  • Soul Tether carry limit increased to 99
  • Artifacts automatically re-equip same type if available
  • Equipped Artifact quantity now displayed on HUD
  • Increased time before death menu becomes active to mitigate misclicks and accidental loading of an undesired save slots
  • Added buffered weapon switching to shotgun
  • Amount of life gained from Life Siphon is now dependant on enemy type
  • Increased item pickup bounding box size
  • Ammo counter now displays '0' rather than nothing when empty
  • Coffers now drop items into the world rather than directly into the player's inventory
  • Added "full" message when attempting to pickup an item at max capacity
  • Added "locked" message to locked doors and coffers
  • Added player air-control
  • Added option for centered weapon viewmodels
  • Added option to auto-switch empty weapons
  • Added new shotgun alt-fire mode
  • Improved enemy AI pathing near corners and doorways
  • Icicles can be smashed by both player and enemies to prevent them from getting stuck
  • Added a feature that automatically uninstalls the game when attempting to play on easy
  • Wraith damage increased
  • Added fly and impact sounds to Wraith projectile
  • Invader is slightly more aggressive
  • Heretic projectile no longer slows player
  • Improved Heretic movement
  • Decreased Heretic pain chance
  • Increased Widow attack damage and health
  • Increased Fang Spitter damage
  • Decreased Fang Spitter ammo carry capacity
  • Fang Spitter projectiles have been slightly enlarged and brightened for greater visibility
  • Retcher splash damage increased
  • Retcher impact damage decreased
  • Many various changes to both The Undercrofts and The Mire
  • Many miscellaneous super secret tweaks
  • Further improved enemy AI
  • Add date and time information to saved game menu
  • Overhaul Coach Gun alt-fire
  • Overhaul Fang Spitter alt-fire
  • Overhaul Item pickup sounds
  • Tweak the Executioner to be more manageable
  • Add option for screen flash when picking up items
  • Improve feedback of artifacts via screen elements and sound
  • Add crouch sliding
  • Performance improvements and optimizations
  • UI scaling improvements
  • Create Cyst pickup models that are distinct from Cyst projectiles for greater clarity
  • Expand support for various display resolutions
  • Change the lava texture so it looks like a different kind of pizza
  • Add things that make WRATH mo betta

WRATH: Aeon of Ruin - 1C_Dan

WRATH made it among top 100 indie games of 2019 at IndieDB and was nominated for "Indie of the Year" award!

If you enjoyed WRATH, please vote and support us!

WRATH: Aeon of Ruin

The litmus test of a good shooter is always the shotgun. The crack. The kick. The splatter. At its best, a good shotgun is enough to make a person weep from the eyes, or the chest if they happen to be at the business end.

Wrath: Aeon of Ruin has a splendid shotgun. It cracks. It kicks, and Holy Moses does it splatter. It must be said, though, everything in Wrath splatters. The massive arm-sword you start out with, the three chambered-pistol you pick up next, the gun that fires blobs of bile known as the Retcher, which at the moment I’d argue splatters a little too effectively. Of all the retro shooters I’ve played in the last couple of years—Dusk, Amid Evil, etc—Wrath is the one that remembers the word ‘gibs’ the most fondly. 

The litmus test of a great shooter, however? That’s a little more complicated. It lies somewhere in the interaction between complex, treacherous 3D spaces and a disembodied hand clutching a gun. It involves vaguer words like angles, momentum, feedback, geometry—that arcane overlap where lines of code and wire meshes are transformed into art. As for whether Wrath is shaping up to be a great shooter, that’s a little more complicated too. 

Wrath is being developed by KillPixel games and published by the latest iteration of 3D Realms (who recently published Ion Fury, which became marred by controversy). Aside from the name of the publisher, one of Wrath’s key claims to retro authenticity is that it’s being developed in the original Quake engine. Or at least, the most recent, polished version of the original Quake engine. 

The intent of Wrath is quite clear, to be the successor to Quake that we all imagined but never got. Whereas Quake II drifted off into industrial sci-fi with underwhelming guns and character movement akin to a slug crawling up a drainpipe, Wrath returns players to haunting gothic vaults prowled by shambling zombies and eldritch horrors, all at the pace of an antelope with a lion halfway up its arse. 

Actually, that last part isn’t entirely true. Initially, Wrath isn’t the blistering assault on the senses that I had expected. You start out in a large hub-world that connects the game’s various levels, all gnarled trees and looming crags. It’s a moody place, and I appreciate how Wrath takes the time to build up the atmosphere. This approach carries through to the 'first' level (it appears Wrath will give you some flexibility in which order you choose to approach levels). The Undercrofts are a dark maze of stony catacombs that eventually open up to reveal a vast necropolis, its graveyards and mausoleums dusted with snow. 

And it truly is vast. Whereas the average Quake level can be completed in minutes, it took me the best part of an hour to navigate the sprawling mass of the Undercrofts. And that was purely in search of the level’s end, no stopping for secrets or byways beyond those I immediately noticed (of which there are no shortage). It’s a breath-taking bit of old-school level design. So complex, in fact, that I’m not entirely sure I completed it. I got to the end portal that spat me back out into the hub-world, but I couldn’t help but wonder if I missed something that I was supposed to pick up on the way. 

It s a breath-taking bit of old-school level design. So complex, in fact, that I m not entirely sure I completed it.

This leads on to my main concern with Wrath: Aeon of Ruin. A great shooter knows how to balance exploration-driven level design with a strong forward momentum, and I wonder whether Wrath leans a little too much toward the former. Don’t get me wrong, they’re very impressive spaces and I enjoyed poking around them, but there were several occasions where I became lost and my trigger finger started getting itchy. A DOOM-style wireframe map would help reduce some of the frustration. On the subject of frustrations, the save system is unnecessarily convoluted, giving you limited manual saves that you need to access via a menu, alongside manually activated 'Shrines' that act as checkpoints. Just let me quicksave, KillPixel. It was good enough for Quake.

Nonetheless, this is still a rock-solid FPS foundation. Aside from the overpowered Retcher, the guns on show feel great. I’ve made my affection for the shotgun clear enough, but my true favourite is the Fang Launcher, a delightfully twisted homage to Quake’s Nailgun that eats ammo with disgusting efficiency. Enemies are equally fun to blast. I particularly like the cyst-coloured fellows who explode in an astonishingly gross fashion when killed. Wrath even makes its floating enemies fun to fight, including a terrifying Cerberus-like creature that charges you with three-sets of jagged teeth.

There are only the two levels currently on offer, which make the Early Access price-point of $25/£20 a little hefty. That said, if the rest of Wrath: Aeon of Ruin can continue to provide those gigantic, nuanced levels while also building the momentum across the game, I think it could end up being something special. And even if it doesn’t hit that gold retro FPS standard established by DUSK, that shotgun and I are still going to get along just fine.

WRATH: Aeon of Ruin - 1C_Dan

Hello everyone,

It’s this time of the year when Steam once again organizes the annual Steam Awards where you can vote for your favorite games in multitude of categories.

A lot of great games came out this year (some which we spent more time than we probably should), that deserve your vote and attention but if you consider WRATH to be one of these, even after the brief time you have spent with it, please consider nominating it in some of the categories.

We know that the competition is very hard as there are a lot of great and recognizable titles however every bit of potential visibility helps to introduce the game to new people who may also pick up their double barreled shotgun, put on their blade and start blasting Quake-engine style!
WRATH: Aeon of Ruin - (Steve Hogarty)

Who remembers the 90s? Princess Diana alive and well and driving around London in her open-topped Bentley, throwing fistfuls of rare Pogs to her adoring public. Tony Blair flying around the sky in his personalised Concorde, throwing hundreds of rare Pogs down to his adoring public. Bill Clinton, unimpeached and still full of beans, kicking back in the Oval Office, proudly showing off his collection of rare Pogs to any foreign leader who will indulge him. The most popular new baby name is Ross From Friends , and everywhere, everywhere>, is ankle-deep in a layer of nerf darts covering the entire surface of the planet.


WRATH: Aeon of Ruin

After missing the anticipated summer 2019 release date we were told about back in March, the "bloody Quake revival" Wrath: Aeon of Ruin is now available on Steam Early Access. There's still a long way to go—the development roadmap lays out plans for three content updates prior to full release next year—but I've put a couple of hours into it, and even in its pre-release state it is very good.

Wrath is obviously nowhere near ready for a final verdict, but I feel like it would take an active effort to screw it up. The weapons currently available are mostly traditional but still very strong: The pistol is actually useful, with an alt-fire mode that really kicks, and the shotgun may be the loudest, messiest videogame boomstick I've ever used. Similarly, many of the enemies bear a superficial resemblance to Doom demons but are very distinctive in their own right. One looks like an imp with its torso cut open and stuffed with teeth (it also screams, which never stops being awful) while another looks like a cross between a Cacodemon and Sheogorath.

The two levels included with the initial Early Access release are huge and wide open, with interconnected dungeons and corridors that run seamlessly beneath sprawling overworlds. I got lost (a lot) but the freedom to roam where I wanted rather than being herded along a linear path felt great. Wrath leans heavily into its Quake heritage (it's actually built on the Quake engine) but aesthetically it struck me as very Painkiller-like. That might be kind of a weird distinction to make but there's something about the combination of big, oppressive levels, rune-based powers, and a chaingun that spits literal teeth that really rings that bell for me.

I don't want to oversell it based on just a couple hours of gameplay, but yeah, I'm impressed. Wrath: Aeon of Ruin is available on Steam for $24/£19/€20, five percent off its regular price until December 3, and also as an "In Development" game on GOG. Full release is currently expected to happen in summer 2020.

WRATH: Aeon of Ruin - (Natalie Clayton)

KillPixel’s Wrath: Aeon Of Ruin launched into early access today, bringing the original 1996 Quake‘s bloody, baroque 3D action screaming into 2019. Medieval castles filled with shotguns, skeletons and a smattering of blood? Chunky low-poly demons and pixel-counts you could track on one hand? Yep, it’s a Quake. With some of the modding greats from the game’s 23-year history, it should be a bloody good one at that, too.


WRATH: Aeon of Ruin - Frederik Schreiber

Today we thought we’d be DOOMed - instead, the day of WRATH is upon us! The anticipated Quake-engine, first-person shooter is available in Early Access TODAY!

Once adrift upon the Ageless Sea, Outlander finds himself on the shores of a dying world. A radiant figure draped in white, the Shepherd of Wayward Souls, burdens Outlander with a harrowing task: journey into the sprawling gloom and slay the fallen Guardians who have plunged this world into darkness.

WRATH launches in Early Access with the first of three non-linear Hub worlds and two unlocked levels. Annihilate the horrors lurking within the ruins of the Old World with an arsenal of devastating weaponry and mystical artifacts.

Early Access will continue to receive content updates that add even more levels, enemies, weapons, artifacts and music by Quake Champions composer Andrew Hulshult.

Check out the full WRATH Early Access Roadmap below:

Last but not least, if you have any feedback for us, let us know on Steam and on our Discord (!

Thank's for playing!

WRATH: Aeon of Ruin - Frederik Schreiber

Also, WRATH: Aeon of Ruin is turning out quite fantastic - So we want to make the first “taste” even better than we originally hoped for.

It’s been delayed a short bit, but it will be worth the wait. We guarantee!

Meanwhile, behold: THE INVADER

Also, you'll be able to get HANDS ON playtime with WRATH at Gamescom 2019 later this month! Come drink WRATH Beer with us, behold the Lifesize Shotgun (It's bigger than your mom), and talk retro shooters!

Hall 10.1. Booth A20 <3

EXPOSURE, a game of camouflage - (Katharine Castle)

As you may have surmised from a bunch of very non-hardware-related interviews I’ve done recently about the likes of the excellent Nowhere Prophet, Sparklite, Unrailed, the return of Super Meat Boy and what’s next for Astroneer, I was packed off to PAX East a couple of months ago. I was mostly there to host a panel about the best video game weapon of all time (the winner was the Portal Gun inside> Hitman 2’s homing briefcase, in case you were wondering), but I also got to play a bunch of cool games as well. Here are five of my absolute favs.



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