Wickland - lebolay
Hey everyone. Our central game server was having some issues over the past 2 days causing our game servers to go down. This is now resolved. Thanks for your patience!
Wickland - lebolay
Minor patch today.

  • Fix Didrik attack bug
  • Fix LAN bug where users not on 192.168.x.x IP couldn't play
Wickland - lebolay
Big addition to the game this patch. We're releasing another 2 brand new maps: Crusader's Guard and Ramskull's Grave. They've been added to the server map cycle's and you can play them as usual via Practice mode. We are looking forward to watching people duel in the new spaces :)

  • Crusader's Guard
  • Ramskull's Grave

Crusader's Guard

Ramskull's Grave

Wickland - Yohan
Hello all, if you want to launch your very own Wickland server, check out this server guide and be sure to email us at info@madramsoftware.com for your server ID and Password!
Wickland - lebolay
Hey everyone, we've released another small patch to fix the crosshair saving issue.

  • Crosshair selection not saving properly
  • Map collision tweak
Wickland - Yohan
Hello everyone! Today, we'd like to invite you to participate in our next Wickland European Tournament, sponsored by Mad Catz. Are you ready to kick butt, be the best in Europe, and win some cool stuff all at the same time?

Tournament starts March 21st. To enter the tournament, please visit http://www.xfire.com/tournament/3502 - In the mean time, check out the kickass prizes below!

1st place: Keyboard (STRIKE TE) by Mad Catz
2nd place: Mouse (RAT TE) by Mad Catz
3rd place: Headset (FREQ TE) by Mad Catz
Read more about Mad Catz products at http://madcatz.com/te-range/

Also subscribe on our Alienware Arena website to enjoy our future promotions!

Wickland - lebolay
Hey everyone, we've released a small patch. We've implemented 2 HUD sizes (original and compact) for those who loved/hated the new HUD. Also by popular demand, we've added the ability to change your crosshair size.

  • Provide 2 HUD sizes
  • Change crosshair size

Wickland - lebolay
Hello all, we've just finished updating our servers to Wickland to 1.1.0. Please remember to allow Steam to update the game. Some new stuff and some fixes.

  • Rankings. You can now view overall and monthly rankings from the game main menu. See how you stack up against the rest of the community!
  • Bot difficulty slider in the options screen

  • Reduce the number of bots in Warmup arena
  • Default bot difficulty now set at 6 (Legendary) difficulty. Was previously set to 7 (Godlike)
  • HUD has been resized down smaller to give it a more compact feel

  • Neymar "spam" attack has been nerfed (thanks to the guys who found that bug out and posted on our forums)
  • Neymar map collision bug
  • Ursus map collision bug
  • Didrik map frame rate and collision bug

Wickland - Yohan
Hello all! Jehar from http://www.tastyspleen.tv posted the whole ESL Playoff stream. For those of you who missed the winter tournament in January, you can watch the finals here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynUnzrWcRP8

Feb 11, 2015
Wickland - Yohan
A reviewer who truly understands the mechanic and depth of what we have been trying to create with Wickland. Thank you FPS Pulse for the thorough review!



Is it Quake? – No.
Is it Unreal Tournament? – No.
So… What? – It’s Wickland.

You’re allowed to groan, but this is very much the truth – it’s different. And what I hope to show you here is that it is a game with immense depth and potential.

Thank you Greth!

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